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Dennis's Story

“You know one cannot tell God’s will, you just need to accept it and accept a situation as it is,” that’s what Kelvin, Dennis’ brother, told us when we asked how they reacted when they first saw Dennis’ feet.

Dennis is a 12-yea… Read more

“You know one cannot tell God’s will, you just need to accept it and accept a situation as it is,” that’s what Kelvin, Dennis’ brother, told us when we asked how they reacted when they first saw Dennis’ feet.

Dennis is a 12-year-old boy who was born with clubfoot. He never really got medical attention as he lives in quite a remote area. His clubfoot was therefore neglected.

Kelvin is a businessman who buys and sells cows for a living. He heard about CURE Kenya from a social worker who is also a teacher at Dennis’ special school. Kelvin is hopeful that after surgery, Dennis will be able to walk like other kids and continue with his education. Dennis is at CURE Kenya awaiting surgery and we invite you to pray that it goes well and that Kelvin will know the love that God has for him!

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Latest Updates

Dec 18, 2019

Dennis and his brother had to wake up very early so that they would get to CURE Kenya in time for the clinic. Dennis carried with him a shawl to help shield him from the cold. As he was waiting for his new Ankle Foot Orthosis, we asked him to show us how he would use the shawl in case he felt cold. We are grateful to God for his provisions and for Dennis’ progress so far. Photo of Dennis

Oct 16, 2019

Dennis seemed a bit serious today, but maybe traveling and getting a new cast on was just too much for one kiddo in one day. We also found a wound on his foot that needs to do some healing. Please pray that when he comes back in two weeks, he’ll be all healed up and ready for an brace measurement! Photo of Dennis

Sep 11, 2019

Dennis left today. We’re glad he went home having met Jesus. We realized that the last time he was here, he also got ‘saved.’ We know you’re only saved once, but we’re grateful that Dennis seems so interested in Jesus that he wanted to say ‘yes’ to him again! Pray for him to pursue a life filled with Jesus -- starting with the next few weeks as he waits to come for review! Photo of Dennis

Sep 10, 2019

We love how much community surrounds CURE Kenya’s ward. Dennis and his brother are waiting until tomorrow to go home, so they kept themselves entertained today by watching a fun video on someone’s phone. But we’re not sure whose phone it was, and Dennis and his brother weren’t the only ones watching. CUREkid Dorcas was too! The culture of Kenya is quite communal and welcoming and that culture is brought to CURE Kenya, where sharing and relating are just a natural part of everyday happenings! Photo of Dennis

Sep 09, 2019

This week could be a defining week for Dennis. He went to the OR for a cast change this morning and hopefully soon he’ll be going home. But this time, he’ll be going home with two healed feet! And Lord-willing, he won’t need to go to the OR again for a very long time (or ever). We’re so grateful his healing journey is almost complete! Photo of Dennis

Sep 06, 2019

“Moses and Goliath,” are Bible characters that Dennis’ knows about. Today it was Kelvin’s turn to peruse Dennis’ Bible and maybe learn about a Bible character or two. They’re good friends who share and even manage to have balloons that match their clothes! Dennis will probably be heading to the OR next week to have a proper cast put on his foot, but in the meantime, he’ll hang around CURE Kenya, study his Bible, and spend time with Kelvin! Photo of Dennis

Sep 05, 2019

“Have you been saved?” Pastor Emmy asked Dennis. The answer to this question is now yes. This week Dennis asked Jesus to be his savior, and today he was given a colorful kids Bible to help him learn more about the Jesus who saved him! We’re grateful that he’ll have God alongside him as he goes about his healing! Photo of Dennis

Sep 04, 2019

Dennis’ transformation has been swift and incredible. If you reference his first before photo and his current one, his right foot has become crazy straight! And -- thanks to today’s surgery, his left foot is now too! We’re so thankful for this! Photo of Dennis

Sep 03, 2019

We met Dennis in the playroom today tidying up and arranging seats so other kids can sit on. Pastor Emmy, who is in charge of the playroom told us that she was impressed by Dennis’ good manners and she told us that Dennis told her he loves tidying up even at home. “He told me how he cleans up at home after meals and takes away the dishes to the kitchen.” Pastor Emmy told us. Dennis must really be a blessing back at home and we are happy that we get to hang out with him here at CURE Kenya! Photo of Dennis

