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Abraham's Story

He’s God — you cannot question,” Nellie, Abraham's mother, told us. “Our job is to pray and wait.” Nellie has done a lot of this in her son Abraham’s life. It’s been a journey of praying and waiting for her.

“My son was born… Read more

He’s God — you cannot question,” Nellie, Abraham's mother, told us. “Our job is to pray and wait.” Nellie has done a lot of this in her son Abraham’s life. It’s been a journey of praying and waiting for her.

“My son was born just normal,” Nellie told us. But at three months, she and her husband realized that his left hand could not hold anything. After a visit to a local hospital, Abraham was diagnosed with infantile paralysis. No one is sure exactly what happened, but the doctor thought that Abraham had some sort of infection when he was really little and that manifested itself years later in this paralysis. In the years since then, Abraham has been in and out of surgeries for years, and although he seemed to walk more normally as he was beginning to learn, he soon developed clubfoot due as part of his overall condition.

In 2015, Abraham's condition once again evolved and he began having seizures. These seizures have put him in the hospital, require him to take special medicine, and caused a need for CT scans. He cannot even sleep on his own!

All of this together causes problems for Abraham at school. It’s put him behind a couple of grades due to missing school, and even when he’s at school, it’s not always a nice place to be. “Some kids don’t want to play with him,” Nellie told us. Sometimes Abraham falls down while at school and there is always the risk of seizures.

Thankfully, all is not lost for Abraham. He’s on a new drug that helps his seizures happen less frequently. And he’s at CURE Kenya having surgery for his clubfeet. “We expect it’s going to assist him in stability,” Nellie told us. Hopefully this will cause him to fall down less!

“We’re still praying to God that one day he will be completely healed,” Nellie told us. She also told us something else: “Myself, I’m a believer.” We know that Abraham’s journey isn’t over, but we’re thankful he has a mama who knows and trusts God. And so, regardless of any future surgeries Abraham may need for his seizures, let’s trust God like Nellie and pray that his surgery here will begin to give his family more and more hope for his future!

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Latest Updates

Aug 21, 2019

Abraham’s sweater is winking at you!! He came with a buddy today since mom couldn’t make it, and together the two of them traversed their way around CURE Kenya, getting Abraham’s cast off, receiving his foot brace, and being seen by the doctor. Abraham is doing so well and we’ll see him next in October! Photo of Abraham

Jul 11, 2019

Today was Abraham’s day to be measured for a foot brace! His foot was feeling a bit weird after so many weeks in a cast, but Purity our ortho tech did a great job putting him at ease. She measure him for his brace and afterward his foot went back into a cast for another six weeks. It should be all good to be out of the cast for good when we see him again in August! Photo of Abraham

May 31, 2019

This morning was better. Abraham went to theatre for a cast change after having his cast split this week due to pain. Last time Abraham went to theatre, Nellie had some uncertainty about him going due to his health struggles. When one of our theatre staff came to the waiting bay to take Abraham, she prayed with Nellie and Abraham, and then Nellie tenderly said goodbye to Abraham and it wasn’t long before he was whisked away in a wheelchair. Nellie returned to her bed and when we found her to give her Abraham’s get wells, she was being pampered with some nail polishing by a volunteer. “They’ve encouraged me,” she told us about the get well messages. Thanks for helping encourage Nellie this week and praying her and Abraham through their hospital stay. We’ll see them next in a few weeks! Photo of Abraham

May 30, 2019

God uses so many hands to do His work. He even used the hands of visitors! Dr. Griffin, a surgeon from the states, assisted Dr. Kinyua during Abraham’s surgery. Afterwards, Miranda, a student from Messiah College in the states, helped put Abraham’s cast on. We’re grateful for each and every hand God uses. In the time since, Abraham's surgery, our little man has been in a little pain and had an unexpected seizure. Thankfully the nurses were on top of it and Abraham has been kept safe through the whole process. Since the episode, he's been healing up well and feeling better every moment! Photo of Abraham

May 27, 2019

When we asked for a photo of Abraham and his mama, Abraham rested his head on his mama’s shoulder. After years spent together during Abraham’s medical treatment journey, him and his mama have a special bond. We love this and look forward to watching the sweetness that is between them. Pray that the sweetness only grows this week as Abraham and Nellie spend time here at CURE Kenya! Photo of Abraham

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