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  • Age2
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Diana's Story

“When people saw my daughter and the problem she had, they told me to kill her and remain quiet about it,” Anna, Diana’s mum told us.

Diana is a two-year-old girl who was born with clubfoot. She is Anna’s sixth-born child. When Dia… Read more

“When people saw my daughter and the problem she had, they told me to kill her and remain quiet about it,” Anna, Diana’s mum told us.

Diana is a two-year-old girl who was born with clubfoot. She is Anna’s sixth-born child. When Diana was born, her mum was happy to be blessed with another child, but was absolutely shocked when she saw Diana's feet. She asked herself many questions, some she couldn’t even share with us. Anna asked one of the nurses at the hospital where she gave birth if this was a problem that could be corrected, and she was told how to go about it. When clubfoot is caught in newborns, it can be treated using a method that involves progressive casts and then a small, outpatient procedure. Diana went through this whole process and the staff at the clinic where she was treated told Anna that Diana was healed. Unfortunately, Anna's joy was short lived as a few months ago, Anna noticed that her daughter’s feet had started curving and they were now looking like the clubfoot had recurred. She was concerned because she thought that this was a long gone problem.

A friend told Anna about us here at CURE Kenya and about a mobile clinic that we would be hosting close to their home. Anna attended and brought Diana to be seen by our doctors. She was told that Diana would need surgery to correct her feet once and for all. As you can imagine, Anna was worried about funds and where she would get enough money to pay for surgery. She prayed about it and asked God to provide. Diana is now at CURE Kenya and we thank God that she is able to get surgery!

“I just hope and pray my daughter will be able to walk normally like other kids,” Anna told us when we asked her what she was looking forward to. Please pray that Diana will be healed and that her correction process will be successful!

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Latest Updates

Nov 20, 2019

Since Diana had her last cast removed today, her legs were in need of some moisturizing! She and her mom were working on doing just that when we caught up with them. They had just received Diana’s new braces. Diana is doing well! Since she’s completed casting and has her braces, she won’t need to come back until March. Photo of Diana

Oct 09, 2019

Diana is on track and making progress! Today she did the usual routine that post-clubfoot surgery kiddos do: casts off, measure for foot braces, and new casts applied. We’ll catch her next in November when she’ll have her final casts removed and will go home with her braces!

Sep 03, 2019

This little lady went home today! We’re so thankful she’s well enough to go home, and we’ll see her in a few short weeks for her follow up appointment! Photo of Diana

Sep 02, 2019

Sweet Diana went for a cast change this morning. After coming back, she wasn’t too happy with her mama for having taken her to the OR in the first place and she made it quite clear. But, one of the beautiful things about the wards at CURE Kenya is the community. One of the dad’s from a nearby bed took Diana outside and calmed her down. We’re so thankful for him and for Diana’s progress in her healing even amidst tears! Photo of Diana

Aug 30, 2019

It’s Friday -- make a face! Mama Diana and Pastor Philip were chatting it up today about salvation, and Diana was just being cute and eating a lollipop! Mama Diana and Pastor Philip will hopefully be talking more about salvation together soon. Please pray that she’ll come to know Jesu and as a result, one day help her daughter come to know Jesus! We’ll update you more about Diana on Monday when she’ll go for a cast change (instead of today). Photo of Diana

Aug 29, 2019

Dr. Becky made Mama Diana smile today. Dr. Becky is the nursing director for the whole of CURE and is visiting Kenya right now. But she’s more than all this. She’s also someone whose gentleness and kindness makes you feel loved and right at home. We hope Diana feels this way even as she waits to go to the OR for a cast change tomorrow! Photo of Diana

Aug 28, 2019

Diana is quite the character but you wouldn’t notice this when you start interacting with her. As she starts warming up to you though, she is very interesting! She had a hard time after surgery because of her pain and was sad for most of the day and night. Today however, she was jovial and didn’t want her mum to go anywhere without her! Please thank God with us and with Diana because she is no longer in so much pain. Photo of Diana

Aug 27, 2019

The journey to transformation has begun for Diana! She went to the OR and had surgery done on both her legs. It didn’t take a long time as our team of doctors assisted each other to bring this sweet girl and her mum an inch closer to their heart’s desires. Please pray that Diana will be able to fight the pain as she recovers from surgery and ask God to give Anna strength to continue taking care of her daughter. Photo of Diana

Aug 26, 2019

Diana doesn’t always smile, but she brings so much joy with her presence. She doesn’t let walking on tippy toes stop her from moving and exploring. In fact, she almost charmed her way into a banana this morning in the ward even as she needs to be fasting before going to the OR. Thankfully, her mama caught it in time! Stay tuned for more of this irresistible charm! Photo of Diana

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