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David's Story

“We didn’t notice because I had problems,” Sandra shared with us about the time that David was born. David was born three weeks early due to his mom’s health and he struggled with pain in his legs until he was three. They took him to doctor… Read more

“We didn’t notice because I had problems,” Sandra shared with us about the time that David was born. David was born three weeks early due to his mom’s health and he struggled with pain in his legs until he was three. They took him to doctors to try and treat his legs with boots but it was too late for that. Even when David finally started walking, he could only do so for short distances due to his condition.

Although treatments weren't working very well for David, God was working. “We are thankful actually how God brought us here - also for David,” Sandra went on. Sandra is beautiful inside and out. Her God is a big one and she shared freely even about how she’s been changed since moving to Kenya, “I have learned so much in terms of knowing Jesus.” She has also started praying for the patients around her in the ward. Sandra and her family are Mozambican missionaries who live in Kenya. Her husband is a pastor and while in mission school ‘felt the call’ to come to Kenya and they’ve been here for ten years now.

God works all things for good. Since Sandra’s family are missionaries, their older son came to the missionary boarding in the same town as CURE Kenya. He has a similar condition (and so does their dad) though less severe. He was brought and treated at CURE Kenya and that’s when his family realized they may be able to find help for David as well.

David is fun and although his condition limits him, he still loves football and would love to grow up and become a goalkeeper for one of his favorite football teams - Juventus. Thankfully, he’s taken a great step in getting closer to his dream by coming to CURE Kenya. We’re so grateful for these two and that God was working all the way through to help David find the healing he so needs! Please pray that they’ll continue to see how God is working in their lives even now!

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Latest Updates

Sep 06, 2019

Blanket snuggles were necessary for David today when he came for his cast removal and x-ray. David lives on the coast of Kenya and it’s quite a bit warmer there than here at CURE Kenya! So this guy needed to keep warm. David is healing and only has a small wound that needed some cleaning done to it. He won’t need another cast, so now he can practice walking and getting stronger. Pray for him as he does this! We’ll see him in two months! Photo of David

Aug 05, 2019

Emmanuel, David’s brother, had his surgery last week, and the two brothers were spending time together in Emmanuel’s hospital room. David was sitting in a wheelchair, playing a game on someone’s tablet. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, he seems to be making progress in his walking. When we saw him with his brother, he told us he’d walked a bit. And earlier in the morning, he told us: “I tried yesterday.” The whole family should be leaving the hospital today or tomorrow, so be praying for them as the boys heal together! Photo of David

Aug 02, 2019

David is feeling much better today after his short procedure yesterday. We particularly admire his relationship with his dad. This morning, his dad was massaging him and tickling him some. A few moments later, a physical therapist came to David’s bed and told him that he needed to try using his walker. David felt that his cast was too heavy to do it so he didn’t want to try. His dad encouraged him although he remained very firm about it. We pray that he agrees to use his walker as this is part of his recovery process! Photo of David

Aug 01, 2019

David went to OR today and had his pin removed with no trouble whatsoever. We caught him being wheeled back to his bed after the procedure, no worse for the wear. David is okay and might be allowed to go home as early as tomorrow! Please thank God with us for David’s treatment process. Photo of David

Jul 31, 2019

“He came to encourage you?” Nurse Naomi joked with David about his brother. Actually though, David's brother has also come for surgery at CURE Kenya! David came for a pin removal, so if all goes well, he’ll go home with his mom tomorrow and his dad will stick around with his brother. Pray for David and his brother’s continued healing - that it will all be over very soon! Photo of David

Jun 17, 2019

We read SO MANY great get well messages to David and Sandra this morning. She told us once we were done how grateful she was for the prayers: “You know, when you’re in pain, you think you’re alone.” Thankfully, we never are. Our God is always with us and through your prayers and support, you’re also walking through the process with David. Him and his family will stick around for a few days at a place near to CURE Kenya to make sure David continues to be well and then they’ll head home. David is then scheduled to come back in six weeks for a check up! Please keep praying for them as they journey home. Photo of David

Jun 14, 2019

Today was a special day for David and we got to celebrate it with the help of some visitors!

Jun 13, 2019

This morning was a bit hard for David as he waited to go in for surgery. While in the waiting area, our little guy started to cry, the emotions of the situation overwhelming him. His mum was very sweet and encouraged him to stay strong and told him that all was going to be okay. She said a prayer for David that boosted his confidence and he was off. Please pray that David’s surgery goes well! Photo of David

Jun 12, 2019

“I don’t know if he’ll go in today because I was told I could give him some tea in the morning. We are praying that God’s will is done.” Mama David told us this morning when we asked if David was going to have surgery today. Please pray for David and his parents as they wait for his time to go to the OR! Photo of David

Jun 11, 2019

David and his parents got to CURE Kenya at 3am today! They travelled at night so they could make it early in the morning for admission. By the time David was getting up this morning, he was very hungry so he had a sandwich and some milk. David’s surgery needs to be redone to achieve the desired correction and we would like to invite you to pray for this lovely boy. Photo of David

