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  • Age7
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Currently In Hospital

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Jans's Story

“When he goes out to play, some kids ask him about his walking style which offends him so bad that he comes back to the house and goes to bed,” Mama Jans told us.

Jans was born a normal child six and a half years ago. When he turned tw… Read more

“When he goes out to play, some kids ask him about his walking style which offends him so bad that he comes back to the house and goes to bed,” Mama Jans told us.

Jans was born a normal child six and a half years ago. When he turned two, his mum noticed he had bowed legs when someone pointed out that her son didn’t walk like other kids. Rosefaith, Jans’ mum, took her son to a hospital near home and they were told that this was something normal and that he’d outgrow it.

A few months later, nothing seemed to change. In fact, Jans’ problem got worse. But due to financial constraints, Rosefaith was not able to pay for all the things that needed to be done to take care of this problem. At this point she was a single mum. She met someone a few years later but he did not seem to love Jans as much as he should in Rosefaith’s opinion. This was enough for her to leave.

Rosefaith told us that at some point, Jans used to ask why his legs were different from other kids’ and all she could do was try to reassure him that he was okay and that soon he would understand what was happening. Rosefaith’s neighbor had been to CURE Kenya before and her son got healed and his life transformed. She is the one who told Mama Jans about CURE Kenya. Rosefaith took a leap of faith and brought her son to CURE Kenya. They are here now expecting to have surgery.

“I hope that his disability will be corrected and that he can walk longer and play with his friends without fear of judgement,” Rosefaith told us when we asked about her expectations.

Thank you for both your prayers and support toward Jans healing!

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Latest Updates


“Who is that saying my name?” Jans asked after Storyteller Elvis called his name out while wearing a face mask in the operating room. Jans had just gotten to the OR and was a bit intimidated by all the new faces around him. When he saw Storyteller Elvis, he seemed to relax a bit. It took awhile for the nurse anesthetist to administer a nerve block but the surgery kicked off soon after she was able to do it. Please pray that Jans’ transformation for this leg will be as good as his other leg! Photo of Jans


When we asked Ted the x-ray tech about Jans, he told us that Jans has been his patient before. When we asked him to tells us about Jans, he told us, “He’s a good guy, as you can tell. Very calm.” And -- this good and calm guy is BACK for another surgery. We’re so happy because he and his mom have been waiting to come. Thank Jesus with us for this! Photo of Jans

Mar 06, 2019

Jans came to CURE Kenya for a check up accompanied by his mum. “Jans is awesome! He has been so brave since we started the correction journey and I thank God for that,” Mama Jans told us. Jans started putting pressure on his leg and seems to be comfortable walking. Today’s clinic visit was to hear what the doctor thinks about doing the other surgery so that Jans can be completely transformed. The doctor gave the go ahead and now Mama Jans needs to book an appointment so Jans can get the other surgery done! Photo of Jans

Feb 28, 2019

This smile from Jans is brought to you by a conversation we had about Elvis -- one of our Storytellers. He was wondering where Elvis was because, you see, the two of them know each other. We’re so sorry Elvis wasn’t around to say hi to his buddy Jans, but we’re grateful that they know each other! Aside from talking about Elvis, Jans also got to see the physio and he got good news - he should be okay for his next surgery! But - he’ll come next week to see what the doctor says. And the other good news is that he’ll hopefully get to see his buddy, Elvis, too! Photo of Jans

Feb 13, 2019

Jans was not feeling it today. His smiles were rather non-existent. His heart-rate was up a bit when the nurses checked him. “He doesn’t like hospitals,” the doctor said when he checked Jans during his appointment. Even during Jans occupational therapy appointment, he wasn’t wanting to let the OT work with his leg. But, when Dr. Fasto came in to check on things around the time the doctor checked Jans heart-rate, Jans showed us his skills - he can move his leg! And he will continue doing so at home with mom and when he comes back in a couple weeks for a PT appointment, he’ll hopefully try moving those legs while walking! Photo of Jans

Jan 17, 2019

We were in theatre when we were surprised to find Jans in recovery! What we thought was yesterday’s procedure was apparently today’s. Thankfully, it’s not a procedure that requires a long stay in hospital. Nope, in fact, Jans came from his procedure, was taken good care of by Sam the nurse in recovery, returned to his bed, ate some grub, and got discharged at some point after! He’ll come back in a couple of weeks and we’ll see how he’s fairing. Please pray that he’ll be fairing very well! Photo of Jans

Jan 16, 2019

“A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.” (Proverb) Balloons can bring joy because they have the potential to light up the faces of the children that receive them, and the children that receive them can bring joy because their lit up faces are in turn shared with others! Jans' joy will hopefully increase even more now that he’s gone to theatre to have his pins removed. If all goes well, he’ll head home today and we’ll catch him again next time. Please pray that his joy won’t be stolen by any momentary pain he might be experiencing! Photo of Jans

Dec 07, 2018

Everyday that Jans is in the ward at CURE Kenya he experiences something that just shows him how the love of God is great and it is there for him too! Yesterday, Pastor Emmy gave him a new t-shirt, toothpaste and a toothbrush. He was so excited about this! His afternoon was a bit sad because he kept feeling waves of heat and itchiness and pain but this tiny act of kindness was able to distract him for the rest of the evening. Jans isn’t the only one experiencing the love of God. Rosefaith is also amazed at how God is shining His light in their lives. She is a Christian but due to life struggles, she has not been able to worship God as she wants to. Her time at CURE Kenya has helped her because of the devotions and how everyone shares the love of God with them. Friends, please pray that God will continue to help Jans’ mum to rediscover her relationship with God and hold on to her faith. Photo of Jans

Dec 06, 2018

“I remember you held my hands in theatre!” Jans said to Storyteller Elvis. Jans struggled a bit before he was put to sleep but Elvis was there to encourage him and just help him relax. Today, Jans was all smiley and happy in the ward when we saw him. Most of his pain was gone and he even cracked a joke about how he was made to sniff a sweet smelling gas in theatre but couldn’t remember anything after that. Wanna guess why? Later, Vamo a physiotherapy intern at CURE Kenya was able to examine Jans to see if he was able to start his walking exercises. Jans complained of a bit of pain and said he didn’t want to do it at that time. Friends, please continue praying for this sweet boy! Photo of Jans

Dec 05, 2018

As we said 'hi' to Jans, he remained serious. We asked him where his words were but there simply weren’t any. He’s having some pain today and not even showing him his own photo brought a smile to his face. Tears soon followed and his mom took time to hug him and comfort him. We know very soon, he will be back to himself, but sometimes one just has to struggle and cry it out first. Please pray that his pain will soon vanish so that he can go back to being Jans! Photo of Jans

Dec 04, 2018

Jans is a very courageous boy. Today in the operating room, before he was put to sleep by the nurse anesthetist, everyone there thought he would fight and cry a lot. To everyone’s surprise, he was very calm and he allowed the anesthetist to go on with his work. His procedure didn’t take very long and was successful. Dear friends, Jans now needs your support in prayer. Please pray for his smooth recovery! Photo of Jans

Dec 03, 2018

Today Jans spent most of his time in the playroom making friends and learning new things through Pastor Emmy, our playroom in charge. He did this as he waited for his turn to go to theatre for one of his operations. We will let you know all about his operation tomorrow, please be praying for Jans! Photo of Jans

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