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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Hope. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Hope. When you give a gift through Hope's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Kenya. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Hope's Story

When we asked Mary why Hope’s father had given Hope her name, she said she didn’t know. But, we might know. When Hope was about to be born, the hospital broke Mary’s water and she spent the next 18 hours waiting for Hope to come but to no ava… Read more

When we asked Mary why Hope’s father had given Hope her name, she said she didn’t know. But, we might know. When Hope was about to be born, the hospital broke Mary’s water and she spent the next 18 hours waiting for Hope to come but to no avail. Hope had stopped moving, so at this point, she needed to be born and straight away. Because of this, Mary had an emergency c-section. And just like that, Hope came into the world, bringing hope to Mary that life was going to be okay!

Hope has a dislocated hip, but Mary didn’t discover it until Hope began to walk. Hope waddles a bit, but her hip by no means stops her from cruising! “She is very jovial,” Mary told us. “She likes smiling.” As we spent time together, Hope wanted to play with our camera and with a coin she had. She even spent time standing on her bed near her window, maybe planning her escape! When we picked her up later on, a lollipop in her hand, we got a mouthful of lollipop too. Hope just couldn’t resist sharing!

We’re so hoping that Hope’s surgery completely fixes her dislocation so that Hope can continue her cruising unhindered. Please pray that all of this will not only bring healing to Hope, but also hope to others that healing is possible!

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Latest Updates

Apr 17, 2019

Hope has one of the brightest, most genuine smiles you’ll meet on a face. Her parents named her well because her smile has the ability to share so much hope! And we have so much hope to share about her today! She continues to do well and since her family knows how to do her exercises, she didn’t even have to visit our physios today. She’ll just continue sharing hope through her smile until she comes back in July! Photo of Hope

Feb 28, 2019

“She’s good, much better than a lot of the kids I see!” George the physio explained of Hope’s progress. Hope’s mom explained to us that she does physio with her, but sometimes Hope refuses. Thankfully, Hope is doing fabulous regardless! She moves around just fine with her own unique way of walking, she’s happy, and we won’t have to see her again until April! Photo of Hope

Jan 16, 2019

Hope saw Regina our clinical officer today. Regina consulted a doctor regarding Hope’s x-ray and the news is hopeful - Hope is doing well! She’s still seeing our physios because of some weakness in her left leg, but that’s what our physios are here for, they’re part of the team that helps bring hope to our kiddos by helping them grow stronger. Hope smiled a lot today, spreading her own kind of hope to the people she met. On top of all this hope, our God is a God of hope and we’re grateful for all of it that He spreads to and through others - including our doctors, physios, and our little Hope. We’ll see Hope next at the end of February for some more of that hope-giving physio! Photo of Hope

Nov 28, 2018

A couple updates back, we shared with much enthusiasm about how Hope is standing. Well, that enthusiasm is still there. Today we caught sight of someone standing all by themselves and you can guess who it was. Not only is Hope standing, she's walking! This little lady will come back in mid-January with an x-ray, because the doctor isn’t sure her hip is totally in place. In the meantime, she’ll continue to walk and do her physio. Please pray that her hip truly IS in place and that if it’s not, God would help all the things happen that need to so it can be in its proper spot! Photo of Hope

Sep 26, 2018

Hope stopped by today for check up! She was very happy because her daddy was there with her. Hope has made major improvements in her recovery, and our doctor has allowed her to start having stretching exercises. We will see Hope again in two months and hopefully she will be completely healed! Please pray for journey mercies as they travel back. Photo of Hope

Sep 19, 2018

Somebody is STANDING!!! Hope had her cast taken off today and an x-ray taken. Our sweet little friend doesn’t need any more casts which is very exciting! Please pray for her continued healing, one step at a time. That step right now is doing physio which she can do at home and also in a couple weeks when she comes back for more physio at CURE Kenya! Photo of Hope

