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  • Age4
  • Conditionclubfoot
  • Next Appointment 10/28/2019

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Charles's Story

“I was happy carrying Charles in my womb but when he was born, I wasn’t as happy because he was disabled.” Grace, Charles’ mum shared with us.

When Grace first received her newborn son, the very first child, she was shocked! His fe… Read more

“I was happy carrying Charles in my womb but when he was born, I wasn’t as happy because he was disabled.” Grace, Charles’ mum shared with us.

When Grace first received her newborn son, the very first child, she was shocked! His feet were curved in a way she had never seen before. Charles was born with clubfoot and his hand was also deformed. The joy of a first born child was quickly replaced with sadness. This became Grace’s story from that moment on. A sad story.

“When I came here (CURE), I had a lot of pain in my heart. Back at home people really ridiculed me and said bad things about me and my child.” Grace said with tears in her eyes. People in her village believe that disability just doesn’t come by. You must have done something so wrong and the punishment is a disabled child.

Grace took her child to a hospital near her home and was told to use a certain kind of oil to massage her son everyday. She noticed that this wasn’t working and expressed her concern. Her son now had to be casted every week for a long time but she couldn’t seeing any change. She was told about CURE Kenya so she made her way here. Her son was casted for a while then tenotomy was done. She saw just how much difference this made and this made her believe that her son would be healed.

However, there was another problem. Grace could not raise the money needed to travel 16 hours every week to come to CURE Kenya for cast change. She stopped bringing her son and stayed at home. Charles’ clubfoot recurred and this was cause for alarm. Grace took her son to a mobile clinic in her hometown and was told that correction would be achieved through surgery. She is at CURE Kenya full of hope that her son will be able to walk normally like his friends and people at home will stop laughing at her, calling her names because her son will be healed.

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Latest Updates

Jul 23, 2019

Charles came to our mobile clinic to have his cast removed and his measurements taken to make his custom foot brace. He came in with his mum a bit late and so they had to wait in the line to see the doctors. Charles found ways to keep himself busy though and made a few friends as he waited. Among the friends he made was Mama Fatima who he remembers meeting at CURE Kenya when he was admitted. Please thank God for the progress this little man is making and the friends he's making along the way! Photo of Charles

May 27, 2019

When Charles left CURE Kenya a few weeks ago, he was not casted because his leg had some swelling around where the operation was done. He was allowed to go home and come for check up two weeks later at mobile clinic which is today. His swelling is all gone now and he can wear a cast for the next 6 weeks! We will see him then and we hope he’ll be healed and probably ready to use an ankle brace! Photo of Charles

May 14, 2019

Our cute little friend has a cheeky grin and an awesome smile on his face today because he is going home! He waved to us goodbye for his last picture in hospital and we are happy that he is happy. His mum is excited at the prospect of being at home tomorrow morning as they will travel at night. Before Charles was ready to go home we had one of the mamas in the ward read him all your Get Well Messages YOU sent him. He said “Thank you!” Please thank God with us for how far Charles and his mum have come and commit them into God’s hands as they travel home. Photo of Charles

May 13, 2019

“This boy is very cheeky, he wants to know it all. If he sees a camera, he’ll want to know how to take pictures,” Mama Charles (Grace) made a remark. We caught Charles just after he had been in theatre for a cast change today. Usually kids come back a bit drowsy from the anesthesia but Charles’ desire to learn a new thing made him sit up and want to know how to take pictures. After we showed him how to, he took a picture of his mum. “See! I told you he likes learning new things,” Grace told us. Charles is okay and might be allowed to go home tomorrow! Photo of Charles

May 10, 2019

Mama Charles would have really loved it if they were to go home today. But Charles still needs to be observed over the weekend and the doctor told Mama Charles that they could go home maybe Monday. When Charles wakes up, we will play some games with him to keep him entertained as much as possible! Photo of Charles

May 09, 2019

Charles’ cast had to be split yesterday because his leg started swelling. The swelling has reduced a lot but the doctor is not ready to discharge Charles from the hospital yet. He is under observation today and if the swelling goes down, tomorrow he’ll have a cast change and will be discharged to go home. Please pray that Charles’ swelling goes down completely! Photo of Charles

May 08, 2019

This sweet smile means Charles isn’t in pain anymore. This is one of the reasons we are thanking God today and we would like you to share with Charles why you are thanking God today. You can do this by sending him a Get Well Message! Charles will continue resting today, then tomorrow he will have a date with a physiotherapist to learn how to walk using crutches! Photo of Charles

May 07, 2019

We saw Charles in the waiting area before going to the OR, but he didn’t see us because he was asleep. His mum’s warm and comforting embrace made him sleep as he waited to go in for surgery. Charles’ surgery was a success and today he will have an ample time resting and recovering. Please pray that he will overcome the pain and have a good day! Photo of Charles

May 06, 2019

Charles is a very cute, intelligent young man. He loves playing with his friends and having a good time wherever he is. We caught him sitting on the floor, trying to put on his shoes and tie his laces. He didn’t see us trying to take a picture of him, but when he did, the look on his face was priceless! Photo of Charles

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