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Dylan's Story

Five-year-ago Dylan was adorable. He was a sweet boy who loved to play with his friends at school. But more than anything else, he liked playing with his brother at home. Life was very good in those days.

His mother Carolyne recalled and na… Read more

Five-year-ago Dylan was adorable. He was a sweet boy who loved to play with his friends at school. But more than anything else, he liked playing with his brother at home. Life was very good in those days.

His mother Carolyne recalled and narrated to us about a fateful day when her firstborn son was innocently playing with his friends. “I received a phone call from a friend with an unusual message that my son had fallen from a four story building. The information seemed to be unclear, but I rushed to the scene to witness what had transpired only to find my son on the ground, unconscious. At first I thought he had passed on, but when we took him to a nearby hospital, my joy was restored as the doctors informed me that he is alive but needs urgent attention and they referred us to Kenyatta National Hospital.”

Carolyne has gone through difficult moments in her journey to seek treatment for her son Dylan. Inability to settle their bills and provision of daily bread for the family are some of them. The worst of them all is that her husband, on hearing that Dylan would be disabled the rest of his life, separated from her. Dylan also has cerebral palsy. He has been in and out of the hospital for surgeries; he also undergoes physiotherapy daily and can only sit with support in a wheelchair.

Despite all these challenges, Carolyne has remained hopeful, trusting God each and every day, “The joy of the Lord is my strength,” she testified to us with a smile. “He is my fortress, and I no longer live in myself, but Christ lives in me. That’s why I don’t have to fear about anything, for I know Christ is in me.”

Dylan is scheduled to undergo surgery, and it’s our prayer that God will continue to be with him as he recovers. Thank you for praying with us, friends!

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Latest Updates

Sep 05, 2018

Dylan stopped by CURE Kenya today for a check up! He was wearing his new purple shoes his mum recently bought him. “Dylan please leave these shoes with us just until you come back for the next check up,” we asked him jokingly. “Ah! Ah!” he responded. That meant we were not allowed to have his shoes. He is doing well in school but there is a little problem coming up as he has started complaining of the same pain he had around his hip joint. We spoke to the doctor who saw him today and he said that our friend will need another surgery to deal with this problem. Please pray that Dylan doesn’t have too much pain before he can come back for his surgery! Photo of Dylan

Jul 25, 2018

Dylan had flashy purple shoes on today and we couldn’t help but notice. Although his smile is hiding in this photo, he still flirted and smiled today. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing he did today. He also experienced some pain as the doctors examined him. Our poor guy is having pain in his right hip area when he does his physical therapy. This is the one he had surgery on a while ago. He needed to go get an x-ray to see if maybe he needs another operation, but we’ll have to wait to find out because they left to have it taken and haven't come back yet. We’re hoping they’ll bring the x-ray to us at one of our next Wednesday clinics. Please pray for the best for him! Photo of Dylan

May 02, 2018

Dylan came to CURE today for review but this time round he was not accompanied by his mum. We were made to understand that she wasn’t feeling very well by Dylan’s physiotherapist and one of the teachers who came with him. We do not know for a fact what is wrong but we ask you to pray for her recovery. Dylan is continuing to heal as days go by. There is one thing that Dylan won't lose any time soon and that’s his charming character! We found him having lunch and when we asked to take a picture, he gave us this awesome smile. Photo of Dylan

Apr 17, 2018

It is very chilly outside today and we kind of told Dylan he would freeze if he went out but this couldn’t stop his excitement of going home! Dylan was very happy this morning that he had been discharged. He gave us such a beautiful smile as his mum was packing their bags. His mum was taken through a few exercises she would assist Dylan in doing to help him in the recovery process. Would you kindly take a minute and thank God for how far Dylan has come? We really appreciate it that we have friends like you praying for our kids! Photo of Dylan

Apr 16, 2018

“I was telling him I missed him and he asked if I really had,” Pastor Emmy told us with a smile. Dylan has the best sense of humor and he can light up the room with his antics! He was taken off his traction today, and we’re happy for him. It’s probably more comfortable this way. We’re hoping tomorrow will be his going home day. Please thank Jesus with us for this delightful kid! Photo of Dylan

Apr 13, 2018

We caught one of the nurses perching Dylan’s teddy bear atop his traction machine. A little while later, we found other nurses next to his bed. When we asked him if he was hanging out with girls, we got a ‘yes!’ from him. Dylan seemed happier this morning. Maybe it was because the sun was shining or because he’d had visits from his nurse friends. We’re thankful he’s doing well. Please pray he continues to get better and better! Photo of Dylan

Apr 12, 2018

“He wants to go home,” one of our pastors told us of Dylan. She wanted to take some time and chat with him, but even after sharing a sweet treat with Dylan, he was still not feeling life much. The sweet must have worked eventually though because when we saw him with the treat - which we assumed it was from our pastor unless he was lucky enough to receive more than one sweet - he was happier than when we’d found him before that. Dylan is continuing with his hip traction, and we’re hopeful that soon, he WILL get to go home like he wants! Photo of Dylan

Apr 11, 2018

Remember when we told you that Dylan found it easy to be friends with girls? Today we found him entertaining two student nurses who are at CURE for their weekly rotation. They seemed to really enjoy his company and did a lot of laughing! The ladies asked Dylan if it was okay to go home with him so he took a quick glance at his mum and said no. Cheeky hey? Dylan is doing well, the doctors just need to observe him a bit more before allowing him to go home. Photo of Dylan

