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Peter's Story

“I didn’t have the ability financially to take my child to any hospital because everywhere we went meant he was going to need surgery.” Mama Peter told us.

Meet Peter! This boy has so much joy and energy. Peter is 10 years old from a… Read more

“I didn’t have the ability financially to take my child to any hospital because everywhere we went meant he was going to need surgery.” Mama Peter told us.

Meet Peter! This boy has so much joy and energy. Peter is 10 years old from a family of three. His siblings are twins and his mum says they really enjoy each others company. Peter was born normal but seven months later the mum noticed some kind of deformity in his legs. He was developing bow legs.

When Joyce, Peter’s mum went to hospital the first time, she was told that her child would grow and this problem would go away as he grew older. She went back home and kept observing her son. Nothing seemed to be changing. In fact, Peter was getting worse as he grew.

A few years later, Joyce went to hospital and surgery was mentioned as an option. She turned her face away when she heard the amount it was going to cost to have her son operated on. At this point, Peter had learned how to walk and was already enrolled in school. The last hospital Joyce took Peter was where she heard about CURE Kenya.

Joyce brought Peter to a mobile clinic first where they were seen by a doctor. She was encouraged to do all she could to make sure her son could get surgery. Joyce took a leap of faith and asked a few of her family and friends to help her because she could not raise the hospital bill on her own.

Peter is really a smart boy who enjoys smiling a lot and playing with everyone who comes his way. Please pray for him as he goes through surgery at CURE Kenya. “I really pray that he will be healed when he is done with treatment.” Joyce told us.

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Latest Updates

Oct 30, 2019

Dr. Mbonisi requested an x-ray for Peter after he had his cast removed today. The x-ray gave us good news: he’s healing! Peter’s legs may need surgery again in the future to achieve even more correction, but for now, we’ll let him grow and see him in a few months. Lord-willing, his legs will grow well and he won’t even need another surgery. Pray for Peter and his legs! Photo of Peter

Sep 18, 2019

Poor Peter has a bit of a cough. Thankfully, although colds are obnoxious, they don’t halt healing completely. Peter still had his pins removed, a new cast placed, and he’ll come back in six weeks when he should have his cast removed for good! We’re trusting that when we see him next, he’ll be cough and cold free! Photo of Peter

Aug 08, 2019

This morning, Peter went in search of something from the playroom and instead found one of our OR nurses, Gladys, who brought him to chapel. In chapel, he saw ‘radios’ which were probably actually microphones. After chapel, he finally found himself in the playroom and continued his bike cruising. We’re so glad that his last day at CURE Kenya has been full of adventure. We’ll see him next month for more adventure! Photo of Peter

Aug 07, 2019

“Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.” We may be quoting fictitious penguins from the movie Madagascar, but a similar concept can apply to Peter. His secret smile came out today as he played on a bike in the playroom. We’re thankful he’s well enough to cruise around on crutches and bikes. At this rate, he’ll be going home in the next couple of days. Now THAT is something to smile and wave (goodbye) about! Photo of Peter

Aug 06, 2019

Remember Peter’s secret smile? Well, yesterday as he waited for his surgery it definitely was a secret since he gave us his serious face. Thankfully, serious face or secret smile, Peter had his second surgery and he’s now recovering with that very serious part of his life behind him. Here’s to more secret smiles shining through over the next days and weeks! Photo of Peter

Aug 05, 2019

Peter’s smile is a secret sometimes. Soon we’ll share a photo that explains this perfectly. But for today… Since he’s here for his next surgery, we took him outside for some photos and when we did this, we got ourselves a few of those secret smiles! We know that there will be more secret smiles to come as Peter continues healing and as life and walking become easier! Photo of Peter

May 08, 2019

We love Peter’s hat and sweater a lot! It is the cold season here and it is raining a lot and Peter’s mum understands the need to keep her son warm. When we saw Peter this morning, he made a very cheeky face that made us laugh. His mum was holding him on her lap. “Can I please get another doll, like the one you gave me a while back?” Peter asked Storyteller Elvis. We promised to give him another doll if he brings his sister to CURE the next time he comes to clinic for review. Peter needs a repeat surgery for his left leg. His x-ray shows some form of deformity that needs to be corrected through surgery. Please pray for Peter and his mum! Photo of Peter

Apr 10, 2019

When people say ‘Love lives here’ on social media, do they mean the kind of love everyone at CURE Kenya has for this tiny guy called Peter? He came today for a review during clinic. He got his cast removed and even before he got to the consultation room, the doctor observed him walking and could tell that he was healed. In a few weeks we will see Peter again and this time he might be coming for booking of another surgery for his other leg! Photo of Peter

Feb 21, 2019

We were so happy to see Peter during clinic this week. It was time for his tiny pins to be removed and a new cast put on his leg for him to continue with the correction. It was a hard time for him as he saw the procedure, but he is a strong man and was able to get through it. Please pray for the rest of his correction process. Photo of Peter

Jan 11, 2019

There was sunshine to be enjoyed this morning, so Peter and his mom were doing just that! While they were outside, an issue had to be addressed about his cast and they’ll probably need to fix it. Our dear smile machine is also an active machine and when you’re used to stepping on your foot, it’s hard to adjust to not doing so even when it’s in a big clunky cast. Thankfully, Pastor Phoebe came to the rescue and offered a welcome distraction from his cast issues by taking him to the playroom. He’ll be leaving hopefully today, so this is one of his last chances! Please pray for his cast to stay intact over the next few weeks until he comes back! Photo of Peter

Jan 10, 2019

“This place is really nice, it amazes me!” Peter thought out loud this morning as he was enjoying his cup of tea. This thought might have been brought by the fact that he was given two toy cars by Pastor Emmy from the playroom and that everyone here is kind to him. Peter is recovering well and we enjoy seeing him play in the ward and just crack people up with his cute statements! Please thank God with us for the progress we are already witnessing! Photo of Peter

Jan 09, 2019

“I want the car (wheelchair) I want to move around a bit.” Peter told our Storyteller Elvis. Isn’t it just awesome that our super fun boy aka smile machine is back up and cheerful as ever? When we saw him this morning it was almost unbelievable considering he didn’t leave his bed yesterday. He was even playing with his balloons and asking for a wheelchair to make his moving around easy. We promised to bring him a wheelchair after he had taken breakfast and rested a bit. We thank God for Peter and the progress he is making! Photo of Peter

Jan 08, 2019

Peter is a charmer! People fall in love with him everywhere he goes in the hospital. People fall in love with his smile. Yesterday, he went to theatre for his surgery but before he was put to sleep, the nurse anesthetist had a chat with him to explain what he wanted to do. Peter kept asking questions about the equipment in theatre and even cracked jokes about them. The operation went well and his transformation journey has started! Peter is in some pain today and we are praying for him to be able to shake it off and smile again. Please join us! Photo of Peter

Jan 07, 2019

“Do you know that your friend’s name is the same as yours?” we asked tiny Peter about Peter, CURE Kenya's guard. We didn’t really get a response to this question but when we asked them to take a picture together both of them were really happy to do it. Tiny Peter had some fun riding in a wheelchair while being pushed by Peter the guard. Tiny Peter loves smiling and is generally a very happy kiddo! We can bet that everyone he has met has smiled back because he is just too irresistible. “I wonder why people like him that much, even at home people enjoy his company a lot!” Joyce told us. Please pray with us for Peter’s surgery! Photo of Peter

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