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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Catherine's Story

In 2007, Kenya went through one of the darkest times in it’s history: ethnic clashes. More than a thousand Kenyans lost their lives, many more lost their homes, and others were left with scars that always remind them of the unfortunate happenings… Read more

In 2007, Kenya went through one of the darkest times in it’s history: ethnic clashes. More than a thousand Kenyans lost their lives, many more lost their homes, and others were left with scars that always remind them of the unfortunate happenings of that time. Even now, 10 years later, some families are still dealing with effects of the clashes. Catherine’s family is one of those families. In 2007 during the clashes, this family was caught in the middle of two fighting groups. These disastrous events left Jeffreys, Catherine's mother, a widow. She was homeless, and her daughter Catherine had serious burn wounds on both feet.

Life has not been so easy for this mother of three since then, trying to pick up the pieces of what was left of her life and family. However, God has been faithful to her, and she has soldiered on through the years. Her children are now in school, and she has relentlessly moved from hospital to hospital, trying to get help for Catherine. The burn wounds healed, leaving her with some serious contractures that have affected her walking. “My dream is to see her one day walk with no pain on her leg,” Jeffreys told us. “Sometimes, it's so painful she can't even walk to school. Catherine has a dream that one day, she will become a doctor but those legs are affecting her pursuit for that. Her performance in school is being affected, this last school term was particularly bad. She missed so many school days and dropped from position one in her class to six.”

A while ago, Catherine met a neighbor who noticed her deformity. The good neighbor knew someone who had been treated at CURE Kijabe. She introduced them and a few weeks later they showed up together at one of our mobile clinics.

“Isaiah 40:5…And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” Catherine recited the verse to us with such confidence, wordperfect. That’s Catherine’s favorite Bible verse which she learned in Sunday School. Out of all the things she loves to do, going to Sunday school is among the top. “She doesn't miss Sunday school for anything, unless she is sick and can't get out of bed,” Jeffreys confessed. Catherine's love for God’s Word and fellowship did amaze us.

This lovely girl will be coming to CURE soon so our doctors can work on her leg. The surgery, a burn contracture release, is meant to help her have better balance on her feet as she walks and to get rid of the pain. We look forward to knowing this lovely girl more when she comes to the hospital for her surgery next month, God willing!

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Latest Updates

Jun 12, 2019

During this cold season, everyone is looking for ways to stay warm. This includes the patients in our wards. Catherine knows too well that she needs to stay warm so that she doesn’t get sick. She stays in bed and drinks as much hot tea as she can in between talking with her mum and watching TV. Catherine is doing well and will be leaving for home today. We will see her again in two weeks when she comes back for a wound check and dressing change! Photo of Catherine

Jun 11, 2019

Catherine’s procedure went so well! It didn’t take too long and Catherine was soon out of OR. Her mum had an idea that it might not take as long as the initial operation, but she wasn’t sure it would take such a short time either. Please thank God with us for Catherine as she recovers at her bed and gets ready to go home. Photo of Catherine

Jun 10, 2019

Catherine is back at CURE Kenya because she needs a little procedure done on her leg. She has a tiny swelling which needs to be dealt with in the OR. Please pray for her procedure to be successful. Photo of Catherine

May 09, 2019

Catherine and her mama sat on a bench, waiting to see the doctor at mobile clinic. On either side of them sat CUREkids, patients like Catherine. They each have their own stories, memories of CURE Kenya, and knowledge of what it’s like to live life with a disability. It’s not an easy life, but one that God allows us to help make brighter and better. Right now, we’re hoping we can make Catherine’s life brighter and better by helping her have surgery again soon. She has some lesions on her foot that need to be sutured up. Please pray we can do this for her soon! Photo of Catherine

Nov 09, 2018

Catherine and her mum were waiting in line to see the doctor when we saw them on clinic this week. We caught up a little and had a chat about how Catherine is doing and how things are at home. She told us she was doing well and we could see that her leg was in very great shape. Catherine also told us that everything was okay at home and we thank God for that! Amos, our physiotherapist, asked Catherine’s mum to show him how she helps her daughter exercise. She did well and Amos showed her a few more exercises that would help Catherine’s leg get more flexible. Thank you for your continued prayers for Catherine's progress! Photo of Catherine

