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Tracy's Story

“She’s the fifth and the last,” Alice told us of her daughter. Tracy is four and she has four older siblings. She seems to be surrounded by love and support. When we asked Alice about their family, she told us: “It’s wonderful. I like it.… Read more

“She’s the fifth and the last,” Alice told us of her daughter. Tracy is four and she has four older siblings. She seems to be surrounded by love and support. When we asked Alice about their family, she told us: “It’s wonderful. I like it. I thank God for it.” Alice is a nurse and her husband does business and farming.

It’s such a blessing that Alice is a nurse because when it comes to her daughter’s condition, she told us: “It (her nursing career) was of great assistance not to worry too much about it.” A couple years back, it became evident that Tracy’s legs were bowing. It can be easy for parents to assume that bowed legs will go away with time, but then this year, Tracy’s legs started aching and the bowing hadn’t gone away.

“It was a process,” Alice told us of Tracy’s medical journey before CURE Kenya. And it was. First, they saw a doctor. Then, they went to physical therapy. Then, they saw a doctor again. Thankfully, Alice and Tracy were recommended to come to one of our mobile clinics and now -- they’re here! We’re grateful for the process and even more so for the healing that’s coming for Tracy. Pray for her!

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Latest Updates

Dec 11, 2019

Tracy came for her regular check-up and was accompanied by at least four members of her family: her sister, cousin, mom, and dad. We thank God for the love that Tracy’s family has for her. Tracy had her casts taken off and some physiotherapy done. They helped to bear weight on her feet and start moving around. She got tired pretty fast, but her dad was there to support and encourage her. Tracy has her casts off now and will be bearing weight directly on her legs. We will see her again in six weeks and will pray that she will not need assistive devices to help her walk. Photo of Tracy

Oct 30, 2019

“Beautiful,” Tracy’s sister exclaimed as Tracy’s cast was in the process of being taken off and around the time Tracy was being distracted by a phone. We’re looking forward to seeing just how beautiful Tracy’s legs are as she continues to heal! She’ll need to wear another cast because although her legs are healing, they’re not quite where they need to be just yet. We’re hoping that another six weeks in a cast will do the trick. If not, she may need another surgery. Pray this isn’t so! Photo of Tracy

Sep 19, 2019

Tracy went to the OR for her little pin removal procedure this morning so when we saw her afterwards, little smiles were about all she could muster. But, serious face or none, Tracy made it through another OR trip, and she’ll get to go home again which we’re glad for! We’ll see her next in six weeks! Photo of Tracy

Sep 18, 2019

Today Tracy brought the love of mom, dad, a family friend, and even her big sister Daisy when she came to CURE Kenya! In this moment, her dad was showing her a video of her cast being removed. She was also waiting for an x-ray to be taken. Poor Tracy has a pin that was placed during her surgery that isn’t easy to remove outside of the OR, so tomorrow she’ll go to the OR and have it taken out. Pray this all goes well! Photo of Tracy

Aug 09, 2019

“I’ve missed you,” Tracy’s dad, Joel, said this morning as he greeted her with a kiss. This family is full of love, and Tracy is in fabulous hands as she heads home. Her sisters and brother were around today too. They kept her entertained by pushing her in a wheelchair outside. Hopefully she’ll keep being entertained for the next few weeks before she comes back for a checkup! Photo of Tracy

Aug 08, 2019

Remember how we mentioned that Tracy is ‘the fifth and the last’ and how Alice said her kids are ‘friendly, easy to interact with’? Here’s the evidence! This is Alice with her kiddos and a friend or family member of theirs. The only family members missing from this photo are her hubby and one kiddo. Tracy is surrounded by love and we’re grateful for it! She’ll be taking all of that love and going home soon! PS -- do you see that painted cast that we mentioned yesterday? Mickey Mouse, John 3:16, and ‘Jesus loves me’ are among the works of art! Photo of Tracy

Aug 07, 2019

“We’re going to -- ,” Pastor Emmy worked to have Tracy finish the sentence. They were going to ‘dolly’ aka the playroom where there was a dolly. When we saw them together a little later in the playroom, Emmy and Tracy were sitting close together, Emmy looking on her phone and a giant teddy (dolly?) sitting in a chair nearby. We figured cast painting was about to happen and that they were looking for a picture on Emmy’s phone to draw on Tracy’s cast. Stay tuned until tomorrow to see what really happened with Tracy and her cast! Photo of Tracy

Aug 06, 2019

“Tracy likes playing, swinging,” Alice said yesterday. And also yesterday -- the doctors operated on both Tracy’s legs! This is a good thing. It will make life a bit more difficult for a little while. A cast on each leg will make walking impossible for Tracy, and it will add weight when she needs to be carried, but it also means that she will get back to playing and swinging faster than if she would have had surgery on one leg at a time! She was feeling pretty uncomfortable last night, but thank goodness for medicine to take away her pain! Photo of Tracy

Aug 05, 2019

“My children are friendly, easy to interact with,” Alice told us this morning. Tracy is one of those kiddos, and she even interacts with animals it seems! While we were outside taking photos with Tracy, she saw a ‘pooch’ aka a cat. CURE Kenya has some cats that like to hang out and eat kitchen scraps and Tracy’s ‘pooch’ was one of these. We don’t know if Tracy has any pets at home, but maybe later this week, we’ll find out! Photo of Tracy

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