Apr 10, 2018

Okay, so we forgot something about Dylan! Yesterday we mentioned he was pretty quiet, but that was coming from our last few visits with him. Today we were reminded that he’s got influence! Last time Dylan was here for surgery, he graced the ward with a birthday cake-cutting song and our other patients joined in. Today it was his signature clicking sounds. The kiddos in his ward cube joined in, and a little lady in another cube too. Before this, his mom’s phone rang and as she was answering he kept saying: “Hello - hello!” We love our boy, and we’re thankful that although he’s experiencing some pain today, his contagious joy hasn’t disappeared! Photo of Dylan

Apr 09, 2018

Oh Dylan! Our boy is back for another procedure. He’s usually pretty quiet, but this morning we greeted him in Swahili and he replied, “Poa.” Which means ‘cool.’ Dylan is doing cool as usual, and we’re thankful he’s back again to grace us with his joyful presence! The procedure he’s having today will actually remove the top of one of his femur bones. Although this might sound a bit extreme, the result will make life easier for Dylan. He will be more comfortable, and it will make certain regular tasks easier. Living with cerebral palsy can be a daily struggle for both the child and their parent, especially when they’re wheelchair bound and have limited movement. Please pray for Dylan that this procedure will truly improve his day to day living! Photo of Dylan

Nov 22, 2017

Friends, Dylan stopped by today and we are happy because his wound is completely healed! Unfortunately, he still has some pain and sometimes he is unable to sleep. Today, the doctor saw him and prescribed painkillers for him and suggested that he is placed in different positions to stop him from straining a lot. We will see him next year, and we pray that the pain goes away! Photo of Dylan

Oct 18, 2017

Dylan kind of caught us by surprise today when we retrieved his file. We didn’t realize he was to come back to CURE today, but he was actually scheduled to come. He was being silly as usual today as we hung out with him in the exam room. He’s really a blast to be around! His wound is continuing to heal, and once it heals, he’ll need another surgery on his other hip. He’s scheduled to come back to CURE on November 15th, and from there we’ll hopefully know when surgery number two can happen. Please pray it’s soon so we can get this guy farther down the road to healing and, Lord willing, to better mobility! Photo of Dylan

Oct 11, 2017

Dylan came over today for a dressing change, and we are happy to let you know that he is doing well! His wound is continuing to heal and there is no infection so far. Thank you for your support by praying for Dylan and for many other kiddos in the hospital. May God continue blessing you so that you may be a blessing to other people! Photo of Dylan

Sep 28, 2017

Dylan is going home today and we are very happy about this. His mum invited us to go visit him at home and hopefully we can get some time to do that. When Dylan’s mum mentioned what she would cook for us, her son laughed out loud and that automatically made him join the conversation. We asked why he laughed so hard and he told us that he liked the dish the mum was talking about. Friends, please pray for Dylan’s smooth recovery and for journey mercies as they go home. Photo of Dylan

Sep 27, 2017

The ward was a happening place today as Dylan laid in C6. Elvis, one of our CUREkids storytellers, sat listening to music with Nivan in C4. Miriam lay in C5, waiting to go home. Dylan was at it again today, gracing the ward with his clicking sounds. And today, he added some music to the mix singing, “Kata keki, tukule sasa." This is a Swahili birthday song that’s sung when it’s time to cut the birthday cake. It means, ‘Cut the cake, we eat it now.’ “There’s going to be a movement,” Elvis told us. Sure enough, the ward rang out with multiple voices, singing about cake cutting. Dylan won’t go home today, but the latest update is that he goes tomorrow. In the meantime, would someone please bring him some cake? Photo of Dylan

Sep 26, 2017

When we saw Dylan this morning, he appeared to be sleeping. As we spent time nearby, however, Dylan started to wake up and played his usual silly game of ‘look-away’ with us. We later heard Dylan making clicking sounds with his mouth and we joined in. Dylan was all smiles because of that! “When do you go home?” We asked his mother at one point. “Tomorrow!” she told us. We’re thankful, especially because Dylan is happy and doing well compared to yesterday afternoon when we saw him and how he had wet his pillow with tears of pain. Praise Jesus with us for Dylan’s progress in healing and that he gets to go home soon! Photo of Dylan

Sep 25, 2017

We caught Dylan with his bed neighbor, Miriam, holding hands while lying in their beds. Dylan finds it easy to be friends with girls, and we’re thankful that he’s friends with Miriam. She recently had an amputation, and this is by no means an easy transition. Miriam has taken some time to accept it, but we finally saw some smiles on her face today! And of course, we saw Dylan’s smile too! He’s such a fun kiddo. When we see him, he often smiles as he turns away from us, acting silly and shy. Please thank Jesus with us for the ministry that Dylan has even while at the hospital! Photo of Dylan

Sep 22, 2017

We caught Dylan sleeping several times today which is good since he was waiting for surgery and couldn't eat. We’re thankful his chest issues weren’t too complicated and that his surgery went well! The particular surgery that he had required actually taking out some of his hip bone. This might sound a bit extreme, but by doing so, it will Lord-willing allow Dylan to WALK! Please pray that the surgery accomplishes just that and that soon Dylan will be walking! Photo of Dylan

Sep 21, 2017

“She is born again, praise the Lord!” Pastor Phoebe exclaimed, referring to Carolyne as she learned that she knew Jesus. Carolyne is Dylan’s mama. Despite her hardships, she is a joyful woman who loves Jesus! Dylan is also very joyful with a fantastic smile that he shares frequently. We’re unsure of when he’ll have surgery because he has a bit of a chest thing going on, but please pray it’ll be soon! Photo of Dylan

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