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Lewis's Story

“I hope that we can deal with my son’s problem once and for all so that he can walk better and continue with his education.” Priscilla, Lewis’ mum told us.

Lewis was born with clubfoot. His mum was really troubled when she found ou… Read more

“I hope that we can deal with my son’s problem once and for all so that he can walk better and continue with his education.” Priscilla, Lewis’ mum told us.

Lewis was born with clubfoot. His mum was really troubled when she found out she had given birth to a physically challenged baby. She asked around and was told that this could be corrected. This gave Priscilla a bit of hope.

Lewis went through clubfoot correction in another hospital for a while. His mum said that because she couldn’t make it to every clinic as required of her, her son’s clubfoot recurred. They are now at CURE Kenya for surgery to try and correct Lewis’ clubfoot.

Dear friends please pray for Lewis’ procedure to be successful and for complete healing once the correction process is done.

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Latest Updates

Jun 12, 2019

Lewis had a balloon with him when he saw the doctor and we took some time to play with him as he waited for the doctor to sort some things. Something magical happened when his dad joined in. Lewis' face lit up! Eventually, Lewis crawled off the table and the magic continued as his dad got really into it. In less magic news, our sweet boy’s treatment journey isn’t over yet. The surgery he needs for his spine at a different hospital will need to wait until he’s older, so for now, we’ll see him in a few months as he continues doing life just as it is now. Pray for him as he grows up -- that he’ll get the help he needs and thrive! Photo of Lewis

May 21, 2019

As Lewis and his dad waited for the clinical officer to come back after their appointment, his dad teased him with the knee-knocker (very un-medical term, we know). Lewis’ dad loves his son and as he continues to seek treatment for him, the news isn’t always good. The two of them came with the MRI today, and the doctors discovered that Lewis has spina bifida along with a tethered cord (one that isn’t free as most spinal cords are). We’re grateful to have this knowledge so that Lewis can continue getting help. “I have to sort him out while he is still young,” his dad told us. And so with that, Lewis’ dad will take him to our neighboring hospital to continue pursuing treatment. Once they’ve got it sorted, they can come back and we’ll see what to do next for Lewis! Photo of Lewis

May 08, 2019

We saw Lewis walk in with his dad but we didn’t meet them immediately as we were still doing morning devotions. By the time we finished, the queue at the outpatient department was already long and there were so many patients waiting to be seen. We tried looking for Lewis and his dad but we couldn’t see them, at least for the most part of the morning. Baba Lewis is the one who spotted us and came to say hi. He told us that Lewis is doing okay as he is but according to the doctor, he might need another surgery. The doctor thinks that Lewis' problem is being brought about by a problem in his spine. Lewis needs an MRI and as soon as they are able to get it Lewis and his dad can come back for a review to determine for sure if surgery is the way forward. Please pray for this new development that God will show the doctors exactly where the problem is and give them ideas on how to correct it. Photo of Lewis

Apr 10, 2019

They say ‘the more the merrier’ in life. Well, in Lewis’ case, the more the merrier when it comes to doctors! Two residents (one visiting from the States for an elective) and a consultant assessed Lewis today. He actually needs an MRI to figure out what’s going on. He’s got weakness on one side, and so walking looks a little different for him. Although we don’t have all of the answers for him right now, we can help him a bit by giving him a different kind of orthotic for his weak side. And even as we wait for the MRI and orthotic, we entrust him into God’s loving care. He sent Lewis to us, and He’ll keep caring for him! We’ll see him next week when he comes to pick up his special orthotic. Photo of Lewis

Jan 16, 2019

All serious faces aside, today was a good day because Lewis got his last cast off and headed over to the workshop to pick up his new orthotics! We didn’t get the chance to ask about the new baby, but we’re trusting all is well and we’re grateful that Lewis is healing so his family can hopefully spend more time together snuggling their new baby! We’ll catch them in April when they’ll come for a checkup. Photo of Lewis

Dec 05, 2018

Lewis was brought to clinic by his dad because his mum was going to another hospital to have a baby. Lewis’ dad was on the phone most of the time, eagerly waiting to hear the good news once it came in. Lewis had AFOs measured today and will need to wear a new cast until he comes back to collect his AFOs. We congratulated Baba Lewis and thanked him for standing in the gap by bringing Lewis to clinic! Photo of Lewis

Nov 06, 2018

Lewis DID get to go home to hang out with his dad and gosh, we're so sorry to not update you sooner! But, we're happy we get to give you the good news FINALLY! We'll catch him again in December and maybe he'll even bring his dad!

Oct 26, 2018

“See this truck daddy brought me!” Lewis said to us with so much joy in his voice. “Wooaah! That is so cool, do you like it?” we asked. “I love it! I can use it to carry this whole rock!” he responded, pointing to his cast. This conversation was absolutely cute and fun to take part in. Lewis is doing well and is only waiting to go home and hang out with his dad and play with his new truck! Photo of Lewis

Oct 25, 2018

Lewis was excited this morning because his dad had promised to come visit him. We asked him to pose for a photo so he posed like a boss! He had mixed feelings however because he knew he was going to theatre later. “Please hold my hand! Take me to daddy and mummy! Please don’t leave me!” Lewis kept saying to us as we waited together in the recovery area after his procedure. He went into theatre for a cast change and wound check. Hopefully our friend can go home tomorrow and recover in more familiar surroundings. He is in some pain today so please pray that he is able to shake it off and that he can go home tomorrow! Photo of Lewis

Oct 24, 2018

“He wants to go home!” Priscilla told us. She noticed we were concerned that Lewis was not in very high spirits. She explained to us that Lewis misses home so much and can’t wait to go hang out with his friends. Lewis isn’t allowed to go home until later after he has been examined and the doctor decides if Lewis is in good condition to go recover from there, please pray for his patience and understanding! Photo of Lewis

Oct 23, 2018

Our little friend had surgery yesterday and we are proud to let you know he was very brave as he was being taken in for the actual operation. Most kids cry at the top of their lungs, calling to their mummy. Lewis remained calm and was only shaken by the huge lights in the operating room. He had a procedure done to correct his recurring clubfoot and it went really well. We now hope that he will go through the healing process smoothly, we invite you to pray for that! Photo of Lewis

Oct 22, 2018

Lewis enjoyed playing his keyboard today! We caught up with him and it took us special effort to distract him from his keyboard so we could take his picture. We finally decided to take a picture with his keyboard! Lewis went to theatre today and we will let you know all about it tomorrow, thank you for your prayers for him! Photo of Lewis

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