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  • Age13
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Condoleezza Rice's Story

Awhile back, Condoleezza Rice was visiting Tanzania. On the very same day, a little lady came into the world whose dad loved following American politics. The rest is, as they say, history! When Condoleezza’s condition surfaced, her parents though… Read more

Awhile back, Condoleezza Rice was visiting Tanzania. On the very same day, a little lady came into the world whose dad loved following American politics. The rest is, as they say, history! When Condoleezza’s condition surfaced, her parents thought it was rickets and would get better over time. For Condoleezza, it sadly didn’t.

Condoleezza’s dad, Martin, has a nickname for her - “Ateri.’ This means ‘first girl’ in their mother tongue, Luo. Martin has a deep connection to his Ateri. When he was younger, he came down with polio and it left him struggling to walk and in need of assistance from a crutch. Condoleezza’s condition made Martin sad. No parent wants to see their child struggling. When it was mentioned to him that some fathers leave when they discover their kiddo has a disability, he said, “Why would I leave? She’s a human being!”

Condoleezza started school late because it was far and she had to cross a river to get there, so her family moved closer to the village so she could get to school easier. She struggles in school right now because her dad thinks she worries about her legs too much. Her dad also worries about her, wondering if he should send her to a different school. He’s excited for her surgery. He won’t worry about her so much afterwards, and he’s hopeful that once her legs are fixed, she won’t worry about them and will be able to focus better!

Condoleezza’s dad was able to leave his business in the hands of one of his employee’s and left his wife to take care of things at home, so he’s with his Ateri this week in the hospital. Please keep the two of them in your prayers -- especially that they’ll watch God’s transformation both in their lives and Condoleezza’s legs.

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Latest Updates

Mar 16, 2020

Condoleezza was seen at mobile clinic last week! She is doing well and the doctors confirmed this. They said we won't need to see her again for 6 months! We are so grateful to God for how far Condoleezza has been able to come. Thank you for your prayers and support! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 30, 2020

Condoleezza had a special visit from a nurse who works at CURE Kenya but is a friend to her dad. They posed for a picture after introductions and shared a light moment together. Condoleezza is doing well and is recovering well in the ward. Please thank God with us for the progress she is making! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 29, 2020

Condoleezza had her procedure done today. It was an operation to help align her legs well and stop them from ever curving again. It was not as hard as the first two procedures, but also not any less complex. We will observe Condoleezza in the future to make sure she lives without any fear of ever going back to where she was when she first came to CURE Kenya! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 28, 2020

We took Condoleezza outside for a tiny photo shoot before her surgery. She is not looking forward to it, but she is okay because she knows what happens after surgery; she gets better! We thank God that Condoleezza is here and we look forward to a successful procedure. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 27, 2020

Condoleezza and her dad are very fond of everyone at CURE Kenya. Today they both arrived because Condoleezza needs another surgery and they were received very warmly. We are looking forward to our time with them this week and we pray that all goes well! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 15, 2020

We saw Condoleezza and her dad on mobile clinic this week. She has made tremendous improvement in terms of her posture and gait. She still needs another procedure to help her leg be even more straight. Please pray that God will open doors for her and her dad to return to CURE Kenya and receive surgery. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Oct 29, 2019

Condoleezza was very excited when we took her to the exact spot we took her photo before surgery. While there, we showed her the photo we took almost one and a half years ago and you could see the joy in her eyes when she was able to see the difference. We really thank God for this major transformation Condoleeza was able to experience. Her dad was a bit concerned about her right leg which the doctor said needs to be observed for a while before a decision is made. Please thank God with us for this journey! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

May 27, 2019

Condoleezza was a bit worried when she come to our mobile clinic today. She remembered the pain she felt when her pins were removed the last time she was at CURE Kenya and this made her feel a bit worried. When her cast was removed, she seemed to relax a bit. When she got to the physical therapist, she was delighted to find out that she does not need a cast anymore! Condoleezza was taken through a few stretching exercises to help her bend her knee and gain confidence in using her leg again. Baba Condoleezza asked to see his daughter’s before photo taken one year ago and was very happy to see where they have come from. We’ll see Condoleezza during the next mobile clinic and we hope that she won’t even need her crutches anymore! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Apr 03, 2019

Our friend Condoleezza came by CURE Kenya today for check up. “We have been on the road all night. We wanted to make it here early enough so that we can go back in good time.” Papa Condoleezza told us. Clinic was hard for Condoleezza today as she had to have her pins removed. We are grateful to God that she came out with a smile and we couldn’t wait to share with you guys. Condoleezza will wear a new cast for six weeks then she will be finished with her casts! Please thank God with us for this awesome smile and for all the progress. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Feb 26, 2019

Condoleezza went home last week, but we're looking forward to seeing her again in April! Please pray for her as she heals from this next surgery!

