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  • Age6
  • Conditionclubfoot
  • Next Appointment 10/30/2019

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Cynthia's Story

“I call her my daughter because I don’t have a daughter,” Irene told us of Cynthia. Cynthia’s mom left a while back, leaving Cynthia with her grandmother and her dad. Irene has two sons of her own, but no daughters. So although Cynthia live… Read more

“I call her my daughter because I don’t have a daughter,” Irene told us of Cynthia. Cynthia’s mom left a while back, leaving Cynthia with her grandmother and her dad. Irene has two sons of her own, but no daughters. So although Cynthia lives with other family, Irene seems like more than just an auntie to her. She is like her mother!

Cynthia’s family started noticing her clubfeet around the time that she began walking. She was taken to the hospital and had casts put on her tiny feet. Her feet improved some, but the foot she’s currently having surgery on got worse as she walked and played. The casting was not enough. We’re thankful that Cynthia’s family loves her as they do. They found out about one of our mobile clinics, visited, and after some time, they are now here!

Cynthia smiles almost every time you look at her. Her sweet shyness is evident as you talk to her. Sometimes it takes encouragement to get her to talk, but you know what she does do? She sings! When we asked her if she loves Jesus a lot or a little, she was shy but finally said, “A lot!” And when we asked what she has learned at church, she told us, “To sing!” So what did we do? We sang a song called “Baby Jesus” and she sang right along!

As Cynthia goes for surgery, be praying that the God she loves so much would shower her with His love and healing. You can thank Him too for the love that Cynthia’s family has for her!

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Latest Updates

Mar 27, 2019

What a beautiful smile from Cynthia and her mum! At this point during our mobile clinic, they were done with most of the process including seeing the doctor and it was now time to have Cynthia’s AFOs repaired. We had a short chat and Mama Cynthia told us that they were doing well at home. She also said they are happy with her daughter’s progress. We will see them again in six months time! Photo of Cynthia

Jan 04, 2019

Good news about our little lady - although we missed seeing her, she came for a new cast recently and the next time we see her at the end of January, she shouldn't have to wear her cast anymore. She should be able to wear her new orthotic! Now that's a Happy New Year!

Dec 17, 2018

We got such a beautiful hug from sweet Cynthia this morning! And we made her smile when we asked her how ‘auntie mom’ was. Cynthia is a joy and she’s got lots of it herself! Her poor foot is misbehaving though -- it needs some serial casting to help it get back in shape. Hopefully after a couple of times, she’ll then get to wear her new orthotics that she was measured for today. She'll come after Christmas to get a new cast, but we may be away for the holiday, so we'll see her the next time she comes for her cast. Please do pray for her foot in the meantime -- that it will transform quickly! Photo of Cynthia

Nov 19, 2018

We didn't get to see Cynthia on clinic last week nor check out if her tooth has returned or not, but we're hoping her not coming is a sign that she's doing so well. We hope to see her next at the end of January!

Sep 12, 2018

The smile on Cynthia's face is precious. She smiled at us when we wanted to check out whether the tooth is back, but, like a the surgery, it takes time. Cynthia is doing well. The main purpose of her coming was to get her AFO shoe to be repaired. She has been struggling to walk due to her worn out orthotic. She got all fixed up by Purity, our ortho technician, and she went home a happy girl. We hope to see her again on 14th November for her next appointment. Lets continue to pray for her. Photo of Cynthia

Jul 11, 2018

Somebody has lost a tooth and it’s not us! Any guesses on who it is? YES!!! You guessed it! It’s our pretty little friend who came to pick up her orthotic today. She got her cast off, had to cry a few tears in the process, but then it was all worth it because she got her new orthotic and will see us again in September at mobile clinic. Please pray for smooth sailing for the rest of Cynthia’s treatment journey and for lots more lost teeth because it shows our girl is GROWING! Photo of Cynthia

May 29, 2018

“Call to me and I will answer you,” is the Bible verse that Cynthia quoted to Pastor Emmy this morning. Cynthia said it was from Philippians 6:8, only… there is no Philippians 6:8! Jeremiah 33:3 does say those words though. Maybe Cynthia was just confused. One thing we do know - Cynthia was HAPPY today! She sat on her bed, singing. Today she and her mama (she calls her auntie ‘mama’) got to leave the hospital and this IS reason to be happy! Please pray for them as they travel back to their home far away tomorrow after sleeping in Nairobi. We’ll catch them again on June 20th. Photo of Cynthia

May 28, 2018

For Sweet Cynthia, today was her day as she got her new cast put on! After coming from theatre, we saw her in bed and stole smiles from her by making faces. Later we caught Irene feeding her with a spoon. What was she feeding her? Sugar water! A little while after this, she’ll be able to eat real food again and a little while more - she’ll get to go home! Please praise Jesus with us for the miracle of her surgery and also the miracle of her healing. Photo of Cynthia

May 25, 2018

This very pretty smiling machine had a good night and when we saw her this morning, she was very jovial! Her cast had to be split after she had surgery because her leg was swelling. This was done to reduce pressure on her leg. Cynthia isn’t in too much pain and we thank God for that. Please keep praying for her and all the other kids in the ward with her! Photo of Cynthia

May 24, 2018

“Paparazzi,” we told Veronica the scrub tech in the OR today as we took photos. Today was God’s answer to your prayers - Cynthia went to surgery! When we saw her auntie before Cynthia was back from the OR, we asked if she was nervous. “Just a little,” she told us. We assured her that Dr. Theuri was operating on Cynthia and he’s been here the longest. Cynthia is in fabulous hands, and we’re thankful that her foot is finally getting the operation that it came here for! Photo of Cynthia

May 23, 2018

Cynthia was feeling shy today when we went to say hi, and we still don’t have a story from her. As we spent time with her at her bed, she seemed a bit off. “She’s bored,” we were told. We asked her if she wanted to color and she said yes, so we requested coloring from one of our pastors in the playroom, and Cynthia’s boredom was (hopefully) cured! Her cough is improving which is an answer to prayer. Please pray for enough improvement that she can have surgery tomorrow or Friday! Photo of Cynthia

May 22, 2018

“Smile machine!” Roseline said today of Cynthia. Cynthia smiles so much and exudes a joy not always easily contained. As we sat on her bed this morning, we asked her to tell us a story. She was feeling shy and even friends like Roseline and auntie Irene couldn’t come up with stories. We told them a story about a time we’d given a kiss to a rabbit and it bit us. Cynthia laughed about that! “Tomorrow,” we said and told her to think about a story. We’ll see how tomorrow goes -- maybe we’ll bring you a story from Cynthia. She’s doing nebulizer treatments to help her cough. It took her and the group she came with - including Roseline - two days to come to CURE, so Cynthia really needs to have surgery this week. Pray with us over this? Photo of Cynthia

May 21, 2018

As we took photos of Cynthia and her auntie/mom Irene, we told Cynthia to kiss Irene and after sort of doing so, the two melted into this. We’re so happy they have each other! Their love for each other and their joy is evident. The place where they are from is hot, and Kijabe, where CURE is located, is very much the opposite - cold and rainy! It could be the weather, or maybe the travel, or who knows what else, but poor Cynthia has caught herself a bit of a cold. Please pray that she heals soon because she needs to have surgery this week and her sickness is preventing this! Photo of Cynthia

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