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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Pamela's Story

Meet this cute girl called Pamela. She is the second born in a family of two and has an older brother. Pamela is in school and is going into the first grade soon.

One day, at the age of three, Pamela was left alone in the house as her mum … Read more

Meet this cute girl called Pamela. She is the second born in a family of two and has an older brother. Pamela is in school and is going into the first grade soon.

One day, at the age of three, Pamela was left alone in the house as her mum went to harvest maize in the farm. Before her mum left, she made sure she had boiled milk and left it to cool. A few minutes later she heard her daughter crying. When she went back to the house, she found her little girl on the floor with her left hand extremely burnt. Pamela had tried to touch the sufuria (kettle) of hot milk.

“My wife ran away with our daughter when she had her accident because she thought I would beat her up,” Michael, Pamela’s dad, told us. Mama Pamela instinctively thought she should ran away because she feared that if her husband came back home from work, he would beat her for letting this happen to his daughter. She later called Michael to let him know what had happened and where they were hiding, so he traveled home to help. Michael didn’t beat his wife up. Instead, he found a solution for the problem and now he hopes his daughter can be treated, and that she’ll be able to use both her hands.

Pamela was initially taken to a dispensary and her wounds were cleaned and wrapped nicely to avoid infections. However, after the wounds were healed, she had burn contractures, which is why she is at CURE Kenya. Mama Pamela is currently sick and is losing her eyesight. This means that Michael needs to provide everything for his family and it can be very stressing. Please pray that God is able to provide for Michael’s needs as well as his family’s. Please also pray for Pamela’s procedure.

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Latest Updates

Mar 27, 2019

Some days are not as good as others and today was one of those rough days for Pamela. She came in the morning with her father, but she seemed a bit under the weather and irritable. We tried to find out what was wrong, but we could not do much as she was quite irritable. Pastor Phoebe prayed for her to feel better and then she went to see the doctor. She was asked to have the physical therapist see her and help her do some stretching exercises. We will see her again soon and we pray that she will be more jovial then. Photo of Pamela

Feb 15, 2019

This serious looking lady is very responsible. In this picture, she was tiding up her stuff getting ready to go home. Pamela has really become part of the CURE Kenya family and it is amazing to see her walk around saying hi to everyone she knows. Please pray for safe travels as Pamela and her dad go back home. Photo of Pamela

Feb 14, 2019

“...and the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13) Can you feel the love today? We certainly hope so, just like Storyteller Elvis and Pamela do! Hug somebody, smile at them, and continually remind them that they are deeply loved by many, especially Jesus! You can pray that Pamela continues to learn about Jesus’ love more and more each day, whether she’s hanging out with us at CURE Kenya or at home feeling the love of her mom and dad! Photo of Pamela

Feb 13, 2019

Pamela was coloring flowers in the playroom today. We asked her questions like ‘do you like flowers’ and at some point, she just smiled her cute and silly smile. Life to Pamela is full of color and flowers and if given the opportunity, she might spend her days in a field chasing butterflies. Although her days spent at CURE Kenya have been many, we’re working hard to get her healed in order to allow her to spend her days in that field of butterflies! Photo of Pamela

Feb 12, 2019

Alice the OT was playing with Pamela when Pamela’s balloon started misbehaving. You know balloons, they just kind of go wherever the air takes them! And today the air outside was moving! The balloon went here, and there, and even required Hazel the PT to chase it down. Thankfully, it was rescued and we’re hoping that it made it safely back inside with Pamela! Pamela will continue doing her balloon playing and PT and go home in a few days! Photo of Pamela

Feb 11, 2019

“She’s doing good, she’s just scared,” Hazel told us of Pamela’s physio. She’s back again this time for only a few days (hopefully). She’ll continue doing rehab on her hand, much like she did today and hopefully with time, she’ll see that physio isn’t so scary and that it’s actually helping her! Photo of Pamela

Jan 30, 2019

We were surprised to find our very familiar friend at clinic today! She came, she cried, she had her splint removed (and another put on), and she discovered good news - her hand is doing well! This means that she’ll be coming to CURE Kenya in a couple weeks like she did before so she can work on exercising her healed fingers. Please pray for her as she prepares to do this! Photo of Pamela

Jan 25, 2019

“Ruka, ruka, ruka!” we told Pamela, and so she jump, jump, jumped on one foot! Ruka is the Swahili word for jump, and Pamela sure did! “She loves having fun,” someone said of Pamela today and it’s true! She is energy, she is smiles, she is wiggles. And -- she’s a beautiful little lady who is made in the image of God to be exactly who He created her to be. And now -- she can take all that beauty, energy and her smiles and wiggles home with her because the day finally came for her and her dad to leave! Pray for their travels and Pamela’s healing -- we’ll catch them again next month! Photo of Pamela

