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  • Conditiona broken bone
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Enock's Story

“You see, this boy is very mindful,” Beatrice told us of her son. Enock is nine years old and spends a lot of time thinking of others. Enock has four siblings, but some of them are away at boarding school.

Enock lives with his mom and … Read more

“You see, this boy is very mindful,” Beatrice told us of her son. Enock is nine years old and spends a lot of time thinking of others. Enock has four siblings, but some of them are away at boarding school.

Enock lives with his mom and grandparents. “He helps them with their cows,” Beatrice shared. Because Enock’s brothers are away at school, Enock is the only boy sibling around, so he takes responsibility of the cows on holidays and weekends. And he not only does this, but he looks out for his family’s needs in other ways, “You see, this boy after school, he just wants to go to the shamba,” Beatrice said. Shamba is the Swahili word for garden or field, and Enock likes to grow things in the field which helps feed his family.

On the day of his accident, Enock had climbed a tree, wanting to gather firewood to help his mother cook dinner. Something happened in the process of this and Enock fell from the tree, injuring his elbow. Enock was taken to a hospital and a cast was applied to his arm, but it didn’t heal properly. Enock and his mom visited another hospital that shared with them about CURE and then they visited one of our mobile clinics.

Thankfully, Enock’s arm doesn’t cause him much pain or stop him from life and watching out for his family. On the day they were scheduled to come to CURE for surgery, Enock had plans, “Yesterday, he wanted to plant carrots after church,” Beatrice told us. Enock had images in his head of spending weeks at CURE and he imagined that upon returning home, the carrots he wanted to plant would finally be growing! Unfortunately, carrot planting will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, please pray that God will care for Enock as Enock has cared for the people God has planted in his life.

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Latest Updates

Nov 08, 2018

Enock and his mum came to clinic really fast and almost left before we saw them! Thanks to Kimeu, the administrator on clinic who saw Enock's file and called us to take a picture - we caught them! Enock is doing pretty well and the doctor suggested that it would be okay to allow them to stay away from the clinics for at least one year. Please thank God with Enock and his mama for his continued healing! Photo of Enock

Sep 05, 2018

"Where is Naphtali"? was the first question Enock asked me when I went to greet them as soon as they entered compound. "He has greatly improved, he can now feed himself, stretch, and even do other household duties independently," said his mother with a deep smile. Alice, our physiotherapist, who checked on him last clinic and today as well commended his mother for her efforts in following the instructions and ensuring that Enock's hand undergoes stretching and exercise daily. "It is a result of his mother's effort that his hand can stretch with therapy. I advised the mother to continue doing the same." We praise God to hear words of improvement and healing from our doctors and we pray that Enock's mother will continue doing exercises until we meet again on November 7th and update you more on the progress! Photo of Enock

Jun 14, 2018

“I was telling him to color in the lines,” Mama Enock told us today. Enock has had himself quite the time! He was scheduled to come for mobile clinic in three weeks, but then a bummer thing happened - the screw in his arm started coming out. “He’s too sad,” his mom said this morning. Enock’s eyes even got a bit misty. We brought him coloring books and that helped distract him. Plus -- he gets to go home and share the crayons with his family at home. His mom told us he loves sharing! Thankfully for Enock, his day was cheered by the fact he didn’t have to go to theatre and there is no infection and his bones have fused okay. We’re hoping to still see him at clinic in a few weeks! Pray for him in these next weeks because he needs to do physio to help with his range of motion. Photo of Enock

May 30, 2018

Imagine getting out of bed and leaving your house at 12am in order to travel on public transport just to get to a hospital for an appointment with a doctor. That’s how it was for Enock and his mom. After leaving at around midnight, they reached the town down the hill from CURE at 4am, sat in a restaurant for a couple of hours, then took a motorbike up the hill to CURE. And we haven’t even gotten to Enock’s appointment yet! That included taking off his dressing, getting an x-ray, the doctor deciding Enock’s pins should be removed, waiting for them to be removed, and then having them removed. He also visited the OT and made us laugh at his antics of trying to compensate for his lack of arm mobility -- he might have also been a bit scared which made him try to compensate. Thankfully, it was all worth it because this is just one more step along Enock’s journey of healing. For the next few weeks hopefully Enock will gain more movement in his arm as he waits to be seen at mobile clinic on July 4th. Pray that he and his mama will make it home safely today! Thank you all too for sharing your words of encouragement with Enock and his mom in all the get-well messages you sent! Photo of Enock

May 10, 2018

“Enock accepted Christ as his Savior!” Pastor Phoebe told us this morning. On Monday Phoebe had the chance to talk to Enock and he said ‘YES’ to Jesus! We’re so happy he’s come to know the God we love and serve. Would you please pray that God will work in Enock’s heart to draw him closer to Jesus? He and his mom left this morning, but not before Enock got his very own Bible! Please also pray that as he waits to come back on May 30th for a checkup, he’ll be reading it! Photo of Enock

May 09, 2018

“Part-time farmer,” is what Beatrice told us of Enock this morning. Although Enock seems to enjoy the farming he gets to do, he told us what he really wants to be when he grows up - “A teacher!” Someday, he hopes to teach math, but he can always do farming on the side. Beatrice told us today that she’ll be the one planting the carrots once they arrive home due to the current status of Enock’s arm. We’re excited for the day when Enock is healed up enough that he can resume his ‘part-time farming’ as he waits to become that math teacher! Photo of Enock

May 08, 2018

Enock was the first one in the operating room this morning as he went for his elbow-fixing by Dr. Watson and Dr. Kinyua. Well, okay, that’s not really what the surgery is called! As we talked to a visiting surgeon observing surgery this morning, he kept using big words referring to surgery and bones. He talked about how medical terminology is really like another language! The official term for his surgery is ‘open reduction internal fixation’ or as the visiting doc told us, a ‘reconstruction of a mal-union.’ What is a mal-union? A mal-union is where one’s bones do not align properly. In Enock’s case, the bone that he broke was out of alignment and didn’t heal correctly. Dr. Watson and Dr. Kinyua had to re-align it and pin it so it can now heal well. That’s why they also had to take x-ray photos. Enock is back from his surgery and now he’s on his way to the healing you’ve been praying for (thank you!). Photo of Enock

May 07, 2018

When we asked Enock what he loves about Jesus, he said, “Because He helps me.” He loves God because God helps meet his needs and we could say the same about Enock. He helps meet the needs of his family through his ‘shamba’ and looking out for his family in other ways. God is helping Enock right now by bringing him to CURE. God gave him the gift of play today, and hopefully tomorrow he will give him the gift of healing! Photo of Enock

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