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  • Age11
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Moses's Story

“He (Moses) realized sometimes that the boy (Julius) was suffering. He decided to help him,” this is what the father of one of our patients shared with us, Baba Dennis (baba is 'dad' in Swahili). He was talking about Julius, Moses’ brother. H… Read more

“He (Moses) realized sometimes that the boy (Julius) was suffering. He decided to help him,” this is what the father of one of our patients shared with us, Baba Dennis (baba is 'dad' in Swahili). He was talking about Julius, Moses’ brother. He helped translate as we discovered and learned more about Moses’ story.

When Moses was a baby, he started having swelling around his knee and after a visit to the hospital, he was given an injection. That’s when his leg started going in a different direction. He was taken to another hospital and told to wait until he was older.

Thankfully, God sent a neighbor, first to CURE Kenya for treatment of their child and afterwards, to Moses’ family to let them know there was a place that could help. “He was very happy -- he was excited!” That’s what Baba Dennis told us about Julius after they saw a doctor and discovered Moses’ could find help.

Moses is able to walk, go to school, and he does enjoy football although from what we understand from Julius, Moses doesn’t run very much. He’s one of seven kiddos, so we’re thankful that Julius wanted to help his brother. Moses wants to help too. When he’s older, he’d love to be a doctor. “He wants to be a doctor and help people in the way he’s being helped now,” Baba Dennis told us. “He has a calling.” Thank Jesus with us that Julius had the desire to help his brother just like the neighbor had the desire to help just like Moses has the desire to help others! Helping is contagious! Thank you for your part in helping to make this all possible!

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Latest Updates

Apr 17, 2019

Moses had an x-ray taken today and he’s doing pretty okay! He is wearing his leg brace, and we’re hoping to get him in a shoe raise as well in the next few months since his leg is a few centimeters shorter than the other leg. We’ll catch him next in a few months to check on his continued progress. Pray for him! Photo of Moses

Feb 07, 2019

God made our bodies to adjust and adapt to daily life. Our bodies were made to walk, run, jump, adjust to weather conditions, and even respond to things like falling down and tripping. Moses’ body has had to adjust to a whole lot more though. After his injection, his body seemed to start reacting, causing his foot to turn. His body then adjusted to what walking looked like. Moses has had surgery and now his foot is straight and his body has once again had to make changes. But -- it’s still in the adjusting stages. His knee was acting a bit wobbly. So -- we’re giving his body a hand in the form of something called a backslab. It’ll help his knee stay in place for a time as his body continues its process of changing and adjusting. Moses was able to start walking with our physios using only one crutch after visiting our workshop to receive his backslab, so this is an exciting change already! We’ll see him again in April and we’re really praying his body and he will have adjusted to these changes even more! Photo of Moses

Feb 06, 2019

Moses did some walking for the doctor today in the exam room and at some point stopped close to the mirror. He noticed himself. He’s such a handsome guy and we’re really grateful for his transformation. Goodness gracious, it is INCREDIBLE! His leg is turned around, and now -- he gets to learn how to walk with his leg facing forward and also walking without crutches! The workshop is going to make him a device tomorrow that will help his foot be in a better position and he and his brother will come to CURE Kenya tomorrow to pick it up! Photo of Moses

Jan 09, 2019

We love trousers and all, but when it comes to wearing them with casts, they’re a bit obnoxious. Thankfully for Moses, once they got his trousers off and he remained with his shorts, his cast came off and stayed off. No more fighting with those trousers! Moses will come back in a few weeks, have an x-ray taken, and we’ll see how he’s doing then! It sounds like his transformation isn’t quite complete and he may need another surgery, but his transformation is already so evident and amazing. Thanks be to Jesus for that! Photo of Moses

Oct 08, 2018

The boy who walked into CURE Kenya with his feet facing different directions went home with them facing the same direction! Now if that isn't healing we don't know what is! Moses went home on the weekend so we couldn't watch him walk or wheel out of CURE, but we're excited to see him next month when he comes back for a checkup! Please pray that God will be glorified through his transformation (and also the transformation of Julius, his brother) now that they've gone back home! Photo of Moses

Oct 05, 2018

“He didn’t believe his leg would be so straight,” someone told us this morning about Moses. We are loving the healing that is taking place for Moses and even for his brother, Julius. For Moses, it’s been physical healing. For Julius, spiritual. This week Julius gave his life to Christ! And even this morning, Marvin, a gentleman from Garden Spot Village, was sharing about Jesus with Moses as he told him about a certain wooden heart he was giving him. Although Moses doesn’t speak English, we shared this with one of the nurses and she talked to Julius about sharing with Moses. Our healing God is such a good one. Please thank Him with us for all that has happened this week for both Moses and Julius! Photo of Moses

Oct 04, 2018

True confession: we may or may not have felt a bit emotional when we saw Moses’ leg this morning! Do you see that FOOT of his? It’s straight! Even Julius' brother commented on it. Moses seemed to be feeling some pain today and we’re very sorry for that, but also abundantly grateful that the reason behind his pain is healing. Please pray that Moses’ pain vanishes soon and that it will be replaced with excitement over his transformation! Photo of Moses

Oct 03, 2018

“We are waiting!” Julius told us they were waiting for their turn in theatre and it finally came! We weren’t able to go into Moses’ surgery because it was a busy day, but we heard he got to go which is the start of good things to come for him. Moses has had to wait for theatre for so many days but now that his wait is over, we get to watch his leg transform! Thank Jesus with us that this has finally happened! Photo of Moses

Oct 02, 2018

We have special visitors in the hospital this week from the States and they shared a story, a song, and a memory verse in the ward this morning and Moses got to enjoy it along with everyone else! Moses is STILL waiting for surgery, so what better way to pass the time than thinking about Jesus’ and how much He cares for us? We’re not yet sure if his surgery will happen today or not, but regardless -- please pray that as he goes for surgery, he’ll remember the love and care that Jesus’ has for him! Photo of Moses

Oct 01, 2018

Meet our new friends! Moses and Julius are on the left and Dennis and Baba Dennis are on the right. There’s so much community that happens at CURE Kenya every day, from staff interactions, to hallway 'hellos', to bed neighbor visits. Even as we took Moses’ story with the help of Baba Dennis, another baba was sitting on the bed with him, also helping to tell Moses’ story. It’s just one of the beauties that surround us each and every day at CURE Kenya, and we’re grateful to be able to share about it this week as we spend time with Moses’ and his friends! Photo of Moses

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