Aug 28, 2018

Sometimes, your cast misbehaves and you’re forced to bring your parents back to the hospital for a little repair work. And then, while you’re waiting, you drink water from a cup after which you chew on the cup -- it’s such a great way to pass the time. Eventually, your cast gets repaired and you’re good to go and you just need to come back at your regular scheduled appointment time in another three weeks or so. This was Hope’s story today, but thankfully, she and mom and dad are sorted now and hopefully on their way home where they’ll wait it out to come back in a few short weeks! Pray for Hope’s cast to behave as it’s supposed to these next weeks! Photo of Hope

Aug 09, 2018

Hope came back today with her x-ray and went to theatre for review. She is doing well and her healing process is going on okay. Before she went into the operating room, her mum had to hide from her because she would think of nursing the whole time but Hope was content in the care of her aunt who accompanied her to hospital. Hope’s dad was really looking forward to going home without another cast but Hope needed another one for her healing to go on as expected and for her to be completely healed. Thank you for praying yesterday and we ask kindly that you would continue praying for full recovery! Photo of Hope

Aug 08, 2018

Cute little Miss Hope is doing well and we were very pleased to see her this morning. She was spoiled for choice because both her mum and dad came with her to clinic. We could tell that she was having a lot of fun because after nursing she would call out, “Daddy!” and daddy would pick her and play with her. Hope doesn’t really like her cast because it is uncomfortable and she can’t move around much. “At night when she is tired of sleeping in one position she cries out so I wake up to help her,” Hope’s mum told us. Unfortunately there were many patients who came for review and when it got to Hope’s turn to be seen she had to go get an x-ray. Her parents opted to go home and get the x-ray from somewhere else then come back for review. Please pray for journey mercies as they travel back home today and as they plan to come back. Photo of Hope

Jun 28, 2018

Oh happy day! Hope got to go home! Her auntie has been around this week, including today for the big home-going day which just continues to show how loved our sweet girl is. Hope also had a pink balloon today that matched her outfit! Hopefully she got to take that home with her. After all, who wouldn’t want to match their balloon with their outfit? Hope will come back on August 8th for an x-ray and probably a cast change. Photo of Hope

Jun 27, 2018

Look who came to visit! Today and we think even yesterday, Hope’s grandma came to visit her. Hope is named after her grandmother -- they share the same second name! Hope is such a loved baby and we hope she feels that love, knowing she’s cherished. We’re thankful that Hope continues to feel better and within a day or two, she should be on her way back home where she’ll continue to be loved on! Photo of Hope

Jun 26, 2018

Look at all that cuteness! When Hope first came to CURE Kenya she could not have surgery because she had a fever. But yesterday she had surgery and is now recovering in her bed with her sweet mum watching over her. Today we played with some legos that Hope’s mum had brought with them to keep Hope busy. She was so excited about this! When we wanted to take a picture of Hope playing with her legos, she put them aside and wanted to grab the camera so she could take photos as well. Please pray with us for a speedy recovery for Hope and that soon they’ll go home and be able to continue with rehabilitation at a more comfortable place. Photo of Hope

Jun 25, 2018

“Don’t remove,” Hope’s mama told her this morning as she sat in her baba’s arms. ‘Baba’ is Swahili for dad. Hope has come back for her surgery and BOTH of her parents are here! We’re really thankful Hope’s life has so much hope -- both parents are here AND she’s come to experience healing! Thank Jesus with us for this! Oh -- and what was it that she needed to not remove? Her hospital band of course! Photo of Hope

May 15, 2018

Poor Hope couldn’t shake off her fever. It didn't break quite yet so this means that she cannot have surgery today. Hope and her mum were discharged from the hospital and will come back for surgery when Hope’s fever problem is completely dealt with. We believe that just like Jesus healed Simon-Peter’s mother-in-law in Luke 4:38-39, He will come through for Hope. Please dear friends, pray for Hope and her mum as they travel home and pray for Hope’s quick recovery so that she is able to have surgery. Photo of Hope

May 14, 2018

“Bye,” Nurse Mary said to Mary, Hope’s mama. “I’ll bring her!” and then Mary proceeded to show Hope video and photos of another cute little girl. We even told Nurse Mary that Hope had given us a kiss and Mary got a kiss too. Hope had a small fever today so she didn’t go for surgery, but tomorrow will hopefully be her day! Photo of Hope

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