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  • Age11
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Elizabeth's Story

“My mind will be at peace when my daughter gets healed,” Rosa told us.

Meet Elizabeth. She is ten years old and lives almost nine hours away from CURE Kenya. When she was eight years old her mum, Rosa, noticed that she limped a little an… Read more

“My mind will be at peace when my daughter gets healed,” Rosa told us.

Meet Elizabeth. She is ten years old and lives almost nine hours away from CURE Kenya. When she was eight years old her mum, Rosa, noticed that she limped a little and that her leg didn’t look okay. She realized that Elizabeth’s left leg was bent awkwardly at the knee. Rosa knew that this was a big problem but due to very limited resources where they live, they decided not to try finding help for Elizabeth.

Rosa was so troubled by this. She was worried for her daughter. Elizabeth is in baby class (sort of like pre-school) currently and is doing okay at school but her mum would definitely like her to walk and play normally like all the other kids.

One day CURE Kenya was doing an awareness campaign in Elizabeth’s hometown. Rosa had heard about CURE Kenya before from a parent who had brought his daughter and was in the process of healing. She decided to go and listen and find out more about treatment and that's when she decided to get help for Elizabeth. Rosa is very hopeful that her little girl will be healed. Please pray for Elizabeth’s procedure to be successful and for Rosa to have a clear conscience after her daughter’s treatment.

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Latest Updates

Nov 14, 2018

If there’s one thing that comes easily for Elizabeth, it’s giggling. Throughout our time with her today, we heard her laughter LOTS and it’s a beautiful thing. We’re so thankful God created laughter, especially the laughter of children! We’re especially thankful Elizabeth can giggle because unfortunately she’s worn her cast for too long. There was a mix up with her return date and her healing has regressed. She saw the physio to see what range of motion she can begin to have, and she’ll come for admission on Sunday to do some manipulation in theatre and also physio to help stretch her leg. Please pray for the next few days for our girl! Photo of Elizabeth

Sep 12, 2018

Kitale clinic was extremely busy with over 168 patients! Elizabeth came late and was number 150. She was very tired and sleepy and we had to intervene for we know the distance she covered from home. She is doing well walking on crutches. The cast was removed and recasted. She is to be reviewed after two weeks at CURE Kenya on 26th September. Photo of Elizabeth

Aug 10, 2018

We caught somebody on her trek to theatre this morning in the arms of her mama. Today is manipulation and cast application day for our lovely! We’re sure she’ll be back to giggling in no time once she makes it through her little theatre trip. And she has something to giggle about too because if all goes well, tomorrow she’ll hopefully be discharged! Please pray that her leg will heal a little bit more each and every day! Photo of Elizabeth

Aug 09, 2018

Elizabeth has a giggle of gold, and we were rewarded with lots of these giggles during a tickle fest that we had with her and her bed-neighbor, Faith. Elizabeth practiced her walking today too, so today was just generally a positive one. Tomorrow will be another theatre day for our girl as she goes for a manipulation of her leg and we think a cast application too. This is all a part of her healing journey, and we’re so thankful she’s on the other side of theatre! Photo of Elizabeth

Aug 08, 2018

Elizabeth had a good night's sleep and we know this because this morning she was very bright and smiley. She didn’t experience much pain during the night and we are grateful to God for that. We spoke to her mum a bit and she told us that she was waiting to hear from the doctors what the way forward is. Thank you for praying for Elizabeth, she continues to be optimistic as ever and nothing seems to dull her smile! Photo of Elizabeth

Aug 07, 2018

Elizabeth is not alone. Clearly, judging by this photo, she’s surrounded by people who care about her and a God who loves her -- we invite Jesus into our daily operations at CURE Kenya just as John the nurse anesthetist is doing. But she’s also not alone in another way - the girl sitting next to her has a similar condition as her. Her name is Carol and from what we understand, both girls got vaccines done incorrectly which caused their legs to bow in strange ways. Rosaline also has the same condition because of the vaccine. Please pray for God to heal all these girls! You can read more about Rosaline here: https://cure.org/curekids/kenya/2018/05/rosaline/ Photo of Elizabeth

Aug 06, 2018

The name Elizabeth means ‘Pledged to God.’ Our girl is both gentle and sweet with a smile to match, all of these things that reflect the God that her name says she is pledged to. Hopefully while she’s here, we’ll learn more about how her relationship with God is and how connected they are. She’ll be having surgery soon to help heal her leg that bends backwards, and we’re thankful to know that God is caring for her by bringing her to CURE Kenya. Please pray she sees that care in her life! Photo of Elizabeth

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