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  • Age2
  • Conditionburn contractures
  • Currently In Hospital

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Shantel's Story

This cute little angel’s name is Shantel. When she was about one year old and learning how to walk, she got in an accident. Sharon, her mum, was making porridge in the kitchen when she left for a second to check on something else. Shantel screame… Read more

This cute little angel’s name is Shantel. When she was about one year old and learning how to walk, she got in an accident. Sharon, her mum, was making porridge in the kitchen when she left for a second to check on something else. Shantel screamed at the top of her voice and when Sharon came back to the house, she was shocked by the sight of her daughter’s hands inside the pot full of boiling porridge.

“It was cold that day, so I had dressed Shantel for the weather,” Sharon told us. “She was in an apron and two sweaters.” This made it very difficult to help Shantel. Sharon couldn’t remove all the clothes her daughter was wearing because when she tried, she caused more harm to her. Shantel was also wearing a metal bracelet on her wrist that had to be removed through surgery because it was covered in her flesh. This was a very traumatic accident for both of them.

Sharon rushed her daughter to hospital. She had suffered very serious burns on her hands, legs and back. Sharon was even afraid to call her husband to tell him about the ordeal. He was told later by a friend and when he got to hospital, he very nearly beat Sharon up but was stopped by the nurses on duty. Shantel stayed in the hospital long enough to make her mum grow weary of the treatment process to the extent of asking for a discharge. She stopped the treatment process.

Shantel ended up developing burn contractures. Sharon was kicked out of their home by her husband because she had ‘damaged’ his daughter. She did not have the means to continue treatment. Sharon later joined a women’s help group and that’s where she found out about CURE and brought her daughter for treatment. Please, dear friends, pray that the surgery Shantel needs will bring healing physically, psychologically, and spiritually to both her and her mum.

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Shantel is doing well and we apologize for not letting you know how she was yesterday. We had a big event focused on giving the kids a happy Valentine’s day. Shantel will wait until next week to get another skin graft, but today she just has to bear with the tiny pain of a line being inserted in her leg so she can receive medication. Please continue praying for Shantel and also that God gives her mum peace. She is wondering why they have stayed this long in hospital and it's disturbing her emotionally. Photo of Shantel

3 days ago

There is never a moment when Shantel is not bubbly. Today, we had a bit of a fashion show where she was rocking her theatre gown and it was incredible! It took a while for her be called into surgery and since she's not allowed to eat beforehand, she got a little hangry/sad. Eventually, she did get called in and we're praying the procedure is a success! Photo of Shantel

Feb 13, 2018

Somebody has to go back to theater tomorrow and, Jesus willing, get a new skin graft! But for today, somebody is wearing a pretty dress and giggling and playing around the ward (and also hating the antibiotic drip she has to occasionally be attached to because it disturbs her play but we won’t mention that). Please pray for this little somebody’s tomorrow and that God would continue to bring healing to her body.

Feb 12, 2018

It wasn’t even 8am and this little lady was up and about and feeling feisty! She wanted her photos taken and she wanted to see them! She’s doing amazing considering that she is going back into surgery again and can't eat until after. Today’s procedure is a debridement to help clean up any unhealthy tissue on her surgery site. Please pray Shantel heals super quick so she can have her next skin graft! Thank Jesus with us because although her mama wasn’t feel very good on Friday, she’s better today. Photo of Shantel

Feb 09, 2018

As Shantel spent more time in theatre today getting her dressing changed, her mama got some baby time. One of their bed neighbors, Fredrick, brought his little sister to CURE with him and while Fredrick’s mom was away for a moment, Mama Shantel got to babysit. Our sweet Shantel is having a time of it! Her skin graft didn’t take so well, so once her surgery site is in the clear, they will do another skin graft. Please pray that God uses this situation for His good and glory in the lives of Shantel and her mama! Photo of Shantel

Feb 08, 2018

Singing rang out in the ward this morning as The First Lady of one of Kenya’s counties walked around the ward, greeting patients and their mamas and even giving out snuggles and hugs. A lot of this week’s patients are from the same county as she is from, so it was special to have a visit from her and the mamas’ singing was a great way to show that. We hope Shantel enjoyed the moment and the excitement in the ward. Our poor little friend has been here for ages, so any excitement to distract her from her long stay is a blessing! Photo of Shantel

Feb 07, 2018

As we soaked up some sunshine and some Shantel time, one of CURE’s kitchen kitties came into Shantel’s line of sight and she got a bit excited. “Does she like kitties?” we asked. “She likes them very much!” Mama Shantel told us. Sadly, this particular CURE kitchen kitty doesn’t seem comfortable with pettings, so it was a distance sighting for Shantel. But we’re still hoping it brightened her day like the sunshine did. Please continue to pray for her hand to heal well! Photo of Shantel