Feb 22, 2019

Condoleeza’s dad absolutely loves his daughter. This morning we went to the ward to check up on Condoleeza and found her dad making sure she is well covered up and warm. You know who else loves his children unconditionally? Jesus! He is so gracious to us that He watches over us every time without fail! Friends please pray for Baba Condoleeza, that God may give him strength to continue loving his daughter and giving her the best care he can. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Feb 21, 2019

“She is not very excited today because she is thinking about school. She doesn’t want to miss school.” Condoleeza’s dad told us when we saw them this morning. Condoleeza loves school and she feels bad that she has to stay at home for a while for her correction to go on as planned. We feel for Condoleeza, but we have encouraged her to study while at home and wait for her correction to be complete so she can join her friends in school. After talking for a while she was able to shake off feeling bad and she smiled for a photo. Please pray that the process will be smooth and that God will help her through this time. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Feb 20, 2019

The first few days in the ward are usually the hardest for our kids. First they have to familiarize themselves with the new environment. Soon after they are settled in, they go to theatre for their surgery. This means that they now have to fight the pain in their new surroundings. Luckily for Condoleeza, she has been here before so she knows the drill and she is a big girl so she knows how to persevere through the pain. Hence, this smile right here. Condoleeza is now in the ward recovering and we would like you to pray for her to have a smooth one. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Feb 19, 2019

Today is Condoleeza’s surgery day! We caught up with her at the waiting bay, a place that is very familiar to her. We asked her if she was worried or if she felt any fear, but surprisingly she said she didn’t. Condoleeza’s first surgery was very successful and we join her dad in praying that the second one is just as successful. Please pray that Condoleeza will have a successful operation. Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Feb 18, 2019

Somebody was feeling a bit sleepy in this photo, but regardless of her sleepy state, we can all be happy for the reason that she’s back… Wanna guess why? It’s because Condoleezza is having her next surgery to help straighten her other leg! God is so good and he’s now going to use the hands of our surgeons to help heal Condi even more! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Jan 28, 2019

“Nice!” Dr. Nyambati said when he looked at Condoleezza’s healed leg. A healed leg is possibly one of the most satisfying sights in the eyes of a doctor. It means transformation has happened and that the patient can now walk better than they did before. Condoleezza’s dad was sharing with Dr. Nyambati that because of the change seen in Condi, two other people have also come to our clinic! One healed leg has the potential to turn into multiple healed legs! We serve a good God who works all things for the good and we’re so grateful. Condoleezza will now come for surgery in the next few months so that one healed leg can at least turn into two! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Nov 13, 2018

“It helps her,” Baba Condoleezza told us of mobile clinic and it’s effect on Condi. They normally come to clinic at another location, but unfortunately they missed us at that location, so they came today instead! So how did clinic help Condi today? First of all, she had her cast taken off and it’ll stay off! The physios then taught her how to do exercises to help her in her walking. She also saw the doctor and he said that she’ll be able to have another surgery next year on her other leg, but she just needs to get used to walking on her newly healed leg. She’ll practice walking over the next weeks and when we see her again at the end of January, we’ll see how ready she’ll be for the next phase of her healing! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Oct 03, 2018

Condi got a fabulous gift today along with her new cast - a doll from some visitors! We’re hoping that she’ll enjoy playing with her doll from now until she comes for a checkup at mobile clinic. Please pray that she’ll just keep growing and healing these next weeks until we see her next! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Aug 24, 2018

Condoleezza and her dad match! Right now, they’re both in crutches. Today Condoleezza was still struggling a bit, so hopefully her dad can help her get to know her way around crutches as she continues on her healing journey. We wanted to catch some cast painting action on Condoleezza’s cast by one of our pastors, but that will actually happen tomorrow instead of today. We did find out from the pastor that she had a chance to chat with Condoleezza about her condition and she even found out that Condoleezza’s dad is saved! Please pray for her and her dad both as they travel home tomorrow and also as her dad hopefully shares his Jesus with his daughter! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Aug 23, 2018

Condoleezza was having a bit of a balloon ‘snack’ today, though we’re not sure how tasty or healthy it was! She’s experiencing some pain, but her dad is close to her side, so we know she’s in good hands. We asked if she’d talked to her mom on the phone, and she told us 'yesterday'. Her mom told her she would heal, and we know she will and hopefully soon! Her dad has been teaching us more Luo words, including the word for goodbye: “Oriti.” That’s what we told her after we’d chatted a bit with her and her dad. Let’s see if we can remember that for when we see these two tomorrow! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Aug 22, 2018

“Patient slept well, vitals stable, due meds administered, toes warm and pink.” These are words from Condoleezza’s file and all very good signs that things are going well on her healing journey. We can especially attest to the ‘slept well’ bit because basically whenever we’ve seen her today, she’s been sleeping! Sleep is very healthy and helps one’s body heal, so pray Condoleezza sleeps as much as her body allows her to! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Aug 20, 2018

Condoleezza had surgery and we are happy that her transformation journey has begun. We spent time with her and her dad at the OR waiting area for a while and asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She was too shy to answer but when we mentioned a few careers and got to ‘Doctor’, she gave us a very prominent nod. We asked her why she wants to be a doctor but she didn’t answer this question. Hopefully when she is more fond of us she will be able to tell us why! Please dear friends, pray for her recovery and patience during the healing process! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

Aug 20, 2018

Condoleezza and her dad are best buddies and we can’t help but wonder if he understands her in a special way because of the way polio has affected his legs. We’re so happy and blessed to have these two with us this week. We’re excited to watch them interact during Condoleezza’s healing journey in the hospital! Please pray for their bond to deepen even more as they embark on the journey together! Photo of Condoleezza Rice

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