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  • Age7
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment 11/10/2019

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Stephanie's Story

“We started noticing when she was about two,” Regina explained of her daughter Stephanie’s condition. They took her to see a doctor, but when they did, the doctor checked her out and thought she was okay. Sometimes children with legs like Ste… Read more

“We started noticing when she was about two,” Regina explained of her daughter Stephanie’s condition. They took her to see a doctor, but when they did, the doctor checked her out and thought she was okay. Sometimes children with legs like Stephanie’s just grow out of it, but for sweet Stephanie, this was not the case. When she was four, her parents noticed again how one of her legs looked bent, and they did some hospital shopping. From the way Regina explained it, they discovered CURE Kenya by ‘sharing ideas with friends.’ They know someone whose child was treated at CURE Kenya. We love how God connects people to us, whether it’s through success stories, the radio, or mobile clinics!

We met Stephanie just a few days before she’s to come for surgery. She didn’t just come with her mama, but with mama, dad, and her big sister, Natalie. The only person who didn’t come along was her big brother. When we asked Regina what her favorite thing about Stephanie is, she hesitated and her husband answered for her, “Like everything -- what do you say?” and around that time Regina commented, “She’s awesome, she’s everything!”

“She’s six, but up here,” Regina pointed to her head, “She’s sixteen or ten!” Stephanie’s smart and she asks hard questions. She loves going to school. Right now, she’s on a holiday from school. “Whenever we drive along the school road, she says, “Hi school, I miss you!’” Regina told us. When she’s in school, her favorite things to do aside from playing are math and CRE (Christian Readers Education).

We’re happy that this precious girl is coming to CURE Kenya when she is because it’ll allow her some time to heal before school starts again! Please pray that she’ll heal quick so she can go back to the school she loves!

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Latest Updates

Oct 02, 2019

Steph and her parents came back again to see the doctor, and we have good news: she can come for her next surgery! We’ll wait a few weeks until she’s on a long holiday from school, and then we’ll be seeing her around in the ward when she comes for surgery! Photo of Stephanie

Apr 03, 2019

Stephanie and her sister came to our clinic today. Why wouldn’t they come together? It is holiday time so schools are closed for a few weeks and they love each others company! Stephanie is completely healed and is ready to have her left leg operated on. Her parents, however, want her to wait until the longer school holidays in December to have surgery This way she won't have to miss any school. We are thanking God for healing Stephanie and we would love to invite you to thank God with us! Photo of Stephanie

Feb 21, 2019

Stephanie and her parents came to CURE Kenya to have her cast removed and a review of her leg done. Stephanie’s x-ray indicated that she is doing well and her leg is properly healed. The doctor who reviewed the x-ray suggested that Stephanie be taken through physical therapy exercises to strengthen her leg and to allow her to put some weight on it. Stephanie’s parents were also shown what to do while at home to help their daughter recover completely! Photo of Stephanie

Jan 16, 2019

Stephanie’s cast was not behaving very well and it had moved, so back again to the hospital they came this week. She got a new one and now let’s pray that this one will stay perfectly in place until just the right time for it to come off! The good news is that Stephanie and her family got to see their friend Chege -- our social worker and the person who introduced us to Stephanie even before she arrived in the hospital for her surgery. We’ll catch Stephanie again in just a few weeks! Photo of Stephanie

Jan 09, 2019

“It’s okay baby, mama’s here… don’t worry!” These were the words out of the mouths of Stephanie’s parents as they walked her through the cast and pin removal process. She covered her face for the cast removal and her mom stood by her as her pins were taken out. Stephanie was such a trooper! And she’s got such a loving and dedicated family -- her sister even wanted to come to be with Stephanie today, but her mom told her, “Teacher’s waiting for you!” so she went to school. When Stephanie comes back in a few weeks to have her next cast removed, maybe her sister will be able to come with her then! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 16, 2018

"I miss home, I miss my friends. Actually when I get home I will invite all of them to come and see me and make them understand why I will not be visiting them," Stephanie informed us. She had a wonderful night and the nausea ended yesterday evening! Thank you for praying for that! Alice, one of our physiotherapists, took her through the corridors using a walker as her Dad and Mom watched her every move and step. She is up and ready to get back home! She was discharged today and will return in January, please continue praying for our smart girl! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 15, 2018

Stephanie woke up feeling a bit nauseated today. She was given something to help her with the nausea and her mum was asked to give her a lot of water. The nausea hasn’t completely gone away, but our smart friend is focusing on other things like cartoons and getting some sleep. Steph will be taken through how to use crutches today and tomorrow. Would you please pray that her nausea goes away and that she is able to eat some food? Thank you so much for being with Stephanie throughout her treatment journey! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 14, 2018

“We had a very good night! Her response to the procedure was just awesome,” Regina told us when we asked about Stephanie. Our smart girl did not cry at night and when she woke up in the morning she had lots of breakfast. We delivered a get well message to Steph and she was so excited to see that there are friends all over the world reading her story and praying with her! Steph needs to stay at CURE Kenya for a few days as she is being monitored by the doctors and physiotherapists. We hope to have more fun with her while she is here! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 13, 2018

Yesterday we asked Stephanie if she was ready to go to theatre. Her mum quickly gave us a wink to mean Stephanie wasn’t ready to talk about it. “I told her that the doctor was going to come and put a plaster on her leg and that's it!” Regina, Steph’s mum, told us. Steph’s procedure went well, it took a while but was ultimately successful. Pray with us for healing for our smart girl! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 12, 2018

“Stephanie, do you know who God is?” we asked our new friend. “Yes I do!” Stephanie replied very confidently. We went ahead and asked her what her favorite Bible verse is so she recited Ephesians 6:1-4. We couldn’t hide our excitement when she was done. Stephanie is such a brilliant girl and it is amazing to see that her parents are bringing her up in the way of the Lord. We showed Stephanie what our website looks like as she waited to go in to theatre for surgery and she got glued. “She loves reading a lot!” her mum told us. Dear friends, please pray that her procedure goes well and that she comes out transformed! Photo of Stephanie

Nov 07, 2018

“What makes you happy?” we asked Stephanie and she took some time to think about it. We even gave her some suggestions. Finally she told us, “Mom and Dad.” When we asked why, she hesitated and her mom asked her, “Don’t you think it’s the love that mommy and daddy give you? Or something else?” Stephanie was probably feeling shy and didn’t answer much, but we think it is because of the love she’s shown! Clearly there’s a lot of love going around this sweet family and when they come to CURE Kenya on Sunday, we look forward to seeing even more love! Photo of Stephanie

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