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  • Age10
  • Conditionknock knees
  • Next Appointment 10/29/2019

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CURE in Kenya

The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Imelda. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Imelda's Story

“We thought it could be something slight that would go back normally,” Imelda’s dad, Fred, told us of her condition. Imelda had just started walking when her family noticed how her legs looked a bit different, but they didn’t think too much… Read more

“We thought it could be something slight that would go back normally,” Imelda’s dad, Fred, told us of her condition. Imelda had just started walking when her family noticed how her legs looked a bit different, but they didn’t think too much of it at the time. It wasn’t until a few years later when she was admitted to a hospital with malaria that someone noticed Imelda’s legs. “The hospital we visited gave us some link to APDK (The Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenya),” Fred told us. They told him that “there are doctors who are always sent from CURE Kenya who can help.” And so, they eventually got linked with our mobile clinic near their home thanks to the APDK!

Imelda and her family came to CURE Kenya in February of this year, but Imelda had low blood levels, so she had to hold off a bit for surgery. But now, her blood levels are good and our little lady is back! “We’re looking forward to having her walk again and we believe God will help us,” Fred told us. Imelda is looking forward too. Fred shared something with us. “(She’s) so courageous, (and) very excited that now ‘I will have time to walk normally like other people.’” Sometimes this sweet girl has people at her school who don’t understand her condition and say things that aren’t so nice. We hope that soon this will be a thing of the past! “We’re praying about that,” Fred told us of her walking normally.

Regardless of this, Imelda is precious and beautiful. When we commented on her being lovely to her dad, he told us: “Really.” And she is. Please be praying like her family does — that she’ll be healed!

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Latest Updates

Jul 23, 2019

Imelda had her pins removed today! She prepared herself to see the doctor by taking part in some coloring. When she get in for the pin removal, she was so brave about it and didn’t shed a single tear. We asked her if she felt any pain and she said that she was completely okay. Please thank God for this very cute little miss’ strength and stellar recovery process! Photo of Imelda

Jun 07, 2019

Remember yesterday’s butterfly on Imelda’s cast? Well, that wasn’t the only thing Anastacia painted on it. She also painted ‘Jesus Saves’ on it and because of that, we were able to minister to her! Storyteller Elvis told us of his conversation with Imelda this morning. “What did Jesus do?” He asked Imelda. “Jesus died on the cross because of our sins,” she told him. So we asked her: "what does that mean?” She replied: “It means that we are saved from sin because of that.” Then we asked: “In conclusion, what then does ‘Jesus Saves’ mean?” She knew: “It means Jesus died on the cross because of our sins and now we are saved!” Please pray that Imelda would continue to understand and accept this more and more even as she and her ‘Jesus Saves’ cast go home for a few weeks to heal before coming to mobile clinic! Photo of Imelda

Jun 06, 2019

White casts are good and all, but you know what’s better? Painted ones!!! Anastacia, a spiritual intern from our playroom, was around to make sure that Imelda’s cast went from good to great! She painted a butterfly on Imelda’s cast and later, Imelda went to the playroom and did some art herself, the coloring kind of art. We wouldn’t be surprised if she goes home tomorrow, so we’re thankful for a fun day today to send her off with exciting and colorful memories of CURE Kenya! Photo of Imelda

Jun 05, 2019

We’d like to introduce you to somebody. You’ve already met the lovely Imelda, but did you know that she’s got a cute little brother named Morel? He’s precious and has some of the best baby cheeks! In these moments we captured, he was also more keen on being close to his mama than having his photos taken, but it’s okay. Moms are nice and safe places, and we’re glad that both he and Imelda have a good one to stay close to! Photo of Imelda

Jun 04, 2019

As Imelda had surgery yesterday, the doctors had her x-rays posted on the wall so they could consult them when needed. Our girl had surgery on her right leg, and her dad told us that they’ll do the other leg later. Unlike one of our other kiddos in the hospital, Joy Ruth ( who had surgery on both legs, Imelda is a bit older. For our older kiddos, it’s often helpful for them to be able to walk on one leg with the help of crutches while the other leg heals in a cast. We’ll see what the doctors have in mind for Imelda’s left leg in the future! Photo of Imelda

Jun 03, 2019

Hello from this beauty! Her name is Imelda and she’s really quite lovely. We think so. Her dad thinks so. And we know you do too! Please pray for her this week! Photo of Imelda

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