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Carebu's Story

Shantar, Carebu’s mum, and her family fled her home country Congo, due to war. They have been living in Kenya for six years now. She is a small scale business woman trying to raise her eight children by selling material used to make clothes but t… Read more

Shantar, Carebu’s mum, and her family fled her home country Congo, due to war. They have been living in Kenya for six years now. She is a small scale business woman trying to raise her eight children by selling material used to make clothes but that has not been doing very well.

Carebu is a 1 year old boy who was born normal but when he started walking, the mum noticed that his legs were not straight. Shantar took him to hospital but was told that the correction couldn’t be done at that hospital. Mama Carebu became frustrated because she knew that she didn’t want her son to grow with this deformity. She looked for other solutions but none bore any fruit.

Shantar went back to the hospital she was in the first time to find out if the situation had changed or they still couldn’t operate on the child. That is where she heard about CURE Kenya. She had never heard about CURE before but she decided to take a leap of faith and travel to the hospital. “Now that I am here and having seen other kids some with even bigger problems, I believe that he’ll be well. I hope that he can stand well and walk well after surgery.” Shantar told us.

Please pray for Carebu’s surgery to be successful and that God will open doors for his mum to be able to provide for the family.

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Latest Updates

Jan 21, 2020

Carebu came back to CURE Kenya today accompanied by his mum and dad. They came because Carebu kept complaining that he was in a lot of pain and they could smell something fowl in his cast. When the doctors opened his cast, they thankfully didn't find anything wrong. They removed Carebu’s pins and the tiny wounds that had formed around the pins were cleaned. A new cast was put on his leg and he will stay with it for six weeks more when we will see him again to have it removed. His mum asked Regina, a clinical officer at CURE Kenya, what the x-ray showed. They were both pleased to learn that Carebu's bone has healed well and that he is okay! Photo of Carebu

Nov 29, 2019

On his last day at CURE Kenya, Carebu made a friend who is also leaving to go back to his home country. John was helping with some tech stuff, and today was his last day. It is very special how he connected with Carebu. He even gave him a gift before leaving. In this picture, Carebu was saying thank you. Carebu comes back to CURE Kenya in six weeks for a review. Photo of Carebu

Nov 28, 2019

“This one is very cheeky. At home, there is never a dull moment when Carebu is awake,” Mama Carebu told us. Carebu spreads a lot of cheer with his smile and upbeat character. We thank God for him. Carebu’s healing is on track, and he might be released to go home before the weekend. Photo of Carebu

Nov 27, 2019

Look at that smile! Nothing beats some sweet yogurt for breakfast, and it is evident on Carebu’s face how much joy it brings. It is always exciting to see our kids in a lively mood because it is an indication of a good recovery process. We thank God for the healing that Carebu is experiencing daily. Photo of Carebu

Nov 26, 2019

Carebu’s day after surgery had a little bit of crying and wanting his mom with him. This is mainly because he was in some pain and needed to be comforted through it. Please thank God for a successful procedure and pray for Mama Carebu as she takes care of her son. Photo of Carebu

Nov 25, 2019

He had a fun morning entertaining guys in the ward, and despite having to keep an empty tummy for the better part of the morning, he still had the energy to jump around and play with his balloon. We caught him in the waiting area before his trip to the operating room. The nurse was ready to receive him and was confirming things in his file. All the while, Carebu was just looking staring at the nurse as if to say, “Yes that’s the right leg, this other one is fine.” Please be praying for Carebu’s recovery. Photo of Carebu

Nov 22, 2019

Yesterday was play, today is sleep. Sweet Carebu is now having to wait until Monday for his surgery, so he snoozed and mama sat. Although it’s not ideal to have to wait, we pray they enjoy relaxing this weekend! Photo of Carebu

Nov 21, 2019

Carebu couldn’t wait to come to the playroom! He had been asking his mama about it because he really wanted to ride the cars. And once he arrived in the playroom, it was Peter to the rescue! Peter is one of our guards and he has a heart of gold, so he helped Carebu ride. Carebu will be going to surgery probably tomorrow which means hopefully lots of playroom action! Photo of Carebu

Nov 20, 2019

We'd like to say 'karibu' (welcome in Swahili) to Carebu! He’s here for his next surgery, but since he’s not going until tomorrow, he had time to drink chai with his Mom and Uncle Nehemiah today. Pray for Carebu’s continued healing! Photo of Carebu

Jun 11, 2019

Carebu came to the clinic all covered up because of the cold weather. Carebu unfortunately got into an accident in the house and was burned. He has some burns below his left arm and back. His mum however brought him to CURE Kenya today because his leg which had a plaster had started to produce a foul smell and she was concerned. The nurse who did the dressing change reassured Mama Carebu that the wound wasn't as bad as she thought and that she could take off the dressing in a few days. Carebu is healing nicely and is required to come back in two weeks for physical therapy. His burns are being cleaned at a local clinic back home.

May 08, 2019

At some point today we were walking down a corridor in our outpatient building at CURE Kenya. We heard a tiny person’s voice calling and saying, “Hey! take a photo of me!” It was Carebu! When we went down to his level to try take his picture, he closed his eyes. He and his mum are are here for review. So far Carebu is doing well, he needs to wear another cast for six weeks and we will see him when he comes for another review. Thank you for your support and prayers for him! Photo of Carebu

Mar 25, 2019

Wanna know something fun? Carebu has a brother with him in the hospital! His name is Mogisha and God allowed both of them to come to the hospital for their surgeries. As you can see, Mogisha has a silly side! We also learned that Carebu has a twin brother. We don’t know if he has a silly side or not, but maybe Mogisha can teach both twins how to be silly for photos! We’re thankful Carebu and Mogisha are feeling well enough to go home. Please pray that they both feel better and better until we see them again! Photo of Carebu

Mar 22, 2019

This cute little boy called Carebu went to the OR yesterday to have his right leg operated on. This means that he’ll come back for another operation on his left leg. Carebu loves his mother a lot and is very attached to her! He didn’t like that he had to be separated with her for a few hours when he was going into the OR. Our staff was kind in his anxious moment and his surgery was successful, there were no complications experienced. Please thank God with us for the doctors who did the surgery and the nurses who are taking care of Carebu and for his recovery! Photo of Carebu

Mar 21, 2019

Carebu saw Storyteller Elvis trying to get down to his height to take his picture and decided to do the same thing. Kids are just awesome like that! They want to be just like the people they look up to and it's amazing to watch. We are happy that Carebu is at CURE Kenya and we are excited about the transformation he is about to experience. Thank you for being a big part of that! Photo of Carebu

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