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Stephen's Story

Stephen is four months old and is the first born son to Esther. Esther says that she was told immediately after she gave birth that her son had unilateral clubfoot. She was then told that it could be treated and her son would have no problems in th… Read more

Stephen is four months old and is the first born son to Esther. Esther says that she was told immediately after she gave birth that her son had unilateral clubfoot. She was then told that it could be treated and her son would have no problems in the future. This calmed her nerves a lot.

The rest of her family, that is her aunts and uncles, cousins, parents were all worried that she had been blessed with a disabled child. She explained to them just as it was done to her that clubfoot could be treated. They felt so much relief when they learned that it wasn’t going to be a huge problem as some of them had imagined.

Stephen was brought to our hospital by his Grandma Esther, and his mum who is named after Stephen’s grandma, Esther. Stephen loves them both which we could tell from how he smiled at them and exchanged cute glances with them.

They are encouraged that Stephen will be healed and that he will be a normal child growing up. It is our joy to play a part in that journey!

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Latest Updates

Dec 03, 2018

Stephen is all into greetings these days. When we were outside, he went up to a lady and shook her hand. He also greeted us too. So, when we saw him in the exam room, we had James, one of our co-workers who works in OPD, greet him. It took a second, but once Stephen started greeting him, he brought his other hand to greet James instead of the one offered. Stephen is the cutest little person and we’re excited about the person he’s becoming. He got new braces and we’ll look forward to seeing how much more of ‘him’ he has become when we see him in March! Photo of Stephen

Sep 17, 2018

Stephen brought Auntie and Mom today and then he cruised around the OPD as he waited to be seen. This little dude has got confidence and he walks so well! He’s also talking in a funny little people language and when we see him on December 3rd, maybe we’ll even be able to have a big people conversation! Probably so since he’s well on his way to becoming a big person after getting new braces today! Photo of Stephen

Jun 18, 2018

“See you when you’re bigger,” we told Stephen as we were saying goodbye today. His next appointment is September 17th, so by then who knows how big he’ll be! Today he got bigger braces and… can you see him standing there all by himself? And he’s not only doing that, but walking too! All thanks to Jesus for helping him be big and for fixing his feet! And thank you to all of you who are supporting him! Photo of Stephen

Apr 16, 2018

Daniel is a physiotherapy student who’s spending some time in CURE and he got to do Stephen’s check up today as Amos, one of CURE’s physios, watched. As soon as we saw him today, he extended his arms and came into ours. He had his first birthday, so he’s officially a big boy! And as if that’s not enough, he also has two teeth although we’re not sure when those came along! We’re glad he’s growing and loving life and we’ll catch him again on June 18th! Photo of Stephen

Mar 19, 2018

Stephen loves silly noises, often made by someone’s mouth. He’ll smile and even brave a laugh. And in an instant, his face can change. He’ll be smiling and just like that, the smile vanishes. This photo of Stephen and George the physio makes us laugh. We’re not sure if Stephen had flashed a smile before this, but his expression and squished up pose are priceless. George is letting him wear his braces for a few weeks more and on April 16th, he’ll come back and probably get bigger ones! Photo of Stephen

Dec 18, 2017

We received all the giggles and grins today from our buddy Stephen. He giggled and it made us do so too. “Is that how he always laughs?” we asked his mom. We got a yes. His giggle sounds a bit like he might hyperventilate, but he doesn’t! Our quirky, fun boy made the physio happy today too with his fabulous-looking foot. He moved up a size in his braces, will switch to sleep-only wearing, and he doesn’t have to come back until March of next year! We’re so happy for the progress our guy has made. Please pray the next few months of his life are filled with more giggling and growth. Photo of Stephen

Nov 27, 2017

We caught up with our little guy as he was getting his feet assessed. After the assessment, his mom put his pants on, and he lay quietly as she started to put on his braces. He then fussed a bit, but maybe he was just reminding his mom that he enjoys feet freedom. We’re excited to share with you that he will finally get to have that feet freedom when he becomes a sleep-only brace wearer after his next visit with us on December 18th. That will be a nice Christmas gift for him and his family! Photo of Stephen

Oct 23, 2017

When we met Stephen today, the first thing he did was give us a very big and beautiful smile. He couldn’t say it, but we are very sure it meant he had missed us a lot! We were very happy to see him and hear all about the good things happening in his life. “He has added weight in the past few weeks, and we are happy about it. Sometimes I get very tired when I carry him for long,” the mother told us. Stephen is doing well, he will continue wearing his braces for twenty-three hours a day, and we will see him again in a few weeks. Please thank God with us for all the positive things that are happening to the kids who we serve. Photo of Stephen

Sep 25, 2017

Oh, well hello there, Mr. Chubby Cheeks! Stephen’s doing well and he is growing. His parents brought him again today, and his checkup with the physical therapist was easy breezy. He and his parents had to make a trip to our workshop because his braces seemed like they were getting a bit small, but one of the guys on our ortho team said they were fitting just fine. We’ll see him again in another month on October 23rd, unless he grows so fast that he needs bigger braces before then! Photo of Stephen

Sep 11, 2017

Since Stephen began his clubfoot correction process, he has never once shed a tear, be it during casting or review by a physiotherapist. Today, however, he cried a little when he had his first braces fitting. His mum is very excited about all the changes she can see so far. She struggled a bit trying to learn how to tie the laces on the braces, but after a few tries she finally felt comfortable. We’ll see Stephen in two weeks time and we will let you know how he is faring on! Photo of Stephen

Aug 21, 2017

Stephen is surrounded by people who love him and he loves them back as well! We took this picture of him being shielded from the harsh rays of the sun, but still being allowed to bask a little. His parents are excited to be together during this treatment process and we know that Stephen loves it too.

Stephen went through a tenotomy today which made him very angry because of the pain and he let us know about it too by crying during and after the procedure. Please friends, remember Stephen in your prayers, that his pain may go away and that he will recover well and heal. Photo of Stephen

Aug 14, 2017

Stephen was not accompanied by his grandma today. However, he had the company of his aunt and a family friend who he seemed to be very comfortable around. Stephen does not like being moved around much and when someone does, he cries and lets them know. He likes relaxing and being soothed by his mum or whoever is holding him.

Stephen’s mum had a few questions about how the treatment process was going and it was explained to in detail by one of our rehab nurses, George Njuru. Stephen has to wear another cast in the treatment process continues and we pray that God gets rid of any doubts his parents may have about his progress. Photo of Stephen

Aug 07, 2017

Stephen was well distracted as Mary and George were casting his leg. He kept looking at his grandma’s fingers and he might have thought about putting them in his mouth but was not allowed to. Stephen’s mum and grandma hope for a successful process and they can’t wait to tell him all about it when he grows up! Photo of Stephen

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