May 27, 2019

“I’m so excited — he’ll get to go to school!” Sandra exclaimed today. David will wait through a couple more casts and then he’ll be able to go. We’re thankful and Sandra is too. She’s been through a lot having two sons with similar conditions, but now the end is in sight for her for at least one of them. Thanks for sending get well messages too! “Are these the people who are praying for David?” She asked of the messages. She’s such a Jesus-loving woman. Thank you for standing with her in prayer. David and his family leave today and he’ll be back in six weeks! Photo of David

May 24, 2019

“I pray for the babies,” Sandra told us yesterday before David’s surgery. She’s literally got one of the kindest hearts of anyone you’ll meet and she’s a loving mama to David. Last night was a rough night for David so neither her nor David got much sleep until this morning. Even today, David was still experiencing some pain. We shared a special homemade get well message with David and he asked his mama if she could read it to him, so Sandra did. She also went to the playroom and got some books to read to him. Please pray for David this weekend, and - just like Sandra - pray for all of the other children in the ward! Photo of David

May 23, 2019

David is back at CURE Kenya for another surgery. We were a bit surprised to see David’s mum in the ward this morning. She said hi to Storyteller Elvis with a huge smile on her face. She later went ahead to say that David was going to the OR soon. Dr. Mbonisi was assisted by a resident doctor who is rotating at CURE Kenya and is from one of the universities in Kenya. David’s surgery went well and we can’t wait to see him recovering in the ward! Photo of David

Apr 30, 2019

“Mommy and daddy agree you need surgery,” Dr. Eva told David today at clinic. David said something quietly and then Dr. Eva replied, “You’re not sure?” David is a little unsure about surgery since he’s already been through one and recovery is kind of a bummer. But — his mom had already been encouraging his heart that other kiddos have to have lots of surgeries and he only needs one more! She also asked us, “Keep praying for him.” So, will you pray with us for David as we wait for him to come for his next surgery — for courage and a smooth future recovery? Photo of David

Jan 09, 2019

Today, Sandra came with her sons David and Emmanuel and her hubby. “Emmanuel was supposed to have surgery today,” she told us. See, if you can remember back to when David was in the hospital, Sandra shared with us that David isn’t her only son with a leg condition. Emmanuel is her older son, and he’s been to CURE Kenya for surgery on one leg and still needs another surgery (which has now been pushed to April). “The leg is straight,” Sandra told us today of David’s leg. Although her sons aren’t through with their healing journey, already it’s visible the progress that God is making in the healing journeys of both of Sandra’s sons. David will start walking soon and will be seen on clinic next month, and we’d love it if you could pray for Emmanuel too as he receives surgery soon! Photo of David

Nov 14, 2018

It has been six weeks since we last saw David and he is back with us for his check up. His pins need to be removed, a process that can be painful but he is a brave boy and we're confident he will do well! “We just pray that he will be well, and will be ready for his other surgery,” Mama David told us. We will see David in three weeks time when he comes back to get the new cast that was put on today, removed. He will also be taken through some light physiotherapy exercises to help him recover his mobility. Please be praying for courage for David! Photo of David

Oct 12, 2018

David is going home today and we are just as thrilled about this as he is. You know why? Because he has missed his older brother and this means that he can go be with him and play with him! We are also happy because he will be at the comfort of his home and his healing process will be faster where he is comfortable. “I look forward to playing soccer when my leg is done (healed),” David told us. Please pray for journey mercies and for his healing process to be smooth! Photo of David

Oct 11, 2018

David had a carton of color crayons in his hands this morning that he’d put away. When we asked him about it, he told us, “They weren’t in the right order!” Oh this boy! When we saw Sandra, we greeted her with cheek-type kisses because that’s the Mozambican way. “I’m thankful we’re on this side,” she shared. When they came last time, they were in another area of our hospital, but now that they’ve seen the general ward, she can understand people’s stories and struggles and pray for them! This woman is a prayer warrior with a tender heart. Would you also be prayer warriors like she is and pray for both her and David and also all the kiddos in the ward? Photo of David

Oct 10, 2018

“Who is Jesus?” Pastor Emmy asked David today and he replied, “Maybe I’ll answer that question another day!” So she asked, “Who is God?” Then some talking and some tickling and some smiling happened and finally David told her that he wanted to answer but he was having a little pain. “You are tricking me,” Pastor Emmy told him. David has a silly side and it came out today which must have been a beautiful sight for Sandra because yesterday was a tearful day for David and probably a hard one for her. Please pray for more silly moments than painful moments for these two! Photo of David

Oct 09, 2018

David’s X-rays that hung on the wall behind Dr. Mailu as he operated yesterday show a picture of legs that need healing, but that’s the beauty of it all. As those images hung there, showing legs in need of healing, they were BEING HEALED. At this time, only one leg has been treated because of the severity of David’s condition, but, at a later time, David can have surgery on his other leg. Please pray that David and his family will continue to testify to the way their God is directing them and healing their family! Photo of David

Oct 08, 2018

“He listens when I say something,” Sandra told us this morning about David. “I love that!” Sandra speaks in a lovely Mozambican accent that sounds Spanish due to the fact that people speak Portuguese in Mozambique. As we spend time with both these sweet people this week, it’ll be fun to share more with you about their unique culture and about how God is transforming both of them through their time at CURE Kenya! Photo of David

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