Jul 05, 2018

As Catherine sat in the room after the ortho tech decided she didn’t need a shoe raise (at least for now), a patient was getting a pin removed next to her. Catherine sat watching. It wasn’t so long ago that she had to have a pin removed herself, so she probably remembers the feeling. Sweet Catherine’s foot looks great and she’s walking well. She did tell the doctor in regards to running, “Not much” but we’re happy she has more mobility in her foot. She’s able to stretch it which is quite exciting! We’ll see her in September at the next clinic. Photo of Catherine

Jan 16, 2018

We learned something silly today! The word for 'crutches' in Swahili is the same word for 'trees'. ‘Miti’ is the word in Swahili. Seriously, if you ever have the time, Google some Swahili. It’s a fun language! Catherine is doing good and her gentle strength was evident today as she did some physio with Bea. She moved her foot and only winced slightly when she felt some pain. She’s calm and collected. Although still unsure of walking, she got to practice walking on her foot with her ‘trees’ aka crutches. She’ll be sent home with the splint she came for. She’ll wear it at night to help her foot stay in a good position. We’ll see her on February 13th when she comes for a special insert to help her foot fit better in her shoe. Until then, pray God continues to give her the gentle strength she needs to practice walking on her newly corrected foot! Photo of Catherine

Jan 11, 2018

As Henry our plaster tech was taking Catherine’s splint off, she just sat there, looking stoic and calm. Not much riles up Catherine! Today we got to ask her about Milka. We learned that Milka is in the same grade as Catherine – the fifth grade. We’re glad Catherine has a friend like Milka who she can spend time with and relate to as they go through school together. Catherine is healing okay and she had her pins removed today at mobile clinic. She and her mom will work on doing some stretching of her foot this weekend and then Catherine will come to CURE on Tuesday to get a new splint. Thank Jesus with us that Catherine is progressing! Photo of Catherine

Dec 15, 2017

Somebody got to go home today! And we didn’t even chat with her about her friend Milka or other Bible verses she likes! Bummer! But, we’ll catch her again in a few weeks, January 11th to be exact. We’re so thankful she’s well enough to have gone home. Please pray for her wound to heal as fast as possible and for God to get the glory from this girl’s story and life! Photo of Catherine

Dec 14, 2017

After chatting around the ward, we made it to Catherine’s bed and smiled at each other. Shortly after this, “Chai!” rang out in the ward. The kitchen had brought chai, so we took Catherine’s cup and got her some. It was very hot though, so as Catherine’s chai sat cooling on the bedside table, we had a little chat. She told us about her siblings and even told us about one of her friends -- Milka. We don’t know much about Milka, but tomorrow maybe we’ll find out more. We also gave Catherine our camera and took turns being silly and taking photos of each other. Catherine is lovely, and we kept telling her she's beautiful. We’re so thankful she’s here with us! Photo of Catherine

Dec 13, 2017

Catherine is sweetly shy, and we got smiles from her today. We didn’t get to talk much, but as we looked through her file, we saw good reports from the nurses, and we couldn’t help but be thankful for those good reports! So many things could go wrong, but God is so faithful and gracious to our kiddos by giving them health and healing. Thanks for praying for our girl! Photo of Catherine

Dec 11, 2017

Catherine has come! We saw our girl this morning and took her outside for some more photos. While outside, we tried to ask her about a Bible verse. Some things might have gotten lost in translation, so we didn’t really get a verse out of her. But, we’d love to know if she knows more verses than the one she shared with us when we met her on mobile clinic. Maybe this week we’ll find out! We noticed that her mama looks a lot like her. Okay, we know it should be the other way around, but… Catherine came yesterday and thankfully already went into surgery today to release her burn contracture. Please pray the surgery gives her just what she needs! Photo of Catherine

Nov 24, 2017

By the time we got to meet Catherine, she had been waiting in line for quite a long time to get reviewed by our doctors. Clinic was somewhat busy. The hot sun and her empty tummy had taken a toll on her, and she wasn't in such a good mood, understandably so. However, as we took her story, her mother did assure us that in different circumstances, she is the happiest person she knows. We managed to get a few smiles from this lovely girl. She also told us that her favorite color is yellow. We might have a bunch of yellow balloons waiting for her at the hospital when she comes for her surgery. We will keep you updated on this lovely lady’s healing journey. Check back around December 10th when she comes to the hospital for more updates. Please keep this family in your prayers as they prepare to come to CURE. Photo of Catherine

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