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Khuzeyma's Story

Khuzeyma is a 10-year-old boy who was born with cerebral palsy. His parents started looking for a solution almost immediately. That’s how they got him to go to physical therapy at least once a week. Khuzeyma showed improvement every single week, … Read more

Khuzeyma is a 10-year-old boy who was born with cerebral palsy. His parents started looking for a solution almost immediately. That’s how they got him to go to physical therapy at least once a week. Khuzeyma showed improvement every single week, which this made his parents very happy.

Khuzeyma is in second grade at school. He is able to have a conversation with someone, and is well aware of the environment around him. Pastor Emmy, who works in our playroom with our kiddos, told us that Khuzeymai enjoyed watching The Jesus Film. She also told us that Khuzeyma seemed to enjoy stories about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This young man needs surgery that will help correct his clubfoot and hopefully enable him to walk. Please, dear friends, pray for Khuzeyma’s surgery to be successful and that his recovery is smooth!

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Latest Updates

Dec 05, 2018

“This is pretty good!” Dr. Kinyua said of Khuzeyma’s flexibility. That pretty much sums up how our little friend is doing. It is very impressive that he can now sit down better and hopefully with time be able to walk. The doctor encouraged Khuzeyma’s dad to keep helping him with exercises at home. He also suggested that Khuzeyma can start using a walking frame but there is no rush to get that. We will see our friend in three months time. Please thank God with us for this far He has brought Khuzeyma! Photo of Khuzeyma

Oct 10, 2018

Khuzeyma is doing well, in terms of his wound healing. He however complains of pain when he is moved from one point to another. The doctor who saw him told us that the wound looks good and is well healed. He prescribed some pain meds for our little friend. Khuzeyma had a nice time talking to Sylvia our pharmacy tech at CURE Kenya. He told her all about his pain and she reassured him that he was going to be okay because God loves him! Photo of Khuzeyma

Sep 27, 2018

Our little friend is loved a lot by his family and he reciprocates the same to them. His aunt for example, called him yesterday and told him that she will be coming to pick him up and she’ll stay with him at her house for a while. Khuzeyma was very pleased to hear this. He has been looking forward to today since the call. Finally Khuzeyma was discharged and his aunt came as promised. He was all smiles as they left CURE Kenya and we thank God for this. Please pray for his quick recovery and for complete healing. Photo of Khuzeyma

Sep 26, 2018

Khuzeyma is still being observed by our doctors and is doing well. “It is possible we will go home tomorrow,” Ali said with a smile on his face. His X-ray shows that he had a successful surgery and we thank God for that! When we saw Khuzeyma today he was having his 10 o’clock snack with the help of his dad. Thank you for your continued prayers for him! Photo of Khuzeyma

Sep 25, 2018

Our little friend is back at CURE Kenya because he dislocated his hip. “Everytime it is cold out, my hip really hurts,” Khuzeyma told us. “The reason I brought him is because it is difficult to watch your child suffer when you can do something about it,” Ali told us. Khuzeyma had surgery yesterday which went well and we hope that his hip won’t dislocate again. Please pray for a quick recovery for our little man. Photo of Khuzeyma

Mar 09, 2018

This young man is just so outgoing and bubbly! He started shouting one of our storyteller’s names from a distance before he got to our desk during mobile clinic this week. He kept smiling and we are very certain that this was an encouraging gesture for all our new patients. Our little charmer needs another surgery and he has been scheduled for that. We kindly ask you to pray for provision, for strength, and courage for Khuzeyma as he mentally prepares for surgery again. Photo of Khuzeyma

Jan 31, 2018

Today our outpatient clinic was very busy. We were running up and down to ensure that our patients received help. Our eyes caught up with Mwaniki. He was seated in a wheel chair, happy as always. His cast was removed today, and we'll see him again on March 8th at mobile clinic. On that date he will be given a date for surgery. Till then, we wish him well and we thank you for your continued prayers! Photo of Khuzeyma

Dec 13, 2017

Smiley and joyful as always, Mwaniki came to CURE today for review. There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you have people who love you and will always be there for you and Mwaniki knows that his family does. This handsome young man is doing well, and his healing process is going the right way, thank you for your part in making this happen! Photo of Khuzeyma

Nov 02, 2017

We are happy that Khuzeyma is going home today. He really loves his family, and we are certain that they will play a very huge part in his healing process. He was so excited in the morning after his dad bathed him and helped him wear home clothes so that they’d leave the hospital. Khuzeyma asked us to take a picture of him, and he gave us a very big smile! Photo of Khuzeyma

Nov 01, 2017

Khuzeyma has the best family ever! His aunt, mum, two grandmas, and his uncle all came to visit him yesterday, and the joy he had was so much despite being in pain. They brought snacks and shared with all the kiddos at the hospital, which brought so much happiness to them. We thank God for such friends who care about the kiddos who come to CURE to seek medical assistance. You are part of this family and we appreciate all the prayers you say for our kids, and all the kind gifts you give to help them. Today, Khuzeyma had a nice time at the playroom where he watched cartoons. He is improving well and he might go home tomorrow and enjoy the company of his family as he recuperates. Photo of Khuzeyma

Oct 31, 2017

Khuzeyma had an eventful morning. He wanted us to take his picture, so we did and we got some smiles. He was having some pain around his IV site, so the nurse had to check that out. He wanted to see a photo we’d taken of his friend, Job, who was just hanging up the phone after talking to his brother. He laughed and told his guardian, “Job. Talking on the phone!” A nurse also gave Job a balloon, and he even got stickers from someone else! One of our pastor’s told us about Job’s guardian and how although he’s Muslim, he still participated in the discussion during ward devotions. Please keep Khuzeyma in your prayers as he heals! Photo of Khuzeyma

Oct 30, 2017

Khuzeyma had his surgery today, and hopefully it was a success. We pray that he won't have a hard time dealing with the pain and that the healing process is smooth. Thank you for your support in form of prayer and gifts. You are amazing! May God bless you! Photo of Khuzeyma

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