Feb 06, 2018

We couldn’t steal Shantel for even a second for a photo! She was glued to the TV watching Zootopia. She is recovering well and just has to be closely monitored for a few days before the doctors can decide if she is ready to go home. We are, however, excited to have her around because her heart is pure and she loves everyone equally. Please continue praying for her progress and healing. Photo of Shantel

Feb 05, 2018

We stood there, socializing around Shantel’s bed as she slept, oblivious. After a moment, her mom reached into her bag and pulled out a blanket. She draped it over Shantel, ensuring that Shantel could continue sleeping peacefully. Thank Jesus with us that her finger seems to be doing better today, post-theatre! A nurse explained to us that sometimes it’s an adjustment once the fingers are released. Maybe the body just isn’t sure what to do with itself! Please pray that Shantel’s body figures everything out so she can heal quick and easy. Photo of Shantel

Feb 02, 2018

Oh boy, so… our sweet friend went to have her dressing changed in theatre and one of her fingers isn’t looking so hot. Because of this, she can’t go home quite yet. She’ll hang out at CURE for a bit longer and on Monday they’ll check on her finger again. Meanwhile she’s drinking porridge and enjoying the company of her bed-neighbors. Although the news about her hand is discouraging and surprising for us, God knew all along that it was coming and totally has it in His hands. Would you help us leave it in His hands through prayer this weekend as we wait for Monday? Photo of Shantel

Feb 01, 2018

“I asked her if she was saved,” Pastor Philip explained to us later. The ‘she’ is the mama, Mama Frida, sitting next to sleeping Shantel and her mama. Mama Frida proceeded to share with Pastor Philip about how God was calling her to Himself after some time away from church. Right there in that ward cube, with Shantel sleeping on her mom's lap, God was being glorified and shared. Please pray that God will use this moment in the lives of anyone who heard! Photo of Shantel

Jan 31, 2018

“Take dolly,” Pastor Phoebe told Shantel after we came into the playroom, thinking we could get a photo of Shantel and dolly. So what did Shantel do? She pulled dolly closer to her by her dress! A very effective method. One must be creative when one of their hands is wrapped in a bandage. Now, we’d like to note this is a different dolly than the one we gave Shantel. She’s really getting herself lots of quality dolly time! We’re thankful Shantel is doing well and is awake and able to color and play with her friends. We’re hoping she’ll get her dressing changed later in the week. Please pray that all will be well with Shantel’s surgery site when this happens! Photo of Shantel

Jan 30, 2018

It may be the day after surgery, but this doesn’t stop Shantel from making her way around the ward. This morning she wanted a ‘dolly’ aka teddy bear, and her dream came true when we gave her one. Shantel was hanging out with a group of friends in another ward cube when we caught a photo of her and her dolly. She might be a bit less smiley today, but overall she seems to be doing well considering. Please pray she enjoys her time around CURE as she waits to go home! Photo of Shantel

Jan 29, 2018

Miracles definitely happen, and on their own time too! Shantel’s miracle came a little bit later than we expected. She didn’t end up having surgery on Friday because of her chest issues, but today was finally her day. Today was her moment when God used our doctors to help her gain more mobility in her fingers. We’re so glad God’s timing is perfect even when it’s not our own, and we’re also glad that our medical staff wants to keep our kiddos healthy and safe like they did with Shantel and waiting for her sickness to go away! Photo of Shantel

Jan 26, 2018

Our God does not slumber nor sleep and we know this because of the small and big miracles that happen every single day at CURE. A small miracle that happened today was that Shantel was cleared to have surgery and we pray that it's going to be successful, will you join us in that prayer? Here is a colorful high five to all of you who have already prayed for Shantel and will not stop until she is completely healed! Photo of Shantel

Jan 25, 2018

Shantel was scheduled to go in for surgery today, unfortunately she couldn’t because our poor friend has a chest infection. It was discovered this morning that she has a cold and her chest didn’t sound very okay. She was allowed to eat today and wait for an X-ray that would allow the doctors to determine exactly what the way forward would be. On the flip side, this meant that we had more time to play with her, and play we did! Shantel might need to go home then come back when her chest clears. Please dear friends, pray for her! Photo of Shantel

Jan 24, 2018

We'd like to introduce you to Shantel. She’s two years old and came to us with burn contractures on left hand, and her turn in theatre is coming tomorrow. For today, she’s hanging out around CURE in the playroom and elsewhere, charming anyone who will give her even a few seconds of their time. We’re quite happy that Shantel is here and that soon she’ll be able to use her hand in new ways! Photo of Shantel

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