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Kiserian's Story

Kiserian lives with his grandma and two of his siblings. His grandma isn’t always well, and he doesn’t get to see his parents very often due to some family struggles. But, God is watching out for him and so is his Uncle Frank. Frank wants the b… Read more

Kiserian lives with his grandma and two of his siblings. His grandma isn’t always well, and he doesn’t get to see his parents very often due to some family struggles. But, God is watching out for him and so is his Uncle Frank. Frank wants the best for Kiserian, but he’s currently looking for work, so money is scarce. Thankfully, Frank met a woman who knew about us here at CURE Kenya and was able to bring both Frank and Kiserian here to us.

You see, Kiserian's leg isn't growing properly. The two bones in the lower part of his leg are growing at different speeds which has caused his foot curve inwards. With the Kiserian, Uncle Frank, and Barbara, the doctors had the difficult conversation with them where they recommended the best way to move forward would be to amputate Kiserian's leg beneath the knee. While this was not an easy decision for anyone involved, Kiserian understands that after the surgery he'll get a prosthetic leg and will be able to move better than he ever did before!

On top of all this, Kiserian's pinky finger on his left hand has developed in a strange way so the doctors are also going to reshape and reposition the finger to allow Kiserian more mobility and function.
There’s no perfect answer for any of these things, but we're excited that Kiserian is here for treatment and that he'll be able to move and function better once his treatment is finished!

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Latest Updates

Nov 20, 2019

“Kiserian!” Pastor Emmy exclaimed. “At least today you can smile!” Pastor Emmy was in the outpatient playroom when we told her Kiserian was around, and they both wore big smiles when they saw each other. Kiserian’s leg still hasn’t healed properly - so, please pray that this happens soon. We’ll see him sometime in the next few weeks, and who knows, maybe Pastor Emmy will too! Photo of Kiserian

Oct 23, 2019

As Anne the nurse cleaned Kiserian’s almost-healed wound on his surgery site, Kiserian watched. Barbara has been cleaning it for him, so he must be used to it by now because he didn’t cry and even smiled for our camera a few times. We’re grateful that Kiserian is healing and, in another month, we look forward to seeing him completely healed! Photo of Kiserian

Sep 25, 2019

Kiserian came in for check up today! His guardian shared with us how much joy she had because Kiserian’s hand is completely healed and he doesn’t have a wound any more. She was also excited about Kiserian’s leg which needed some pins removed and the wound cleaned a bit before being dressed. Pin removal is painful most times and so nurse Lucy decided to keep Kiserian distracted as his pins were being taken out. Kiserian didn’t even notice that they had already been removed so he gave Lucy a big smile. We are grateful to God for the progress this young man has made and we pray for complete healing. Kiserian needs a few more dressing changes so we will see our friend in four weeks time when he comes back for another doctor’s visit! Photo of Kiserian

Sep 11, 2019

Kiserian and Barbara were one of the first to see the doctor this morning, and Kiserian is making progress in his healing! His hand looks great, and he had his bandage removed. In a few weeks, the pin placed in his leg will be taken out too. Please pray for nothing but more healing for him! Photo of Kiserian

Aug 26, 2019

Wizard of Oz is a good distraction for an empty belly (since you're not allowed to eat before going into the OR) and a final morning spent in the hospital. After this and a trip to the OR for a dressing change, Kiserian was given the go ahead to go home! He’ll be back next month to check his progress. Pray for his continued healing! Photo of Kiserian

Aug 23, 2019

“I had an amazing night! My boy didn’t complain at all, so it was amazing.” Frank replied when we asked how his night was. Kiserian only complained maybe once last night, so all in all he’s doing well. Kiserian will go for one more dressing change on Monday and then he should be able to go home! In the meantime, him and Frank will watch movies and relax. Anything to distract Kiserian from the fact that he’s still in the hospital. He says ‘thank you’ for the get well messages too. Thanks for praying for and cheering this young boy on! Photo of Kiserian

Aug 22, 2019

“Have you heard about Jesus?” Pastor Emmy asked Kiserian on Monday during their counseling session. Kiserian does know about God, and he knows God is watching over him. Today Uncle Frank was around to talk care of Kiserian even as Kiserian went to the OR for a bandage change! We so hope Kiserian knows that God is watching over him even during his medical treatment! Photo of Kiserian

Aug 21, 2019

Kiserian is still a little out of it from his surgery, but Pastor Emmy, who work with our kids here at CURE Kenya, tried her best to lift his spirits with a few little balloon crafts! Photo of Kiserian

Aug 20, 2019

As Kiserian was being prepped for sleep in the OR, Philis the nurse anesthetist was teasing him and putting a smile on his face. The doctors operated on his finger and amputated and his leg all in one big surgery. Things will be a little painful for Kiserian after surgery, but thankfully there are pain meds to help bring him comfort! Be praying for him as his body heals and as he adjusts to his new normal. Photo of Kiserian

Aug 19, 2019

Anytime a decision is made to amputate, we ensure our patients are well prepared. A doctor talks with the guardian, ortho techs from our workshop make a visit to the patient, and one of our pastors takes the time to help the patient prepare for what’s to come. But, as much as an amputation is a big decision, whenever it’s made, it’s in the best interest of the patient and will in the long run make life better for them. We’re thankful this is the case for Kiserian! Photo of Kiserian

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