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  • Age9
  • Conditionclubfoot
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Daniel's Story

“I was so shocked when I saw my son. I had never seen anything like this in my life. My son was the first. His father was shocked as well but together, we were able to look for a solution and find it,” Ann, Daniel’s mum, told us.

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“I was so shocked when I saw my son. I had never seen anything like this in my life. My son was the first. His father was shocked as well but together, we were able to look for a solution and find it,” Ann, Daniel’s mum, told us.

Daniel is a 9-year-old boy who was born with bilateral clubfoot. He is Ann’s firstborn son so you can now start to understand her shock when she discovered that her son was not like every other child she had ever held.

When Ann went back home with her baby, one of her neighbors was really helpful and encouraged her. She told her about the clinic where she took her child who also had clubfoot and that’s where Ann began the process for her son.

At some point, Ann’s family had to move from one town to another and the logistics of attending clinic became tougher. They stopped concentrating on Daniel’s clubfoot and so it recurred. This presented itself as a new problem for Ann and her husband. They had to find a new place to take their son. In the process of looking, one of Ann’s friend told her about CURE Kenya and a mobile clinic in their town. She asked about the dates for when the clinic would be in her town and brought her son.

When we asked Ann what she was most looking forward to, she had this to say, “When the first operation was done, I wasn’t sure my son would be better. Right now I can see with my own eyes and I believe that he will be okay and will walk better in future.” Friends please pray for Daniel’s operation to go well and for his recovery once it is done!

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Latest Updates

Jun 12, 2019

Daniel is getting closer and closer to the end of treatment, especially since he’s on foot number two! Today it was cast removal, orthotic fitting, and a new cast placed. Please pray for him these next six weeks until he comes back to see us again! Photo of Daniel

May 03, 2019

George. Simon. Daniel. They were all going to theatre for something this morning, and we should maybe call them the Three Musketeers now because even this afternoon we think we caught them all in the playroom! They weren’t all in the same ward cubes this week, so we’re not sure how much time they spent together, but we’re thankful they had today! We’re hoping Daniel will get to go home tomorrow now that he had his cast changed! Photo of Daniel

May 02, 2019

When we asked Daniel about his breakfast this morning and the bread he’d eaten, he told us, “Nne.” This means four! He was telling us he’d eaten four pieces of bread! His mom said he’d only eaten three, but who knows. Regardless, whether he’s eaten three, four, or eight pieces of bread, it gives our boy energy so he can heal up, get his new cast, and head on home! Please pray this happens soon for him! Photo of Daniel

Apr 30, 2019

“Baba, please sleep so that the pain goes away,” Mama Daniel told her son this morning. Daniel was in quite some pain, last night was unbearable for Daniel and so his cast was split as it was too tight from swelling. Please pray that his pain reduces and that he feels better soon! Photo of Daniel

Apr 30, 2019

Daniel had his surgery yesterday and it was a success. Before George, a nurse anesthetist at CURE, put Daniel to sleep, he asked him if he preferred a back injection or using a gas mask to put him to sleep. Daniel obviously went for the gas mask as he could not imagine the pain that would come with the injection. Unlike younger kids who go through surgery at CURE Kenya, he was very cooperative which made it very easy for George. Daniel’s surgery went well and please pray with us for the recovery process! Photo of Daniel

Apr 29, 2019

This photo is Daniel. He’s got a precious smile and a shy personality. Even when we tried taking his photos earlier in the morning, his mom woke him up and we told him we’d take his photos ‘haraka’ which means fast in Swahili. He certainly held us to it - we only snagged about three photos before he was back in bed, resuming his sleeping position! Even when we wanted to take his photos at this time, he closed his eyes like he was sleeping. He’s gonna be a fun one to get to know this week! Photo of Daniel

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