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CURE in Kenya

The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Brian. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Brian. When you give a gift through Brian's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Kenya. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Brian's Story

“He was walking very good,” Patrisio said of his son, Brian. But -- that was before he got sick in the first grade and subsequently received an injection that complicated Brian and his family’s lives a bit. After getting that injection, he st… Read more

“He was walking very good,” Patrisio said of his son, Brian. But -- that was before he got sick in the first grade and subsequently received an injection that complicated Brian and his family’s lives a bit. After getting that injection, he started having pain and walking differently than he used to. He was given meds for the pain and eventually shoes to wear, but even after two pairs of shoes, he still needs surgery.

Walking and running became more difficult for Brian because of his condition. Brian is ten years old, and walking and running are things a boy needs to be able to do. There’s a school to walk to and football to run in. And, when it gets cold outside, Brian experiences pain.

Thankfully though, God allowed CURE Kenya to come into the picture. Someone told Patrisio about us and he and Brian showed up at one of our mobile clinics. Patrisio was happy. He knew that his son was going to get assistance and now here he is to get that assistance! Will you pray for Brian, that this assistance will lead to an easier time walking to school and running in football? We serve a big Jesus. We know He can do all of this and more!

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Latest Updates

May 15, 2019

Brian’s unhindered life starts TODAY! After another once-white cast came off (one that had probably visited the farm like the last one), Brian visited the workshop where he received his special brace. NOW he can visit the farm unhindered and continue helping his family out. We’ll see him next in August and maybe hear some farm stories! Photo of Brian

Apr 03, 2019

See that cast on Brian’s foot? Though you can’t see it perfectly, that is a cast worn by a boy who still goes into the field to help his family on the farm. A big white thing attached to his foot doesn’t stop him from daily living! Brian is on his way to living life unhindered. Today, he was measured for a brace and given a new white cast. After another six weeks, he should be wearing that brace and able to help on the farm completely unhindered! Photo of Brian

Feb 11, 2019

Brian received his crutches today, but his sandal and toes were not cooperating, so it took a little extra time and Henry the plaster tech stood nearby, smiling. And then, he needed a different size of crutches. So we snagged his attention and shared his get wells. After reading them to him, he even took the time to read one for us - a nice big long one! Henry had come back by that time and we asked Brian if he wanted to say anything. “Thank you,” were the words from his mouth. Thank you friends. Brian is going home and will see us next on mobile clinic, but your sweet messages can send him home with a heart that is full! Photo of Brian

Feb 08, 2019

Today was cast change day which means fun! John the nurse anesthetist gave Brian some drugs to sedate him and help with pain and they made him goofy! He’d look at us and smile the sappiest smile. It was hilarious! John was telling Brian at some point that he needed to put his foot up once he returned to his bed to help with the swelling since it’s not completely gone yet. “Two pillows,” he told him. We hadn’t talked much to Brian in English before, but the drugs must have helped his English come more fluently. We’d point somewhere on his face or body and he’d tell us in English, “Nose -- eyes -- teeth...” Now that Brian has been re-casted, it shouldn’t be but a day or two before he goes home -- nose, eyes, teeth and all! Photo of Brian

Feb 07, 2019

It’s not so uncommon to have to split a patient’s cast post-theatre-visit, often due to swelling, and today it was Brian’s turn. He’d had some bleeding, so it made the cast splitting a bit more of a long process that required Brian to make various faces, but thankfully, those faces included smiling when the camera was pointed in Brian’s direction! And the good news is twofold for Brian - the cast is now split AND tomorrow Brian should be getting a new cast! Photo of Brian

Feb 05, 2019

For our patients, prayer happens before being taken for surgery in the waiting bay. It happens before the surgeon makes the first cut in theatre. And yesterday, it happened even before Brian was taken back to the waiting bay! Pastor Phoebe took the time with Brian and his dad to chat and pray with them. She also got to chat with Brian’s dad later. “He doesn’t have words to express his gratitude!” Phoebe told us something like this after she chatted with him. He’s grateful, very grateful. And yesterday, he got saved and is desiring to know more about how to walk with God! Phoebe will chat with him soon about this. Our God is a good God and is healing Brian and his dad. Now it’s our turn to not have enough words to express our gratefulness! Photo of Brian

Feb 05, 2019

Doctors are incredible. One of the first things they did during Brian’s surgery today was to poke holes in his ankle to lengthen his tendon. They have to feel for the tendon and then cut it properly so that it doesn’t actually break but instead gets lengthened. After this, they open up his ankle in another location and proceed with the surgery. But even just this tiny bit of the surgery is amazing because it plays a part and with just a few pokes, Brian gets a little closer to being healed! Who knew a poke could be so effective? Photo of Brian

Feb 04, 2019

This is Brian. And Patrisio. And the kind mama with the sweet kiddo who helped us understand Brian’s story better by acting as our translator. Every person in this photo is unique and plays a beautiful role in God’s plan. Brian, because he’s about to be healed to the glory of God. Patrisio, because he pursued medical treatment for his son. The lady and her child because they have the same story as Brian and Patrisio. Not that they’re identical stories, but they are both stories of hope, of fighting for the good, and of miracles that are about to happen. Photo of Brian

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