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Ivy's Story

“I want to go immediately. I want to be well!” This is what Ivy’s aunt told us Ivy said this morning as Ivy sat in her lap, waiting excitedly for surgery. Smiles come easily for Ivy, and they’re accompanied by a whole lot of joy and energy.… Read more

“I want to go immediately. I want to be well!” This is what Ivy’s aunt told us Ivy said this morning as Ivy sat in her lap, waiting excitedly for surgery. Smiles come easily for Ivy, and they’re accompanied by a whole lot of joy and energy. Despite the fact that Ivy hadn’t eaten this morning, all of these were still present. Ivy is also a loved little soul - she came with her mom, her dad, AND her aunt!

When Ivy was younger, she somehow knocked over a pan of hot water that burned her, eventually leaving her with scars on her left side, including her hand (which contracted) and some on her torso. She spent weeks in the hospital, and Ivy’s dad, Seth, explained that she used to bite her knuckles because of the pain. When we asked how her mom, Mable, felt after it happened, her answer showed her faith, “I believed God.” She was eight months pregnant with her third child at the time.

Her belief paid off. God had already been working through CURE Kenya in the life of someone else - Ivy’s neighbor. They had a child with clubfoot and had come to CURE Kenya for surgery. And just like that -- the connection was made.

So remember Ivy’s excitement from earlier? Ivy’s aunt explained the reason behind Ivy’s desire to go to theatre - she gets a bicycle once her surgery is over! And Seth explained even more - Ivy is doing so well in school that her parents promised her a bicycle. So once her precious little hand is healed, she’ll receive that bicycle! Let’s pray that God will heal Ivy really soon so that she’s able to get that bicycle and forever testify to the Jesus who helped restore her hand!

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Latest Updates

Nov 13, 2018

Today, we met the family! There was Ivy, her big brother Neema, and her little sister Precious. AND mom and dad came too! It’s Kenya’s big school holiday this time of year – think American summer break – so why not come with everybody?! It’s so special to meet all of them at once. Ivy seems to come from a sweet and close-knit family. We found out today that she’ll need to come back to CURE Kenya for some surgical manipulation to help stretch her fingers along with more physio. Once things are sorted, she’ll come for that. Please pray she will just enjoy time with her family between now and then, absorbing all of the love that she can get as she prepares for more hospital time! Photo of Ivy

Sep 11, 2018

The smile on Ivy's face was not just a smile, but a smile of hope and thanksgiving to God for the long journey of seeking treatment. Her mother told us that she requested to pray as they were leaving home to come for clinic. When she arrived at the clinic, she shouted 'nimepona' which means "I am healed!" and we were very happy to hear such words of hope from her. Upon seeing the doctor, he said that she has greatly improved and advised to continue with stretching exercises. We hope to see her again on November 13. Please continue praying for her. Photo of Ivy

Aug 15, 2018

So guess what? Ivy actually left the hospital yesterday! We might have been a bit confusing with her last update… we’d taken the photo of Ivy and Alice doing physio the day before yesterday, but couldn’t help but share with you yesterday! We’re so thankful Ivy was doing fabulous enough to leave CURE Kenya and we’ll see her at mobile clinic on September 11th. Let’s just consider this photo of her a ‘see you soon’ kind of photo! Thanks for praying for our sweet girl’s healing! Photo of Ivy

Aug 14, 2018

Today Ivy’s physiotherapy session involved some fun stuff that included taking selfies and playing with big balls. Alice noticed that Ivy enjoyed playing with the things in the physiotherapy department so she allowed her to play and have fun. She would make Ivy do things with her left hand and this way Ivy would not be in a lot of pain. We thank God for all this improvement Ivy is making and we thank you for being part of her journey. Photo of Ivy

Aug 13, 2018

When we asked Ivy about church in the ward yesterday and what she’d learned, she told us, “Our God, guide us on our way back home. Amen.” This is an appropriate prayer because tomorrow or Wednesday, our lovely girl will get to go home! She’s able to wiggle her fingers some which is exciting, and we hope she just keeps gaining more and more movement! Please pray for more finger-wiggling and also pray as Ivy did -- for God to guide them back home (when it’s time to go). Photo of Ivy

