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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Risper's Story

Meet Risper, an almost nine year old girl who was born with a limb deformity. Her mum Judith told us how she would get so angry when people spoke behind her back and she would find out later. She says it got so bad that at some point she almost fou… Read more

Meet Risper, an almost nine year old girl who was born with a limb deformity. Her mum Judith told us how she would get so angry when people spoke behind her back and she would find out later. She says it got so bad that at some point she almost fought someone over it, but she prayed and asked God to give her sufficient grace to control herself. “People would say very negative things behind my back but I had faith that my child would one day be able to walk,” Judith, Mama Risper, told us.

Judith took Risper to various hospitals and all she was told to do that could help her daughter was physiotherapy. She did this diligently and she noted that it improved her daughter’s life. She told us that Risper could not sit on her own when they began, but now she can. Judith was later told about CURE by her brother. She brought her daughter here and Risper was told to continue with physio as she was being observed.

Risper has now gotten to an age when she can get surgery and that is why they are back at CURE. We asked Judith what she was most looking forward to after her daughter’s surgery, and she told us that she was sure that God would heal Risper and enable her to walk like all the other kids. Please pray that this mama’s hope would turn into a reality very soon!

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Latest Updates

Aug 31, 2018

“It is just so amazing to see how far she has come and imagining what’s in store for her.” Risper's mom told us. The transformation Risper has experienced is huge and some of the people who didn’t think she would ever walk are now amazed at what is happening in her life. We would be silly not to give back all the glory to God for this. We appreciate the time you take to pray for this lovely girl and all the kids we serve. Photo of Risper

Jul 04, 2018

Behind this very curious face is a shy, very gentle girl who is afraid of the cast cutter and all things cast removal. We saw Risper today and she made us laugh by all her cute little reactions when Henry the plaster tech was helping take off her cast. She was fitted with her new AFO today and will be required to use it until she achieves complete correction. We are excited for her and we pray that she can now walk better and generally move around easily compared to the first time we saw her. Photo of Risper

May 23, 2018

Look at those faces when we showed Risper and her mama all her birthday get wells. Woot woot! Thanks for showering her with those messages of love. Risper is doing great -- she already got herself measured for her orthotic, a new cast put on, and will come back in six weeks to pick it up! Photo of Risper

May 10, 2018

“Nine!” This is the age Risper told us that she is turning TODAY! You’ve got it -- today is our beautiful girl’s birthday! When her mom told us this, we had to go make her a birthday card and take her some gifts. These gifts included stickers and crayons and even a toothbrush that one of our pastors gave us from the playroom gift stash. Before we gave her the gifts, we serenaded her with the ‘happy birthday’ song more than once. We hope she goes home today feeling happy and celebrated on her day of birth! We’ll see this new nine year old again in a couple of weeks for a cast change. We’re thankful for all of the get-wells you’ve showered upon Risper and her mom and if you want to send her a happy birthday message, we hope to deliver it when we see her again! Photo of Risper

May 09, 2018

Risper lay in her bed, awake this time! She’s pretty calm and stoic, so the fact that her foot is in a cast doesn’t seem to bother her. She just lays there, next to her mother. We wonder what thoughts go through her head. Does she long to be home, cozy in her own bed? Is she thinking about doing her favorite things? Does she miss her best friend? Please pray that as she lays there cozy in her hospital bed, that God would enter her thoughts and remind her that she’s already on the road to healing, going home, and that she is loved by Him! Photo of Risper

May 08, 2018

As Risper slept in her bed this morning, her hand rested comfortably on her mama’s stomach. Let’s be real about this: -moms are comfortable! Kiddos often sleep in their beds with their mamas while in hospital which might sound crowded, but really can help kiddos feel more comfortable over all. Moms are comfortable AND comforting too! We’re so glad Risper has her mom here with her to help her through the healing process! Photo of Risper

May 07, 2018

“She wants to be like you,” Rispers mom told us this morning around her bed. We went on to share how Risper should be Risper. God made this girl so special, and we hope she comes to experience that in a new way as she stays with us at CURE. We caught her and her mom in the theatre waiting bay today which means Risper had her surgery today! Thank Jesus with us that she’s already on her way to healing and please pray she comes to learn more and more how special God thinks she is! Photo of Risper

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