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  • Age9
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Collins's Story

They say not everything in life is easy and so it goes for Collins. His story isn’t a pleasant one. It’s hard. It’s painful. You might wince a bit when you read it.

You see, in early 2017, Collins was playing with his friends and for … Read more

They say not everything in life is easy and so it goes for Collins. His story isn’t a pleasant one. It’s hard. It’s painful. You might wince a bit when you read it.

You see, in early 2017, Collins was playing with his friends and for some reason, an idea came to their minds that ended up bringing Collins to CURE. It involved kerosene and a match. According to Lucy, his grandma, this is how it went down: Collins friends gave him kerosene to drink and they poured some of it on him. Then they lit a match.

Lucy wasn’t around, but someone called her. We asked her what it was like when she saw him. She spread her arms out and said, “Like this.” Poor Collins was swollen and crying and although confused about it all, Lucy did the only thing she could, she took him to the hospital. He went to that hospital and then to another one where he spent the next seven months being treated. After being released from the hospital, they went to another hospital for physio, and it was there that Lucy was told about one of our mobile clinics.

Collins and Lucy visited our clinic. As we chatted with Lucy and another mama from the ward, that mama told us what Lucy thought when she brought Collins our clinic, “She wasn’t scared as long as he got well.”

Collins’ story is a sad one, but it can also be a tale of redemption. Out of the ashes of tragedy can come a beautiful story. Please pray that Collins will indeed get well and go on to tell the story of the God who helped redeem his story.

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Latest Updates

Feb 19, 2019

Collins doesn’t say much, but his eyes are full of untold stories. Some are stories of sadness – like the time that his accident happened and he received his burns. But some are stories of hope – like the healing he’s experienced at CURE Kenya. He will continue to experience this hope because he needs another surgery, this time on his neck. We’re not sure when the surgery will be, but when it happens, it will be a wonderful addition to Collins’ stories of hope! Photo of Collins

Sep 25, 2018

Collins and his shosho came to clinic early enough to catch the devotion led by the local pastors from the area. The pastor shared from Psalm 103:3: “Who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases.” He shared of trusting God and about the fact that he will heal us spiritually along with physically. Clearly our God is a very trustworthy God because he has been healing Collins! We’d love to know more of his spiritual healing, but for now we can share of his physical healing. The doctor said he’s got good movement in his elbow and arm. The thing that needs a bit more of God’s healing is the area around his neck. He will need another surgery probably in December, and we know that the God who has been healing Collins will continue to do so. Please be praying for Collins continued spiritual and physical healing! Photo of Collins

Jul 25, 2018

Collins came for check up at our mobile clinic and the first words the doctor who saw him were, “This boy is doing very well! He has awesome range of motion in his hand now.” Collins is doing very well. He needs to now come for another procedure to release the burn contractures around his neck. Collins and his grandma live very far from CURE Kenya and we urge you to please pray that God provides the necessary resources they need to get to hospital. Photo of Collins

Jul 06, 2018

Collins and his grandma left CURE Kenya very early this morning! We learned that they were supposed to leave yesterday but the time wasn’t in their favor and they would have a hard time finding means to travel. So they opted to sleep here and leave very early today. We are happy that finally Collins can go home and we will see them again at clinic soon!

Jul 05, 2018

This morning was a bit colder than usual and when we went to the ward, we found Collins and his Shosho holding each other to stay warm. Collins and his Shosho were waiting for the physiotherapist to come and help Collins with some exercises. It seems we have our boy around for a lot longer and unlike yesterday when Collins was bummed out about not being able to go home, he has warmed up to the fact that he’ll be staying around today too. Little things like his cube mate singing and calling out his name help to keep him upbeat and happy! Photo of Collins

Jul 04, 2018

Our poor boy was upset when he learned that he won’t be going home today. He was seen during doctor’s rounds this morning and it was decided that since Collins didn’t have good range of motion on his neck, he needed to stay around for a while and do physio. He was also given a shot because the shosho said he had some pain around the neck. On the flip side, this is good for him because it means he is getting the best care and he will enjoy his time some more in the playroom. Collins will need all of us to pray for his physiotherapy and that his body responds as well as it should! Photo of Collins

Jul 03, 2018

“This food is so good, yuuum!” Collins said as he was having his lunch today. We went to the ward a bit to see him and the other kiddos but he was not there and the mum told us he was in the playroom. Collins was in the PLAYROOM! When he came back to his bed it was time for lunch. We asked him how he felt and he said, “It is a bit painful but not so much!” The fact that he was in the playroom with his friend, moving around and kicking a ball means he is not in so much pain and he could be on his way home soon! Photo of Collins

Jul 02, 2018

Someone had some smiles for us today! When we asked why he was happy, his shosho told us, “Picha!” That’s the Swahili word for picture, so apparently his happiness came when it was time to smile! Shosho has been requesting us to send photos to Collins’ mom, and this is one that we will send to her. We’re thankful we’re able to share photos with Collins’ mom of Collins’ and Shosho’s time in the hospital! We’re waiting to hear if Collins will go home soon or do physio. Tomorrow we can hopefully update you on this! Photo of Collins

Jun 29, 2018

For whatever reason, sweet Collins had to wait until today for theatre and his dressing change. But, despite the wait, it was all worth it! Collins is healing, praise Jesus! We haven’t heard the final word from our medical staff, but we’re hoping our boy will stick around for a bit to do rehab so that his released contractures don’t misbehave and return to the way they were. Please pray for only the best for our boy! Photo of Collins

