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Morgan's Story

“My boy was born normal but he got an injection when he was little that changed things.” Diana, Morgan’s mum said.

Morgan is the last born in family of four. He was born normal but at some point he needed a shot. We asked the mum wha… Read more

“My boy was born normal but he got an injection when he was little that changed things.” Diana, Morgan’s mum said.

Morgan is the last born in family of four. He was born normal but at some point he needed a shot. We asked the mum what this was for but she couldn’t remember. The aftermath was that his leg became deformed and he started walking on his toe. This only affected his left leg.

This problem bothered Diana a lot so she decided to seek medical intervention. Her son was only put through physiotherapy sessions hoping it would correct his leg. After a while, Diana noticed that there was no change at all. She gave up on physiotherapy and decided to stay at home with her son.

Morgan goes to school but he struggles to walk long distances and play with his friends. His mum heard about CURE Kenya through a friend who told her there was going to be a mobile clinic camp in their town. She decided to take her son and was told that the way to correct this would be through surgery.

“I want to be a pilot when I grow up.” Morgan told us. Please dear friends, pray for Morgan’s operation and for his dream to be a pilot to be realized!

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Latest Updates

Apr 24, 2019

The wait was on today! Morgan and his mom sat in our workshop. They were the ones doing the waiting. TIA, you could say. Why TIA? Because ‘this is Africa’ and our power had gone out. Morgan and his mom were waiting to receive Morgan’s orthotic. Problem was, the work being done on it was in the workshop and then oops! Gone went the power. But hakuna matata -- ‘no problem’ -- because the power came back on and Morgan got to leave with his new orthotic. We’ll catch him next in July on clinic! Photo of Morgan

Mar 13, 2019

Morgan and his mum travelled for close to five hours to come for a review during today’s general orthopedics clinic! We were excited to see our pilot friend and more so to hear about all the progress he has made. Today, Morgan had his pins taken out and measurements for his orthotic taken. His healing process is going on as expected and we thank God for being so gracious to Morgan. Our Captain also met Peter the guard and made a new friend today! Photo of Morgan

Feb 07, 2019

Remember Morgan and our John 3:16 verse from last week? Although he already went home over the weekend, we found out from one of our pastors this week that he asked Jesus to become his Savior during his time in the hospital last week! John 3:16 takes on a whole new meaning in light of salvation! He's been given a Bible and we really hope he starts to read it and that even more verses take on a whole new meaning to him! Thanks for praying for our boy's heart!

Feb 01, 2019

It was exciting for Morgan and his mum to see their photos on our website as well as some familiar faces in the ward! We also delivered Morgan’s get well message and he was really happy to read it. Friends, you can send get well messages to Morgan and other kids in all our CURE hospitals! These messages help our kids and parents feel loved and cared for because they realize that people are following their stories and praying for them! Photo of Morgan

Jan 31, 2019

“Do you know any memory verses from Sunday school? And if yes, please recite it for us,” we asked the Captain. “Yes I do! John 11:35 - Jesus wept!” he responded. We made a joke about him knowing the shortest Bible verse and we also taught him a new one - John 3:16! His mum promised to help him recite it until it is one of the verses he has off the top of his head. Morgan is doing okay and is waiting for his turn with the physiotherapists. Pray that John 3:16 will be written on Morgan's heart! Photo of Morgan

Jan 30, 2019

Captain Morgan had a good night's sleep and was still resting this morning when we saw him. We asked him if he was in any pain and he told us that he had received some medicine to help with the pain. Cpt. Morgan’s leg will be observed for the rest of the week and hopefully he will be allowed to go home when the doctors are certain that he is okay to go! Photo of Morgan

Jan 29, 2019

Our pilot successfully landed in the OR today for his surgery today. The doctor prayed that the procedure would be successful and that there would be no hiccups along the way. After an hour and a half, Morgan’s case was already done. We thank God that his case went well and we ask that you would pray that his recovery will be smooth! Photo of Morgan

Jan 28, 2019

Morgan really admires planes and when he grows up he wants to be a pilot! As we were chatting and taking pictures along one of the corridors we asked Morgan why he had so much interest in planes. He told us that he enjoyed seeing them in the air higher than anything else. We pray that his dreams come true and even more we ask God to make his procedure a success! Photo of Morgan

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