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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Charles. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Charles's Story

“My child can walk and talk and that gives me so much joy because I have seen other parents who have kids with worse conditions. I thank God for my son!” Mama Charles, Florence, told us.

When Florence was a new mum she thought her wor… Read more

“My child can walk and talk and that gives me so much joy because I have seen other parents who have kids with worse conditions. I thank God for my son!” Mama Charles, Florence, told us.

When Florence was a new mum she thought her world had come to an end because she had given birth to a child who looked different. She was shocked to see her son’s clubbed hand, which looked a bit different from other kids. Clubbed hands are similar to clubfeet, they turn inward, making it difficult to use them. She was, however, encouraged by the nurses at the hospital where she delivered her firstborn son. Florence was told about CURE Kenya at that time.

Florence brought Charles to a mobile clinic in her hometown. Here, she met other mums who had children living with disability. Florence told us that this was able to change her perspective completely. The reason for this was because she saw kids with more complex disabilities. Charles was not ready to have surgery then because he was too little. Charles already had one surgery on his left hand and is now here for the other surgery. “I wish that his hand becomes straight after the procedure,” Florence said. Please pray that this will be so!

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Latest Updates

Jan 14, 2019

Teddy bears are the best, and Charles definitely agrees! Last week he’d been given his very own teddy, perfect for hugging. We also think pink teddies like his are perfect for hugging! He’s going home today, and will be back in a few weeks to come to the hospital to continue his healing journey. In the meantime, we’re hoping he’ll get lots of hugs from his teddy and his mom to help him feel better after his surgery! Photo of Charles

Jan 11, 2019

Charles was being cute with his mum today in the morning when we saw them. His recovery is going on smoothly and we thank God for all that is happening to our little friend. Charles might need to have a wound check and cleaning before he can be allowed to go home. One of our pastors from the Spiritual Department was able to share with Mama Charles and gathered that Mama Charles is saved and serves in her church often. Pastor Phoebe wasn’t able to speak with Charles because his speech isn’t completely developed yet. We are happy that Mama Charles knows God and will definitely raise her son according to the ways of the Bible! Photo of Charles

Jan 10, 2019

Our little friend is a bit bummed out today because he just had surgery and is recovering. Please pray that Charles’ pain would go away and also thank God for his mum who is helping him feel much better by blowing his tiny hand and giving him cute kisses! Pray that she has the strength to continue taking care of Charles. Photo of Charles

Jan 09, 2019

“Hi Charles! I would like you to meet my tiny friend!” Nancy, a theatre nurse at CURE Kenya told Charles. The tiny doll Nancy was holding is used to prep children before they go in for their operation. It has one hand and one leg casted so whoever needs to prep our patients gets to explain that they might have casts like that when they leave theatre. It took a while to convince Charles to say hi to the tiny doll. The reason was that he was afraid of the cast but he said hi to the doll after his mum explained to him that the cast is almost the same as the one he previously had. Charles’ procedure went well and now it is time for him to recover and be observed by our nurses and doctors as he heals. Friends, kindly pray for his recovery process! Photo of Charles

Jan 08, 2019

Remember the last time Charles was here? He didn’t have surgery because he had a chest infection but now he can because he is infection free and that is something we are grateful to God for! Charles is expected to have surgery tomorrow. The past two days he has been busy exploring the hospital and making new friends. One of these friends is Blessing whose bed is right next to Charles’. We really enjoy moving around with Charles and laughing at balloons floating in the air together! Photo of Charles

Jan 07, 2019

He’s back! The fearless egg-peeler has come for his surgery! When we caught his mom and him outside our OPD, Charles hid his face in his mom’s back, making her laugh. Let’s see how many more laughs he will evoke as he spends time with us in the hospital this week! Photo of Charles

Nov 27, 2018

“I asked him: ‘Who taught you to do that?’” Elvis told us. Charles told Elvis that his mama had taught him. Moments before, Charles was peeling his egg all by himself and making Elvis laugh because he would just toss the peeled eggshell and it would land on his trousers or elsewhere. “He’s fearless,” Elvis said. “He just does what he wants!” Charles is a hoot and although he’s going home without surgery due to having some chest complications from a recent infection, he did go home with a splint that will hopefully help his hand a bit. We look forward to January when we'll see him again for surgery! Photo of Charles

Nov 26, 2018 Our new friend Charles keeps himself busy waiting for tomorrow’s surgery by running around and making friends with others -- like Storyteller Elvis!

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