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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Edwin. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Edwin's Story

“One time I took my son to a certain hospital where kids who are living with disability are treated, go to school there and eventually work there. After seeing the conditions in that place, I immediately thought to myself, ‘Is my son in pain? N… Read more

“One time I took my son to a certain hospital where kids who are living with disability are treated, go to school there and eventually work there. After seeing the conditions in that place, I immediately thought to myself, ‘Is my son in pain? No! ‘Can I manage to live with him at home? Yes’ That is how I made the decision to take care of him by myself.” Mama Edwin told us.

Edwin is a 12 year old boy who was born with unilateral clubfoot and the management wasn’t done very well. As soon as the mum realised her son had a deformity, she sought for help from multiple places. One place looked very promising as her son was engaged in a casting program for a while and then the doctor/medical practitioner asked Mama Edwin to buy leather shoes for the next bit of correction. The plan was to make Edwin wear the shoes in the opposite way forcing the deformed leg to correct. As expected, this didn’t work.

Mama Edwin moved on to a different place and this time the guys looked even more serious. Like they were sure what they were doing. The only problem however is that Mama Edwin wasn’t comfortable leaving her child to board at the hospital seeing that the conditions were not very favourable. She even noticed that some kids had worse deformities and this just prompted her to make the decision to go back home with her son. Edwin’s clubfoot became neglected for a while.

One of Edwin’s teachers at school noticed that he was a really good soccer player. He also noticed Edwin’s deformity and reached out to his mother. He told told Mama Edwin about his friend who knew about CURE Kenya and he connected them so Edwin could get help. Long story short, Mama Edwin learned about CURE Kenya and brought her son for check up. She was told that Edwin would need surgery and how much it would cost. As much as this was stressing owing to the fact that she has financial constraints, Mama Edwin was determined to find help for her son.

Edwin and his mum are now at CURE Kenya asking God for a miracle to happen so Edwin is healed. Edwin’s favourite subject in school is Math and he would like to be a pilot when he grows up. We asked him why he was interested in this career path and this is what he told us, “Pilots are paid a lot of money so if I can become one I’ll be able to buy my mum a car, build her a house and get her some land to farm.” Edwin has big dreams and our role in this is to pray that God comes through for him as he takes this first step towards transformation.

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Latest Updates

Oct 08, 2019

Edwin brought his mom and little sister, Rose, with him when he came today. As Edwin spent time outside with them, he tried to make sure little Rose stayed safe and warm under her blankets. He’s such a sweet big brother! He had his cast taken off, a new one placed, and he’ll wear that one for a short while until he comes for his next surgery which will hopefully be soon! Photo of Edwin

Sep 25, 2019

Edwin was here not so long ago. The process of serial casting has now began and as earlier mentioned, this will go on for 3 more weeks before he can come back for his surgery. Edwin had never seen a cast cutter or experienced how it works so he was a little scared. Onesmus, one of the orthopedic technicians here at CURE Kenya, did a good job showing Edwin how the cast cutter is designed to only cut the cast and can't hurt him! In the end, it was a nice and easy process! Photo of Edwin

Sep 11, 2019

We found out today that Edwin got saved during one of our mobile clinics! We’re thankful for his few days here to hopefully help bring him a little closer to the Jesus he met on clinic. For now, he’s heading home for a couple weeks and we’ll see him again to start his serial casting. Pray that he keeps getting to know Jesus more! Photo of Edwin

Sep 10, 2019

Before Edwin’s procedure, the surgeon took us through the plan and roughly how long the treatment would take to be complete. He told us that this first procedure is in layman’s language, to set a foundation for the bigger procedure that will happen in a few weeks. He said, “What this operation will do is to sort of make his leg soft to allow us to do the actual procedure later.” In two weeks time, Edwin will start serial casting which will be done four times after which Edwin will be ready for another surgery. Please thank God with us for this first step that has been made. Photo of Edwin

Sep 09, 2019

Edwin is such a loving young man. Back at home, he helps babysit his sister when their mum is doing other household chores. Even here at CURE Kenya, Edwin spends some time holding his baby sister just to give his mum some time to rest. Please pray for our new friend as he waits to go in for surgery! Photo of Edwin

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