Jan 24, 2019

Today is Compliments Day! We're thankful for hearts around the world who send love to our kiddos -- including the heart of a girl named Maddie in America who took the time to put together care packages and send them to Kenya to share with kiddos like Pamela! She seems thankful too! She was playing with her toys yesterday and today, she went to theatre and we found her sleeping in her bed afterwards. Good thing is -- today or tomorrow, she and her dad will be going home. Now THAT is another thing to be thankful for! So on top of compliments to Maddie, let’s send compliments to God in the form of thanks on this day that’s especially for compliments! Photo of Pamela

Jan 23, 2019

Yesterday, Pamela and her dad not only received good news regarding her healing, but also good news in the form of get well messages! You guys showered her with beautiful messages. Thank you. “He got everything and he really appreciates,” Ted the X-ray tech told us. He helped give the messages to Pamela’s dad in Swahili. Now that Pamela and her dad are filled up with so much good news, we’re hoping it boosts their spirits for a couple more days as they wait for another dressing change tomorrow. Photo of Pamela

Jan 22, 2019

“She’s happy about the sweet,” one of our nurses commented after we saw Pamela going to the playroom, candy in hand (or mouth). Our girl had already gone to theatre and had come back. We heard good news from a nurse regarding her healing too, so Lord-willing, after Pamela’s sweet eating and day playing, she and her dad will start their multi-vehicle journey back home! Photo of Pamela

Jan 21, 2019

“Had life not given me reasons to grieve, I would never have known the healing power of a hug.” (Richelle E. Goodrich) From receiving intense burns when she was younger to having her mother lose her vision, Pamela has had her share of difficulties. Thankfully, there are hugs to help heal. And hugs come in various forms. They may be physical, like the ones Pamela received from Mary the guard this morning. But hugs can come in other ways too -- like the way God has been giving Pamela ‘surgical hugs’ -- sending His deep love in the form of healing operations. Although these aren’t physical hugs, so much transformation comes from them. Today is National Hugging Day. Who will you hug and help bring God’s healing to? Photo of Pamela

Jan 18, 2019

“One…. two… three” we counted all the way up to five with Pamela’s dad. That’s all the different vehicles they’ll need to take before reaching home. And there may even be a motorbike or two on top of that number that they’ll need to take! Their home is probably at least a seven hour trip from here, so as soon as Pamela is free to go hopefully early next week, they’ll embark on their long journey back on public transport. Thankfully, between now and then, our morning sunshine is providing them with joyful rays to soak up, and Pamela’s dad is being so patient and Pamela, so energetic! Please pray for smooth traveling from here on out -- both for Pamela’s healing and their actual road journey back home! Photo of Pamela

Jan 17, 2019

“What I love about Pamela, she’s a girl who’s very social and very open,” Pastor Emmy said. “If she has a need, she’ll tell you!” Pamela spends her days in the playroom when she’s able which gives Emmy time with Pamela. Pamela’s a bit young for deep conversations, but she’s still in an environment where there’s joy and love and Jesus abounding. Please pray that as she spends her last few days here before her wound check and hopeful home-going, she’ll absorb as much of that as she can! Photo of Pamela

Jan 16, 2019

Sometimes when we see Pamela, she puts her hand out. In Kenya, greeting by high-five and handshake is one of the best ways to greet, so maybe this is just her way of getting prepared or showing us ‘I want you to greet me!’ We greet her and show her photos on our camera. Oh -- and she’s a wiggler. Sometimes trying to take a clear photo of her is something else because she’s always moving! She’s been in our hospital for over a week now and thankfully, she’s back on her way to being sorted with her hand after it was discovered that she’d need more skin grafting. Today she took another trip to theatre and now we’ll wait a few more days to ensure that she’s okay! Photo of Pamela

Jan 15, 2019

The playroom is a saving grace for our kiddos in more than one way! It’s a place to play, a place of distraction, a place where the gospel is shared. For Pamela, she’s waiting for her new skin graft to happen later in the week, so it’s definitely a place to play and a place of distraction. Please pray that as she experiences both of these in the playroom, she’ll also experience the gospel in a special way! Photo of Pamela

Jan 14, 2019

We kept seeing Pamela today - before her trip to theatre to sort out her wound, after surgery when she was feeling off and a bit hungry, and even in the playroom amidst other playing kiddos as she was driving her ‘car’ and making car noises. She’s going to need to come back to CURE Kenya for a bit more skin grafting because some of it didn’t take like it should have. Please thank Jesus with us for her healing this far and please pray it’s completion comes soon! Photo of Pamela

