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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like David. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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David's Story

David was born with clubfoot and his mum, Martha, was so shocked when she first held him in her hands because she had never seen such a condition. She did not know what to think or imagine. Her family, though, was very supportive and they have enco… Read more

David was born with clubfoot and his mum, Martha, was so shocked when she first held him in her hands because she had never seen such a condition. She did not know what to think or imagine. Her family, though, was very supportive and they have encouraged her throughout the process. She attributes this to the fact that they come from a Christian background.

One day Martha was nursing her son and as she did, her neighbor, who also had a child with clubfoot, told her about CURE. She told Martha about how David could get help and gave her directions to our Nairobi clinic. Martha has been taking her son for treatment, but the last time she went, she was told that her son had outgrown the ponseti method and that he would need surgery. David is in the hospital now, and we are praying for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery process. Friends, please join us as we pray for this sweet little boy!

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Latest Updates

Nov 01, 2017

Oh our David… the poor fellow is so uncertain when he comes here that there are plenty of theatrics that go along with his check-up visits. Today he kept saying “Dad!” and “Clothes!” He was not very happy. He wanted his dad and he wanted to put his pants back on. We are incredibly thankful for Amos, one of our physical therapists. We didn’t count the seconds at the time, but we’re pretty sure he had both of David’s casts cut and off in possibly under a minute! Go Amos! As David’s mom read his get well messages, she kept saying “Thank you!” So it’s also, 'Go YOU' for sharing your love and prayers with these two! David got his orthotics and we’ll catch him on mobile clinic on January 30th. Oh, and by the time David was leaving, he was doing MUCH better. Thank you, Jesus! Photo of David

Sep 20, 2017

“He doesn’t like doctors,” Martha told us today as David cried. “We like George,” we told David, “George is nice.” George is the physical therapist who applied David’s cast today. David was unfortunately not convinced since he cried a river as George applied his cast. We chatted with Martha about how someday he would be happy about all of this. Despite the tears right now, David is still making progress! Today he had one cast removed, measurements were taken for his orthotic, and then his next cast was applied. Please pray that one day very soon David will be happy about the results of this tough process. Maybe that ‘one day very soon’ will be November 1st when David will come back to hopefully pick up his orthotic. Oh, and we would like to assure you that WE really do like George and he IS very nice! Photo of David

Aug 10, 2017

David’s mum managed to bring David to the hospital despite there being a problem finding a matatu (bus). She waited more than two hours at the bus terminal with no luck. When she finally got a bus, the bus fare was over the roof. But she did not hold back because she knew that her son needed to be seen because his cast had started to stain.

David doesn't like people at the hospital because he recalls feeling so much pain the first time he came here for surgery. When we saw him, he was a little grumpy from hunger, but he couldn't be given food because he's scheduled to go into theatre. Our doctor wanted to take a look under his cast and make sure everything looked as it should and we're happy to report that it did! David and his mom Martha have already been discharged for home, relieved and encouraged. Thank you for your prayers and support! Photo of David

Jul 21, 2017

“When David gets angry, he is usually very hard to control.” - Martha. Friends, David is not in a very good mood today because he was re-casted and he probably feels less comfortable. His mum was having a hard time trying to calm him down when we saw him which in turn resulted to maybe a little frustration on mum’s side. We pray that he will get better soon and smile a little more! Photo of David

Jul 20, 2017

“He’s feeling better. We slept last night!” David’s mama told us today. David seemed better today. His mama’s love for him is evident through her smiles and play. Poor David didn’t get to see his friend Olivia because she left early this morning, but we know Olivia was sad to say her goodbyes yesterday. We’re thankful that David had a friend for some days in the hospital though! And we’re also thankful for the love that David’s mama has for him. Please pray that tomorrow’s cast change goes well for David. Photo of David

Jul 19, 2017

“David doesn’t like me anymore!” poor Olivia exclaimed to us this morning. But really, it probably has more to do with what’s going on in his life right now. David was very solemn and even did some lower-lip revealing today to show his unhappiness with his present condition. Unfortunately, Olivia’s bestie had to have his cast split which means there’s some discomfort and swelling going on. But in spite of all this, David and Olivia got some time together with David’s bed-neighbor, Ryan. Ryan is a fantastic little fireball, and we’re hoping that his joy will help bring joy to David. Please pray for our little guy, that he would feel better soon! Photo of David

Jul 18, 2017

David and Olivia’s friendship continues to deepen. As David waited to be taken for his surgery, they bonded over high fives and funny Snapchat faces. But when it was time to be taken back for surgery, David found himself quite upset. Olivia to the rescue! She carried him back for surgery, and when it came time for David to lay down on the table, he held onto Olivia with a passion. He did not want to lay down! Thankfully after he did, the anesthesiologist helped him find sleep, and then all was well. Olivia and her aunt Debbie (who works for CURE in the US) got some medical lessons from Dr. Greg, who also works for CURE in the US. David’s surgery went fine, and although there’s been some tears for him during the recovery process, we’re hoping tomorrow will bring new adventures for David and Olivia and that he’ll forget about today’s events! Photo of David

Jul 17, 2017

When we met David this morning, he was feeling a bit shy. Over time, we took his photos and allowed him to experience our cameras. And by the end of the day, David was making friends! Olivia is volunteering with CURE and visiting from the States who came with her aunt, Debbie, who also works for CURE! They were filled with silliness and are pretty much official best friends! We’re thankful that David has a friend in the hospital this week as he prepares and goes through surgery. Hopefully tomorrow Olivia can even go with David into his surgery and help make surgery a little less scary for him. Please pray for David as he prepares for the big day and pray that having a friend like Olivia will help him be less scared! Photo of David

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