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  • Age11
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Chelsea's Story

“I noticed (when she was) one and a half,” Evelyne told us of the condition of her ten-year-old daughter, Chelsea. And since then, Evelyne has been searching. For a hospital to help, for a solution, for a cure for her daughter. As far as hospit… Read more

“I noticed (when she was) one and a half,” Evelyne told us of the condition of her ten-year-old daughter, Chelsea. And since then, Evelyne has been searching. For a hospital to help, for a solution, for a cure for her daughter. As far as hospitals go, she’s been to five, not including CURE Kenya. As far as a solution goes, she’s been offered referrals to other hospitals, including CURE, a ‘boot’ that didn’t solve the problem, even surgery. And as far as a cure for her daughter, that’s where we’re at now.

“Long long long journey,” is how she put this search into words. We’re so grateful she didn’t give up on her daughter though. “But now — I hope… I thank God now because this time is a something. I won’t give up. I’m still going… This week, I make it.”

Evelyne’s search comes from her heart. “I love that girl. She’s beautiful. Jovial. (She’s a) clever girl.” And so now we ask you to pray for this mama and her beautiful, jovial, clever daughter. Pray that this search will come to an end this week. Pray that God will be glorified and known because of this search. And in the words of Evelyne, “Pray for success!”

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2019

“Me, I’m happy with how she’s doing,” Dr. Macharia said of Chelsea’s healing. This is good news coming from the mouth of a doctor! We’re glad for this and that the news continues to be good regarding her healing. We’ll catch her again in December! Photo of Chelsea

Aug 14, 2019

Chelsea found entertainment around CURE Kenya in the playroom even as she waited for news of her progress. The news is good. She’s healing well! We’ll see her again in a few weeks! Photo of Chelsea

Jul 10, 2019

Chelsea stopped by for her review today. She was looking so nice in her dress so we asked her if we could take a picture of her in it. She came for cast removal and wound check. When the cast was removed, we asked her mum what she was thinking. She said, “I am so happy because when we first came to CURE Kenya, I wasn’t very sure that there was much that could be done. But now I can see that she is different and is normal now.” We thank God for moments like these when hope is restored and people understand there is indeed a God who heals. Chelsea went in for some physical therapy and has been allowed to start putting weight on her leg. She is also supposed to do some exercises which she was shown today. We will see her for another check up in one month! Photo of Chelsea

May 24, 2019

Chelsea and storyteller Elvis said hi this morning and got to chat a bit. As we took photos, Elvis was the one making the silly face and Chelsea was the one acting like the adult. It didn’t take too long for her to also make silly faces with some encouragement. This maturity of Chelsea’s continued when it was time for her pins to be removed. There were five in all and that’s a lot. Even through her tears, she was still so kind and would say things like: “Wait a minute” or “Wait a little bit.” We may have even heard the words please and thank you from her lips! We’re happy her biggest hurdles are over and once she wears a walking cast for another six weeks, she should be good to go for physical therapy! Photo of Chelsea

Apr 15, 2019

All of Chelsea's hard work and Peter's encouragement paid off -- she got to go home! We'll catch her next month when she comes back for a checkup. Please keep her in your prayers!

Apr 12, 2019

We caught Chelsea practicing how to use her walker today. She seemed to be struggling a bit as it is a new thing to her. Guess who she got her encouragement from - Peter, our janitor! He kept telling her that she could do it, that she needed to push harder and what not to do to avoid falling. Peter explained to her that if she was able to successfully use her walker and later crutches, she would be allowed to go home. This helped Chelsea to push further and complete her session. Please thank God with us for Peter and for Chelsea’s progress so far! Photo of Chelsea

Apr 11, 2019

“God loves me and loves you too!” Need we say more? Chelsea knows that she’s loved and just in case you didn’t know -- you’re loved too! God has blessed Chelsea with the gift of showing God’s love through her art, and we hope she keeps doing it! We’re glad for crayons that keep her busy as she waits to go home in the next couple days. Photo of Chelsea

Apr 10, 2019

Chelsea was having a hard time because she was in some pain. She was required to do some walking exercises using her crutches but she couldn’t do it as she felt a bit numb. Her superhero was there by her side though! She told Chelsea many things to encourage her and when we asked what she was telling her daughter, Evelyne had this to say, “I remember one day Chelsea told me that in this life we have to persevere, so today when she needed to hear that, I reminded her of her own very wise words.” Mom’s are the best right? Please pray for Chelsea’s pain to subside and that Evelyne will have more strength to continue taking care of her. Photo of Chelsea

Apr 08, 2019

Evelyne’s searching has Lord-willing come to a very definite end. Yesterday, Chelsea had her surgery. Chelsea had surgery last year somewhere else and although they did some of the necessary surgery, they hadn’t completed a critical step. But thankfully, we’re here and the critical step has been done, so now we get to pray for that success that Chelsea’s mama asked us to pray for! Photo of Chelsea

Apr 08, 2019

“I trust,” Evelyne told us. “Who do you trust?” we asked. “I trust CURE.” And so here we are, getting to spend the week with Chelsea and her mama as we develop trust and as we allow God to heal Chelsea. Today our time together included a mini-dance party because Evelyne said Chelsea loves to dance! We’re excited for more dance parties this week, even if it’s bedside ones, and we’re also excited for the opportunity for Chelsea to have more dance parties once she’s well! Photo of Chelsea

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