Jun 28, 2018

Collins is kicking off his current hospital stay with a boatload of get well messages that you all showered upon him! Storyteller Elvis shared them with him as he sat with him on his bed and Collins even got a sweet from us that he had to save for later. Our sweet boy’s wound is smelling a bit fishy, so a trip to theatre for a dressing change was in order and eating wasn’t an option at that moment since Collins was waiting to go. Please pray that this won’t be any kind of set back for him but that he’ll just keep healing as he’s meant to! Photo of Collins

Jun 11, 2018

Collins' day came! He got to go home to that warmer place! He'll get to enjoy that warmer place for a few weeks and then he'll be back on the 27th to spend time in the hospital doing rehab to help in his healing process. Please pray he'll soak up all the sunshine he can in the next couple weeks before he comes back.

Jun 08, 2018

Let us tell you - not everywhere in Kenya is hot! Kijabe is one of those ‘not everywheres.’ Can you see that little bit of red blanket in the corner of the photo? Collins needed it this morning along with the usual sheet kiddos get wrapped in before going to theatre! Thankfully for Collins, he won’t be cold for much longer because after a dressing change in theatre and one more sleep in the hospital, Collins gets to go home to a warmer place! Photo of Collins

Jun 07, 2018

Can you catch a tiny glimmer in Collins eyes? Collins smile is a quiet one, but we might have caught one or two of them today. Our sweet, shy boy is spending one of his last days in the hospital and he must be pretty happy about it! Maybe he’s been spending time lounging on his bed, daydreaming of what he’ll do when he get home. Will he go and relax? Will he go outside to play? Will he read a book? We’re not sure what he’ll do, but we so hope his heart will be happy when he finally gets to be at home doing whatever he wants! Photo of Collins

Jun 06, 2018

“What are you doing?” we asked Collins this morning. “You are resting,” the mama in the bed next to Collins said. Collins has been relaxing today but then we started playing with the balloon of the boy in the next bed and Collins was only too happy to join in! He’s already spent over a week in the hospital, so he is probably very ready for the day to come when he and shosho go home. Please pray that this day comes soon -- Friday hopefully! Photo of Collins

Jun 05, 2018

Collins is a very curious young man. When we saw him this morning he was coloring a few art pieces which had been given to him by the sweet lady in charge of the playroom at CURE. We hid behind a slab to try get a picture of him unaware but he found out very fast because of his curiosity and desire to know what's happening around him. Collin’s dominant hand is his right one but he has to use his left hand to do things like coloring at the moment. Could you please say a short prayer for Collins, that he would be healed and be able to use both his hands? Photo of Collins

Jun 04, 2018

“Friday,” Lucy told us this morning. This is the day that Collins and Lucy will hopefully get to go home if the dressing change goes well for Collins! In the meantime, Collins will be around, gracing us with his gentle smiles and 'chillaxing' in his bed. Please pray for these two as they wait it out at CURE a little longer and especially for the surgery wounds healing under Collins bandages. Photo of Collins

May 31, 2018

Today we found Collins and Lucy in great moods. “Come take that photo so we can remember these happy moments,” Lucy called out once she saw us with a camera. Collins is such a brave young man, only a day after his surgery and he is already smiling, not his brightest smile, but a soft smile on the side of his mouth. He is still getting used to the new feel of badges on the larger part of his right upper body. We thank God for the successful surgery and for Collins’ joy. Let's keep praying for Collins! Photo of Collins

May 30, 2018

Today, we had some time to chat with Collins and his grandmother before he went in for surgery. We learned that Collins was an only child, but it has not always been like that. Collins lost both his other siblings to a strange ailment, and all that happened when he was in the hospital recovering from his burn wounds. That was a really hard time for this family. “In this world, you will go through all sorts of experiences, some good, others not so good; but all you have to do is ask God for strength to get you through it all,” Lucy told us when we asked her how she managed to get through that period. On the bright side, Collins is doing really well in school and he was leading his class in the exam they had just before he came to CURE. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. With the success of his surgery today, things can only get better from here. Thank you for all the love and prayers for Collins. Let's continue to pray that his recovery will be smooth! Photo of Collins

May 29, 2018

When we saw Collins in the playroom this morning, he was sitting on a bike by himself. We encouraged him to ride it but he didn’t go very far. We then proceeded to bring him legos to build and eventually, invited him to come sit at the table with us to play. We couldn’t help but think about him in regards to friends. We can imagine that after what his ‘friends’ did to him, Collins might be leery of making new ones or even having them in general. Can you imagine if some of your friends gave you flammable liquid to drink, poured some on you, and then lit you on fire? Although we don’t really know all the circumstances surrounding this and if these boys were really friends or just guys causing trouble, but regardless, the awfulness of such an experience could make anyone leery. Would you pray with us that as Collins waits for his surgery, that God will send him some friends who love him the way he deserves? Photo of Collins

May 28, 2018

“What are you doing today?” We asked Collins. “Are you resting?” Collins’ surgery will probably be tomorrow so, in the meantime, he’s chilling in his bed with his shosho Lucy (grandma in Collins’ mother tongue). We found out he likes chapati (Kenyan flatbread) with meat. Maybe we can take him chapati as a special treat after his surgery is over! Photo of Collins

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