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Maria's Story

“I am happier now because the very first time we came here (CURE Kenya), Maria could only walk on her knees but now she can actually walk!” Matinde, Maria’s mum told us.

This isn’t the first time that Maria is in CURE Kenya. She has… Read more

“I am happier now because the very first time we came here (CURE Kenya), Maria could only walk on her knees but now she can actually walk!” Matinde, Maria’s mum told us.

This isn’t the first time that Maria is in CURE Kenya. She has had some procedures done here before and is now back for even more correction. What is very fascinating though is that when she first came here, she couldn’t stand or walk on her own. She moved around on her knees and so most times the mum had to carry her around. After the first procedures, Maria improved so well. The mum was so happy about this transformation. When they left to go home, Matinde was made aware that her daughter might need something more to be done to make her transformation even better.

Maria was born with her disability and her mum noticed since birth. She started looking for a solution as soon as possible. She kept being asked to wait for Maria to grow older so she could have surgery. The little savings she had eventually ran out as she was trying to find treatment for her daughter. Being a mother of six children, it wasn’t easy for her to only focus on Maria, so she gave up looking for help.

Matinde lives in Tanzania with her family. One day, she met someone who knew about CURE and she learned about what is done here through that friend. The easiest CURE hospital for them to visit was CURE Kenya, so they planned the trip and were able to come be seen by our doctors. Right now, Maria is at CURE Kenya waiting to have another surgery. Her legs started bowing, so the operation will be to correct this and let her have straight legs. Please pray for all that needs to be done and that more than anything, CURE Kenya will feel like home for them.

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2019

Imagine for a second that you don’t live close to a hospital that you really need to go to. They have great doctors, great physical therapists, but since they're so far away, you must travel. For ten hours. And that’s what Maria did. She, along with a couple other people. They traveled through the night and arrived at CURE Kenya this morning. It may have made them tired, but they are here. And it was all worth it considering that Maria got her last cast taken off, and she did some physical therapy as well. Pray for healing for her and safety in travels! We’ll see her towards the end of the year. Photo of Maria

Jul 31, 2019

Maria and her mum traveled a whole day to come to CURE Kenya for review. We asked Maria if she was feeling a bit cold and if it was colder here compared to her home. She told us that she felt a bit cold and that it was very warm back home. Maria had her leg checked out by a doctor and she is healing the right way. A new cast was applied and she will wear it for another six weeks before we see her again! Photo of Maria

Jun 14, 2019

Maria had some time with George, one of our physical therapists here at CURE Kenya, to learn how to walk using crutches. She did really well! As she was doing her walking exercises, George kept encouraging her to go further and further. His encouragement really helped her at moments when she felt like stopping. Maria is slated to head home over the weekend and we’d like you to pray for safety as she travels home with her mum! Photo of Maria

Jun 13, 2019

“You have a beautiful smile.” That’s what some of you told Maria in get-well messages. And thank you for sharing such beautiful words with a beautiful girl! Can you see the beauty even as Maria and Pastor Emmy laugh? Maria had a book with her that is filled with Bible goodness and today she was reading about Moses and the Israelites. Please pray for her as she continues to absorb God’s truth and goodness! Photo of Maria

Jun 12, 2019

The Bible verse reference written on Maria’s cast reads "John 3:16." We challenged Maria to recite the Bible verse in English and Swahili and she did both very well. We thank God that Maria has read the Bible some and knows this very important verse. She is also in very minimal pain and we thank God for that too. Either today or tomorrow, Maria will be taken through walking exercises using crutches by one of our physical therapists. Please continue praying for her recovery! Photo of Maria

Jun 11, 2019

We spoke to Maria some before she went in to have her surgery. We wanted to find out if she remembered the last time she was here and if the experience she had the last time, contributed to her being so fearless this time. Maria told us that she could remember most of what was done before so it was nothing new to her. Maria’s surgery was successful and we thank God that she is now recovering in the ward! Photo of Maria

Jun 10, 2019

Maria met Carol, a theatre nurse here at CURE Kenya today. Carol really loves smiling and making patients feel happy. She did the exact same for our sweet friend Maria. We’ll tell you all about Maria’s surgery tomorrow. Meanwhile, please pray that she stays strong and happy and that she enjoys her stay here! Photo of Maria

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