Jan 11, 2019

As we spent time with Pamela and her dad today, we were thinking about Pamela’s mama. You may or may not remember this from her story (we didn’t), but Pamela’s mom was losing (or lost) her eyesight. From what Pamela’s dad shared today, she lost the sight from one eye and she also lost it from the other. He’s a kind man whose life is difficult — providing for your family, caring for your wife, and making sure your child finds the healing they need are all huge jobs for one man. Thankfully, there’s a man who these jobs are easy for. That’s Jesus. Please pray that Pamela’s dad will rely on Him thru this process even as Pamela continues to heal. Please pray for her too because she’s got a wound on her hand that needs to heal up a bit! Photo of Pamela

Jan 10, 2019

“Who is your teacher?” Pastor Peter asked Pamela today. He was sitting next to Pamela’s dad, chatting, and we called Pamela over. She loooves pictures and she has no problem being the star of so many of them, including with Pastor Peter! Our pastors are special and they engage our patients and their families so well, spending time talking with them, relating to them, and praying for them. Pastor Peter is just one of several pastors who take this time and we’re grateful for each one of them! Photo of Pamela

Jan 10, 2019

Giggles could be heard coming from Pamela this morning as she batted the green balloon up into the air. “Where’s Kevin?” We asked her as she played. Her bed-neighbor is a CUREkid named Kevin who’s stuck in bed with a cast. Pamela was playing by his bed and with him when we arrived, but maybe was so excited to see us and play with the balloon that she temporarily forgot Kevin would want to play! We helped remedy this though and we played together. Pamela’s tears have turned to giggles today and now that this is the case, she can start doing physio on her hand. Let’s pray she giggles all the way through! Photo of Pamela

Jan 08, 2019

Pamela was having some tearful moments as she was wheeled from theatre to meet the nurse who would take her to her dad. The good thing is that tears bring healing because they help release those pent-up emotions inside of us. And although the reason for her tears probably had to do with her dressing change that had just happened or the medicine she was given to help her during the procedure, her tears were not in vain! “As soon as today,” were the words out of the mouth of Sam the nurse speaking to the receiving nurse. ‘As soon as today’ means that Pamela can start doing physio soon which may evoke a few more tears but it means she’s HEALING and will continue doing so over these next days and weeks! Please pray that God will work even through Pamela’s tears. Photo of Pamela

Jan 07, 2019

“She’s feeling hunger,” Pamela’s dad told us this morning while they waited in our OPD to be admitted. We’d said hi to her earlier in the morning, but by this time, she didn’t seem to be feeling like saying hi. We wouldn’t be surprised if she and her dad traveled throughout the night to get here, so she was probably sleepy too. We’re thankful they’re here safe though, and with some sleep and food, Pamela will perk up in no time! Please pray for strength for her as she spends some days doing physio to help her hand. Photo of Pamela

Dec 03, 2018

From last week until this week, Pamela is still smiling! This one is her big pre-theatre-visit smile! Pamela was almost going to have her surgery site checked. She might as well keep smiling even now because she gets to go home! She’s been discharged today, but will wait to leave until tomorrow morning, probably due to travel distance. Thank Jesus with us for her continued healing and we’ll catch our girl the beginning of next month when she comes for some rehab! Photo of Pamela

Nov 30, 2018

Keep calm, smile, and thank God it's Friday. That is all we are about today. Thank you for your continued prayers! Photo of Pamela

Nov 29, 2018

Awww! Don’t these two just look adorable? We are very excited to see Pamela like this. She is up and feeding and smiling which means she's not in as much pain as she was yesterday. Michael is doing such a great job by being here for his daughter and we thank God for him. Please don’t get weary of praying for Pamela’s healing. Photo of Pamela

Nov 28, 2018

Pamela struggled a bit with pain through the night and couldn’t sleep properly. That is why when we saw her this morning, she was a bit grumpy and sleepy. Dad Michael helped her through the night. Pamela also received some pain killers from our nurses on night duty. Please continue praying for Pamela’s healing and that the pain will go away! Photo of Pamela

Nov 27, 2018

Pamela went to theatre today and had a successful procedure. She was a bit tense when she got in at first but the nurse anesthetist was able to cheer her up. During the procedure, the doctor explained to us what was happening and how the healing process would be. Please pray for Pamela’s recovery process, that she will endure through the pain and in the end be able to use her hand completely. Photo of Pamela

Nov 26, 2018

Pamela’s got a beautiful joy and a sweet shyness about her. While we were trying to take her photos in the morning, she would fidget some, probably from her shyness. But, she would smile some too, probably from her joy. A nurse brought her a special gown to wear for her theatre trip, and she and Michael put it on and she smiled again at us. Then, as she waited to see if she'd go to theatre, she spent time with a friend of hers who we hope you’ll meet later in the week. Please pray for this beautifully joyful, sweetly shy girl as she journeys with us at CURE this week! Photo of Pamela

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