Sep 02, 2019

Goodness, time flies and Dennis is already back for his second surgery! We lost him a bit during follow up due to the location of his clinic, but we’re grateful for the beauty that is his healing so far. Today he and his friend Kelvin had loads of fun doing what guys love to do -- wrestling and playing! Pray for the both of them during their stay in the hospital! Photo of Dennis

Apr 26, 2019

Dennis is going home TODAY! Hooray! We are excited that this day is finally here. Dennis had already changed into home clothes when we met him this morning. We chatted a little about the progress he has made reading and coloring his book and it's quite impressive what he has done. We encouraged him to continue reading and learning more about God even when he goes home. As for now, we say good bye to Dennis and look forward to seeing him when he comes back for review soon! Photo of Dennis

Apr 25, 2019

Colors and words that point to Jesus. That’s what this fun activity book for kiddos is like. Dennis has a perfect distraction from another day in the hospital. When we chatted about the ‘book about God,’ Dennis hadn’t made it very far into it, but let’s see how the day goes. Maybe by tomorrow Dennis’ will have made it more colorful and also filled his mind with more learning about the Jesus he met last week! Thank God with us that Dennis’ extra time in the hospital means more time to soak up the good news about Jesus! Photo of Dennis

Apr 24, 2019

We spent some time this week talking with Dennis, trying to recap everything that has happened since he came to CURE Kenya. Remember last week how we told you about how Dennis received Jesus as his savior? Isn’t that the best thing ever? We also went ahead and talked about his surgery. The pain involved is not something he wants to remember but he is looking forward to the transformation. We then asked our friend, “Dennis, what is the one thing you are going to remember about CURE when you go home?” Dennis took his time to think about his answer and said, “The friends I made while in the ward.” What's better than making friends? Especially the most important one, Jesus Christ? Please thank God with us for Dennis’ experience while at CURE Kenya and pray for him as he goes for one more cast change to help angle his foot better! And pray for him as he remembers his friends, Dennis and James. Photo of Dennis

Apr 23, 2019

Dennis stuck around CURE Kenya for the weekend and finally went for a cast change today. As we asked about his weekend, we asked what he did. When we got to the question, “Did you read?” He told us he did. When we asked what he read, he told us he read his Bible. “About God,” he told us when we inquired further. We’re so thankful that after he found Jesus with the help of Pastor Philip, he took time to read his Bible (probably the one given to him by Pastor Philip) to learn more about that Jesus -- the one we celebrated just this weekend! Photo of Dennis

Apr 18, 2019

“The boy Dennis is doing well in the Lord,” Pastor Philip told us today after taking some time with him. And when he says well, he means WELL! He and Dennis chatted about God, and then they got to the part about Jesus. “I asked him whether he’s heard of Christ and then he said, ‘I’ve heard about him.’ And then I asked about his relationship with him.” Pastor Philip took the time to share John 3:16 with him in a very personal way -- putting Dennis’ name into the verse. And it was thanks to all of this that allowed Pastor Philip to ask Dennis, “Can I lead you in a prayer to accept Christ?” And now Heaven is rejoicing because Dennis said YES to Jesus! Oh Happy Easter everyone and praise God with us for saving Dennis! Photo of Dennis

Apr 17, 2019

This is Dennis. And Dennis. They’re friends -- with the same name. The standing Dennis wanted us to take a photo, so we got photos of these two. Sitting Dennis seemed to be less comfortable. Since surgery, he needed his cast split. His surgery, though necessary, was a bit intense, so his body might need extra space for healing (aka there could be some swelling). We caught the two Dennises talking after we’d taken their photos, but when we asked the standing Dennis, “What are you all talking about?” He smiled. Some things just stay between friends! We’re thankful Dennis has got his pal Dennis by his side to share stories with! Photo of Dennis

Apr 15, 2019

As we waited for Dennis’ surgery yesterday, we discovered the answer to the question we’d been wondering - Kevin is indeed his friend from school! It wasn’t too long after this that Dennis was wheeled off to surgery to begin the process of healing his first foot — the right one. His clubfoot is pretty severe, so his feet may never quite look like ours do. But you know what we still hope to give him? The ability to step down onto his feet. And this is such a wonderful gift to be able to give together with your support. Please pray for this! Photo of Dennis

Apr 15, 2019

Dennis has got a friend! His name is Kevin and there’s a chance they’re actually more than just hospital friends -- they might be friends from school! This week we are hoping to finding out more about their friendship, and we’re looking forward to getting to know both of them better. Pray for both of these friends as they go for surgery! Photo of Dennis

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