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  • Age11
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Eliud's Story

“I was so shocked to see my son on the ground crying and blood coming out of his leg,” Peris, Eliud’s mum, told us.

Peris has six children and on one particular day, two of her son’s, Eliud and Kirui, then nine years old and six ye… Read more

“I was so shocked to see my son on the ground crying and blood coming out of his leg,” Peris, Eliud’s mum, told us.

Peris has six children and on one particular day, two of her son’s, Eliud and Kirui, then nine years old and six years old respectively, were playing together as she did laundry not far away from where they were. Eliud’s dad had just stepped out of the compound after he was done doing some farm work. He had sharpened a machete and when he was done using it, he ordered Eliud to put it in a safe place. Eliud didn’t follow his dad’s instructions.

Kirui, Eliud’s younger brother, started chopping firewood using the machete. Eliud, being the big brother, offered to help hold the wood steady by stepping on it as Kirui did the chopping. In a matter of minutes, Eliud’s screaming voice filled the air. His mum rushed to see what had happened and found him on the ground crying, blood coming out of his right leg. Eliud had been cut by the sharp machete his younger brother was using. Peris tied up the fresh cut using a cloth and rushed Eliud to a local health clinic. Eliud's leg was treated and the wound stitched up.

Almost one year later, Eliud started limping and his leg seemed to be bent around the ankle area. He could no longer step down with his foot. Instead he used the side of his foot as if he had clubfoot. Peris was concerned and asked some of her friends what she could do for her son. She was told about a CURE Kenya mobile clinic near her home, and she planned to attend. When she got there two years ago, she saw a doctor and was told that her son would need surgery to correct his deformity.

“I am very grateful to God because this is His doing,” Peris told us. "I look forward to my son being able to walk normally again so he can go to school and pursue his dreams.” Eliud wants to be an engineer when he grows up, and we pray that his dream will come true one day. The first step towards that, however, begins now with this corrective surgery and we invite you to pray with us for provision and for a successful procedure.

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Latest Updates

Sep 19, 2019

“He’s very happy because we’ve been meeting, praying... today he’s decided to give his life to Christ!” Pastor Phoebe shared with us. During the day, a pastor goes around the ward, taking time with patients and their families. And in the afternoon, they lead devotions in the ward. God uses this time to encourage hearts and transform lives. And today the life that has been transformed is Eliud’s. He received Christ! As you pray for this boy’s heart and relationship with God, would you also pray for him to get well soon so that he’s able to go back to school? He has requested prayers for these very things! He headed home today, so you can pray for his safety too! Photo of Eliud

Sep 18, 2019

Eliud can smile because going to the OR for surgery is over. Eliud can smile because he’s one day closer to going home. And Eliud can smile because when his cast comes off in a few weeks, it will reveal a foot that is straighter than it was before. Thank God for all the reasons Eliud has to smile! Photo of Eliud

Sep 17, 2019

Eliud’s transformation journey has begun and he has received his surgery! It was a relatively straight forward surgery and we can't wait until he gets his cast off and gets to try out his new foot! Please thank God with us for this step and pray for our friend’s smooth recovery. Photo of Eliud

Sep 16, 2019

We’d like to introduce you to Eliud’s support team for the week. We all went outside to take pictures of the kids, including the mamas. The kids are Eliud, Esther, and Rolly. And the fun thing about Kenyan culture is that you can call the moms by their children’s name. So there’s Mama Eliud, Mama Esther, and Mama Rolly. They’re all in the same bed cube in the ward, so they’ll be walking through the process of healing together. Pray for each one of them as they do this together! Photo of Eliud

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