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  • Age8
  • Conditionan amputation
  • Next Appointment 04/04/2019

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James's Story

James is a very active boy. When we met him, he was on the waiting list to go to theatre which means he had not eaten and was not supposed to eat or drink anything. No food, no problem! James would kick his balloon in the ward and in the corridors … Read more

James is a very active boy. When we met him, he was on the waiting list to go to theatre which means he had not eaten and was not supposed to eat or drink anything. No food, no problem! James would kick his balloon in the ward and in the corridors without looking like he was going to stop any time soon. His mum told us that sometimes she is worried that he will hurt himself more.

James was born with this condition, a deformed tibia. His mum was so shocked because James was her first baby. She was wondering what would happen to her and what people would say. She was told that the problem could be solved, and they began the process immediately. At some point, James had two surgeries but the correction was not achieved as intended.

Monica, James mum, was told about CURE by a friend of her husband’s. She was told where to find the hospital and decided to bring her son. James needs surgery and we pray that it is going to bring the intervention he needs. “My biggest prayer is that James will be self dependent in future so he’ll be able to move around and do his things on his own,” Monica told us. Let’s pray with her for this.

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Latest Updates

Feb 07, 2019

We saw James at our mobile clinic before his file was retrieved but he looked very familiar. Your question right now would be, “How can you forget such a nice smile?” We see so many kids during mobile clinic and it’s hard to remember all their names. So, when we asked this young man what his name was, he laughed and grinned and said, “Jimmy!” We asked him to be our friend so that when we come to clinic next time we won’t have to look at his file to remember his name. He agreed! James is doing well and we are happy that he is having an easy time moving around with his prosthetic leg. Photo of James

Jun 14, 2018

Somebody got their new leg today, and they’re pretty happy about it! Wanna guess who it is? Oh, James? Why yes -- you’re right! He spent most of his day at CURE for the fitting process. Some of James' get-well messages were asking him about his favorite things, so today we found out he loves reading for school, playing with his friends, and Sunday school. James has the funniest personality, so we can only imagine what it’s like to be his teacher, friend, classmate. It must be such an adventure! Thank Jesus with us that this fantastic kid will finally be able to walk to all the places he goes -- crutch free (when he’s comfortable)! We’ll catch him again on November 27th. Photo of James

May 24, 2018

“Is he coloring on you?” we asked James today. And in fact he was! Evans was coloring on James so that he could measure him for his new prosthesis! Today was a good day for James because of this. James is a face-maker, so when Evans would touch his leg to inspect it, his face would sometimes show uncertainty. This happened so many times that he got asked, “Are you scared?” And every time he would tell us no. Who knows why he was making those faces, but regardless, we’re thankful he’s very close to getting his new leg! He’ll come in just a few weeks to try it on! Photo of James

Apr 25, 2018

Aside from a bit of a hop, you can hardly tell James is using crutches if you can’t see them. He CRUISES!!! James only has one more month (hopefully) until he will get fitted for his prosthesis. This is exciting news because that means he’ll get a new leg and (hopefully) won’t have to walk with crutches anymore! We’ll see him on May 24th when he gets measured for his prosthetic. Please pray his stump heals well as James has it wrapped to shape it for the next month. Photo of James

Apr 11, 2018

We finally spotted James this afternoon perched in the grass, having a yogurt snack. We said hi and got some smiles. When we later found him being checked by the doctor, he had a lollipop. Maybe that was his lunch. Yogurt is dairy and lollipops bring your blood sugars up. That’s some sort of balanced diet, right? (insert winky face here) James is healing, and the doctor recommended some topical medicine to help his wound heal even more. We’ll see him again on May 9th and once he heals enough, he’ll get measured for his new leg! Photo of James

Mar 29, 2018

Here is a conversation between James and storyteller Elvis: Elvis: James, who would you like to become when you grow up? James: (takes his time before answering) I would like to become a driver! Elvis: Yeah? What kind? James: (shies off and does not answer the question) Elvis: Would you like to be a bus driver? or a celebrity driver? or the president’s driver? James: I don’t know, just a driver! Elvis: Or you could be the president hey? James: No, because there is a president already, there is no point of having two. Elvis: No further questions! Lol!

James was taken through walking practice using crutches by one of our physios today. He can now go home and enjoy the Easter holiday with his family. Please pray for journey mercies and complete healing for him. Photo of James

Mar 28, 2018

After a very calm and peaceful night, James was longing to see the light coming from outside. He was jovial this morning and he told us that the pain had tremendously reduced. The doctors need to check his wound tomorrow just to find out how our friend is doing, then decide when they can let him go home. Friends, please pray for that and thank God with us for the recovery process. Photo of James

Mar 27, 2018

James couldn’t sleep very well at night. He was in so much pain, so when we saw him this morning he could barely open his eyes. His mum was there with him and at some point James was troubled in his sleep but she held him and reassured him that all was well. “It’s probably a scary dream!” she told us. James had an amputated so we urge you, dear friends, to pray that he accepts this eventuality and that his wounds heal properly. James will also need a prosthetic soon so please pray for that as well! Photo of James

Mar 26, 2018

“He got nervous as they were about to put the mask on,” Dr. Watson told us when we talked about how joyful James was this morning. We can’t blame James for being nervous since the whole surgery process is so foreign and has the potential to be scary. Because of James’ condition, he needed an amputation below his knee because, try as people might to save James’ leg, his body wasn’t healing properly and an amputation was the best option for him. “God made the perfect template,” Dr. Watson told us of different bodies (even of animals) God made. We are so fearfully and wonderfully made. Even as they stitched James up at the end of surgery, we marveled at how his body would heal from the stitching. We have a God who made James just right, and we know he has just the right plans for James. Please pray James will see it like this because amputations can be difficult to accept. Photo of James

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