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  • Age7
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 09/23/2018

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Catherine's Story

Meet Catherine, a seven year old girl from a town in Western Kenya. Catherine lives with her grandma because her mum is not of sound mind. Our little friend was born like any other girl and had no problem at birth. She grew up well, and it came tim… Read more

Meet Catherine, a seven year old girl from a town in Western Kenya. Catherine lives with her grandma because her mum is not of sound mind. Our little friend was born like any other girl and had no problem at birth. She grew up well, and it came time for her to go to school. One day at school, as Catherine was playing with her friends when she was pushed over and fell. There were some ditches on the school compound and Catherine's leg got stuck in one of them. Because of this, Catherine’s leg was injured. She could not say a word about it though because every time she told her grandma that she fell, she would get in trouble for being careless. Her grandma did not understand why Catherine couldn’t stop crying and didn't understand that she was in pain. She decided to take her to the hospital when Catherine’s leg looked like it had stopped growing and she could not step down properly -- to the point that she could no longer bend her knee to walk on her leg. She now has to walk with a walking stick.

Catherine’s grandmother found out about CURE Kenya when she heard some ladies talking about a CURE mobile clinic in her town. She took her granddaughter and after being examined, they were told that Catherine would need surgery. Catherine’s grandmother was called and given a date to bring her grandchild to the hospital for surgery. She might need multiple surgeries to correct her condition, but please pray that once it’s all over, Catherine’s life will get back to the way it was before.

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Latest Updates

Aug 08, 2018

Catherine spent some of her morning in our new OPD playroom, making sure that her toy with wheels didn’t get taken by any silly boys who might want to steal it from her. She also got to blow up balloons with some girls who were there. Catherine does need surgery to straighten and fuse her knee, and thankfully we’ve got her scheduled for that procedure at the end of September. There is probably some infection going on in her body, and it sounded like she might need another test regarding that, so do keep this sweet soul in your prayers. The good news is that the doc told us, “She looks healthier!” This is fabulous news that our girl seems to be improving! Photo of Catherine

Jul 11, 2018

Catherine and her grandma must be feeling like us at CURE Kenya are part of their family now because they have to keep coming to see us! BUT, it is all in pursuit of the best medical care for our girl. She came back for the results of the tests they did on her knee, and she also had blood work done. We’re not crystal clear on exactly what her infection was or is, but for now, she’ll hang tight for a bit. She was seen by our physios in hopes that maybe she would gain more movement in her knee, but was advised to move her knee only if she’s able. We don’t want to force her knee to do something that would hurt her! We’ll see her again in a month. Please pray for healing for her! Photo of Catherine

Jul 03, 2018

Guess who we saw at mobile clinic today? Surprise! After seeing her on Friday, it was almost just like yesterday that we saw her… because it almost was! Catherine had been told to come to our mobile clinic that was visiting near her home to make sure her incision site is doing okay and it IS! She’ll still come to CURE Kenya next week to find out her biopsy results. If it’s not bacterial, she’ll probably have surgery possibly even next week to fuse her knee. Please pray that the infection is something easily treatable so she can just have her surgery done and over with and not prolong her wait anymore! Photo of Catherine

Jun 29, 2018

This morning, Catherine was just a girl going to get a dressing change. And today is a good day because Catherine’s wound is looking fabulous, and she’ll hopefully get to go home tomorrow! This shouldn’t be the last time she visits CURE Kenya because her medical treatment isn’t over, but we’ll need to wait and see. We need to find out what kind of infection she has so we can ensure she gets the proper treatment. We’ll let you know what we can as time goes on. Please pray for the absolute best outcome for our lovely lady! Photo of Catherine

Jun 27, 2018

We realize yesterday’s update might be a tad bit confusing, so we have something to share with you that will clear it all up! Catherine had her surgery on Monday and we were going to tell you all about it yesterday and then it completely slipped our minds! Good thing is -- even though we forgot, God has not forgotten Catherine or her healing. Do pray for her though. Although she had the infection cleaned up in her knee, the doctors discovered that her knee isn’t in good shape. The best thing for her will be to have a knee fusion at some point. This won’t allow much movement for her in her knee, but it will allow her leg to be able to straighten again. And we can thank Jesus for THAT! Photo of Catherine

Jun 27, 2018

Being in hospital is serious business. Doing simple things like getting out of bed or back into bed can be a lot of work. When a patient has a cast or a wrapped wound like Catherine, movement takes a bit more intentionality. We’re thankful Catherine has her grandma to help her with difficult moving. Please pray that difficult won’t be the name of the game for too much longer for our girl! Photo of Catherine

Jun 26, 2018

Today was one of those hard days for Catherine. She was in some pain all night and still this morning when we saw her. She at least took some tea and bread this morning and that was a good sign of progress because she did not want to take anything last night. We hope that she can eat some more so her body can generate energy and make her healing process easier! Her pain has been managed by our great team of nurses and we pray that her recovery process will be smooth. Friends would you please pray for Catherine? Photo of Catherine

Jun 25, 2018

As the doctors examined our new friend Catherine this morning, they discovered she has an infection. When kiddos have infections in their joints, it causes pain, resulting in them not wanting to move the joint. This may be the case for Catherine and the reason her joint is contracted. The doctors’ ordered an x-ray and blood work this morning and both were done. Please be praying for her body to fight this! Photo of Catherine

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