Aug 10, 2018

Ivy’s dad is a pastor and he’s been around CURE Kenya with Ivy and her mama, but since Ivy has to stay around CURE for the weekend, he left. When we asked if he had to preach on Sunday, Ivy’s mom told us, “Of course!” After this, we spent time with Ivy around the ward and took her outside to the sunshine. She found a cat while outside and when we’d ask her where it was, she would point to it. When we asked her what the kitty’s name was, she told us, “Cat!” We hope ‘Cat’ keeps Ivy entertained this weekend and we’re thankful that although she and her mom are in the hospital all weekend and will miss church with Ivy’s dad, they’ll still get to enjoy worship in the ward on Sunday! Photo of Ivy

Aug 09, 2018

Ivy smelled of lollipops this morning and kept herself busy with our camera by looking at photos and taking photos. Ivy started her rehab today, and we’re thankful for this because it means she’s going to continue her healing. Oh! And lest we confused you by our update yesterday, Ivy will get her new bike once this is all over, her mom told us. We hope it’s a great incentive for her to keep going even when things hurt a little! Photo of Ivy

Aug 08, 2018

We stole Ivy from her mom and dad today and went on a great big OPD tour that involved us taking lots of photos of her around (stay tuned for more of those photos on a very special blog). One of the things she got to do during the tour was visit Bertha in the business office and Bertha gave her not one, but two balloons! Ivy will stick around CURE Kenya with us for a few days so she can do some proper rehab on her hand so her contracture doesn’t return. A few painful moments are coming her way soon, but we know in the long run, she’ll be grateful for her healing AND her new bike. Please pray with us for Ivy’s next few days! Photo of Ivy

Jul 12, 2018

When we asked Ivy where her balloons were this morning, she told us, “It’s in the bag.” Which seemed kind of funny considering the bag she was referring to was mom’s purse and it kind of didn’t seem big enough for balloons. Ivy then proceeded to pull out two deflated balloons and blow them up, then let the air out. Free entertainment! We gave Ivy a hug from someone who’d sent her a get well message, and we let her take photos on our camera. As we were saying goodbye, her mom told her to tell us ‘thank you!’ And what did Ivy say? “Thank you Jesus Christ!” Amen to that because it is Jesus who brought Ivy to us and who is healing her right now! Thank him with us for both of these things! Photo of Ivy

Jul 11, 2018

“You are fun!” we told Ivy this morning and how did Ivy reply? With a very enthusiastic “YES!” We had been having a blast letting Ivy identify colors in her world around her. And when we read her and her mama Ivy’s get well messages, her mom would tell Ivy to say ‘amen’ and eventually, she gave us a very enthusiastic one! Kiddos often get a balloon while visiting CURE, but somehow, Ivy managed to get herself not one, but TWO balloons! Maybe it’s because she is so enthusiastically fun! As she heals, please pray that nothing squashes her fun and that after a dressing change, she’ll take her enthusiastic fun home with her! Photo of Ivy

Jul 09, 2018

When a surgeon is doing surgery, functionality and practicality seem to be things that they’re looking to achieve. This was the case yesterday for Ivy. When we’re wounded, scars often remain. When all is said and done, Ivy’s hand won’t look quite like her other one. There will be scars. Some of her fingers won’t bend like the others. But what she will be able to do is... hold onto things, like her bicycle handle. Wave at people, like her friends. And hold people’s hands, like her younger sister or her mother. And for that we are grateful. Pray for Ivy as she continues to heal! Photo of Ivy

Jul 09, 2018

Alice the OT visited Ivy’s bed as she waited for her surgery and subsequent bicycle. Alice came to measure Ivy’s right hand for a splint that will be put on her left hand after her surgery. Ivy was super lively this morning despite the fact that her surgery was today! Please pray that God will watch over Ivy’s entire healing process so that her hand is restored as much as possible! Photo of Ivy

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