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Cyprian Carl's Story

Cyprian is five days old and he was born with unilateral clubfoot. Julia, his mum, was so shocked because she had never seen such a thing in her life. This being her second born and her first baby being born with clubfoot, she was worried that mayb… Read more

Cyprian is five days old and he was born with unilateral clubfoot. Julia, his mum, was so shocked because she had never seen such a thing in her life. This being her second born and her first baby being born with clubfoot, she was worried that maybe she had done something wrong and was being punished for it. She was told by the nurse that this was not a big problem and that it could be corrected.

Julia felt so much relief, and she relaxed. She was told about CURE and so she brought her son to start the clubfoot correction process. She is hopeful that her son will be able to walk when the time comes and that he will be like his older sibling. Please pray for Cyprian as he begins his clubfoot correction journey.

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Latest Updates

Jan 14, 2019

Somebody was sleeping when we caught him waiting to be seen. Maybe he’s still sleeping off the last and final remains of a sickness that he had last week that made coming for their scheduled check up not happen. The good thing is that he is feeling better and he’s also doing well in his healing! He’s keeping his same shoes but maybe when he comes in April, he’ll get bigger ones! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Nov 26, 2018

Do you SEE those eyelashes? Some people have all the luck when it comes to eyelashes and Ciprian is one of those people! Look out all of you current girl babies because in a few years, Ciprian will be charming you with those! In fact, who are we kidding? He might already be charming you! He’s doing well and when he comes in January, maybe we can ask his mom to tell us some stories of his charmings! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Oct 29, 2018

This adorable little man came for review today. He just keeps amazing us at how big he has gotten every time he comes. “Is it harder now to put his braces on because he knows how to remove them?” we asked his mum. “Yes it is! These days I wake up in the morning to find he untied the laces and threw the shoes away,” she told us. That’s how big and smart our friend is now. Alice, one of our physiotherapists, reviewed Ciprian. She said that his leg felt a bit stiff and that he needed to do stretching exercises for a month as he continues wearing his braces. When he comes back, it will be decided whether he’ll need the tenotomy to be redone. Photo of Cyprian Carl

Oct 15, 2018

“I know if I touch him, he’ll wake up,” Marygoretti the physio said something like this today and sure enough — Ciprian did wake up. And although her cold hands woke him, her warm heart smiled at him and tried to make him feel better as he sat on his mom’s lap, newly awake in a strange room with someone touching his feet. Ciprian is doing great, but his mom says his braces are getting too small and she accidentally forgot to bring them today. This is good news for us though because it means we’ll get to see them again in just a couple weeks when they come to get new ones! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Aug 13, 2018

“Why are you kicking my hand you little wonder boy?” George, our physiotherapist asked Cyprian as he wrote down some notes on his file while holding baby Cyprian. Today Cyprian came for brace review and is doing well. His braces had started hurting him a little so he needed to get new ones. We asked his mum if Cyprian had already started eating actual food and she said no, that it wasn’t time yet. We asked this because Cyprian is growing heavy by the day. He is almost six months old which means it's almost time to start eating little portions of mashed food. We can’t wait to see him grow even bigger! Thank God with us for so much progress in Cyprian’s healing! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Jul 16, 2018

Ciprian is really growing fast. We know this because today he needed new braces and that’s what he got. He also has a new haircut, and we absolutely love it. We will see him next in August when he comes for brace review! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Jun 11, 2018

That little foot that Amos our physio is holding is getting bigger, so it and it’s twin got new braces today! Ciprian is doing well and smiled at his mama today during his appointment. It might seem like a simple thing, but we’re really just thankful that Ciprian is growing and progressing in his treatment. Things could go wrong, but they don’t because God wants our kiddos healed! Please thank Him with us for His goodness! Photo of Cyprian Carl

May 21, 2018

“Now I am happy,” Mama Ciprian told us today. Our boy has finished his casting and has gone to braces! Today we caught her talking with the mama of another one of our CUREkid clubfoot babies - Mama Prince! When we asked what they talked about, Mama Ciprian said, “The babies.” We’re thankful that they have both brought their babies to us and that they’re both on the road to healing together! Photo of Cyprian Carl

May 14, 2018

Two weeks ago, Cyprian had his tenotomy done and was scheduled to come today. We saw him and his mum and he was dressed in a very cool sweater that helped keep him warm! Cyprian needs to wear a cast for one more week before he can start wearing braces. We thank God for how far they’ve been able to come! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Apr 30, 2018

“He was looking at me suspiciously,” physiotherapist George told us of Ciprian’s face before his cast was removed. Ciprian has been here long enough, he probably knows what cast cutting is all about and he knows it is not the best part of his Monday. But we know that even if it isn’t so fun for him, it IS a good thing and today’s evidence comes in the form of a tenotomy! Tenotomies are simple procedures done in our outpatient clinic. The medical staff cut the tendon, then cast the foot so that the tendon grows more properly. Although this is also not fun, it marks the end of casting for our kiddos and it means their feet are looking fabulous. After three weeks in this last cast, they’re given their first foot brace! Thank Jesus with us for Ciprian’s milestone in his casting process! We’ll catch him again on May 21st. Photo of Cyprian Carl

Apr 23, 2018

Ciprian was sleeping today when we caught up with him and his mom. She was sharing with us how he doesn’t sleep well at night, so this makes her sleep rather interrupted. And on top of this, he doesn’t like sleeping alone! Funny kiddo. But, he’s only a month old. As he continues his little human journey, sleeping should become more normal. We’re happy and thankful our boy is growing up -- we’ll see him next week for another cast change! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Apr 16, 2018

Cyprian is doing well. He was asleep before his cast was taken off so he was shocked when he first heard the sound of the cast cutter. His mum held his hand all throughout the process though! She also covered his face so that the dust from the cast wouldn’t bother him. Cyprian will continue with casting and we’ll see him again next Monday when he comes back for clinic. Thank you so much for your continued support in prayer and in kind! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Apr 09, 2018

Cyprian’s mum was very fast to note that there has been an improvement since they started correction by casting. Cyprian is doing well and is really growing fast. He didn’t like the sound of the cast cutter at all. He screamed at the top of his lungs but his mum held his hand and calmed him down. Please continue praying that the correction process is successful. Photo of Cyprian Carl

Apr 03, 2018

“He’s improving,” Mama Cyprian told us today. We weren’t sure if she was seeing the progress, if the physios were seeing the progress, or if she was asking if we were seeing the progress! She had a bit of a scare today though because Cyprian still had a bit of swelling in his leg even after a week of resting and the physios wanted a doctor to check it out. Mama Cyprian was so relieved because the doctor thought things were okay for the physios to go ahead and recast. Please do pray with us that the swelling isn’t an indication of something more complex, and please pray that Cyprian will just continue to improve like his mom says he is! We’ll catch him again next Monday. Photo of Cyprian Carl

Mar 26, 2018

He opened his eyes. Yay! Look at how much he has grown since he came here first. Cyprian was a bit freaked out by the cast cutter machine that was much too loud for him. He cried a lot but his mum was there with him and for him the whole time. “I have already started seeing a huge difference in my son’s leg, and I am hopeful that in the end he’ll be alright,” Cyprian’s mum told us. Cyprian is experiencing a bit of swelling in his leg, so after about a week's rest from casting, hopefully he'll get another cast put on and continue with his treatment. We know his healing is in God's hands and in His time! Photo of Cyprian Carl

Mar 19, 2018

Cyprian doesn’t like the light, that’s why he would really cry if we tried to wake him to take a photo with his eyes open. But he’s only five days old so he’ll get used to the light as days go by. Please pray for him and for the correction process! Photo of Cyprian Carl

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