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Collins's Story

As we sat talking with Collins’ mom, Monica, Collins produced a plastic bag and proceeded to blow into it. Once he finished, he twisted the remaining plastic around several times, trapping the air inside. “Balloon?” We said to him. His mom la… Read more

As we sat talking with Collins’ mom, Monica, Collins produced a plastic bag and proceeded to blow into it. Once he finished, he twisted the remaining plastic around several times, trapping the air inside. “Balloon?” We said to him. His mom laughed, and we might have stolen a smile from our comment.

Collins seems sweet, gentle, and a wee bit shy, but we can’t imagine that comes from having a perfectly easy life. Collins was born with clubfoot, and not only that, but he also has spinal bifida. Collins was casted when he was younger to help his clubfoot, and when that didn’t help, also received surgery. Even then, Monica told us, it was, “Not yet.”

When we asked about a job, Monica told us, “I have no work.” When we queried further, she told us that she does do casual labor. She works some months on tea farms, harvesting the tea. She’s a single mama, so we’re thankful she has some work to support her two kiddos, Collins, and his nine-year-old brother, Kevin.

Despite all this, Collins is still in school in top class (right before class one). And as we talked of church, we asked Collins if he loved God. He seemed to shyly nod his head yes. Please pray this boy can have surgery soon, and all to God’s glory!

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Latest Updates

Feb 22, 2018

As we sat outside talking to someone, we caught sight of someone we knew - it was Collins! It took us calling out several times and his mama telling him we were there for him to see us, but when he did, he shared his smile with us. After this, he waited a bit to see the doctor, but not too, too long. He’s doing well and had his orthotic repaired. Once he’s twelve, he’s going to need another surgery, but in the meantime, we’ll see him again in September on mobile clinic! Photo of Collins

Dec 13, 2017

Our guy came and picked up his orthotic today! He’s full of smiles, and he was very brave as Henry, the ortho tech, took off his cast. Henry was joking about how he wanted to change his last name to something similar to Collins, and we’re thankful he kept things light for Collins and his mama. Because Collins foot didn’t correct as well as the doctors would have liked, hopefully the orthotic will help with the correction. Please pray this is so! We’re hoping to catch Collins again at a mobile clinic in February! Photo of Collins

Nov 17, 2017

Sweet little Collins and his mum came to our mobile clinic near their hometown for check-up. Collins told us about his brother Klein whom they had left at home working in the maize field. We asked Collins if he was gonna help when he went back home, and he told us he would really love to but his situation would not allow him. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of Collin’s deformity, the corrective surgery did not bear good results as it was expected. He now has to wear a cast for four weeks, then wear an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) until he is at least 11 years old when he will undergo another corrective surgery. This information seemed too much for both the mum and Collins and although she couldn’t say it, we could tell by the look on her face that she was a bit disappointed. Dear friends, please pray for Collins and his mum, as they process this information that they may allow God to be glorified through this. (Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose). Photo of Collins

Oct 25, 2017

We caught sight of someone hiding behind the door in our outpatient clinic this morning, and it was none other than our friend Collins! We love his smiles, and he shared lots of them with us today. He got his cast off, was measured for his orthotic, and got a new cast put on. His mom seemed a bit bummed because his foot hasn’t corrected as much as we would have hoped, and we can’t blame her. Right now, Collins will continue with the way things are meant to go in the process with his casting and such. If his foot doesn’t get as corrected as it should, eventually he can have another surgery to help correct it more. Please pray that his mama will be encouraged by the continuing progress, and that Collins won’t need another surgery! We’ll catch him again on November 16th at clinic. Photo of Collins

Sep 18, 2017

Farewell, Collins! We’ll catch up with our guy again on October 25th when he comes for a check-up. He’ll get his cast off and hopefully he’ll be measured for his orthotic. But, if you’re just craving for more Collins update goodness, we have a new CUREkid in the hospital whose name is also Collins, and he’s rather fun too! You can get to know him more by checking out Kenya’s daily updates. Thank you for your persistent prayers with Collins and all our other kids!

Sep 15, 2017

The smile continues … remember yesterday’s smile? Today there was a great one on Collins the Charmer's face as we said 'hi' to him. He lay on his bed, playing on his mama’s phone. He had to go back for a cast change today since his cast was split after surgery due to the swelling. Although that process was upsetting to poor Collins, when we saw him later in the day, he was back on his mom’s phone doing better! Thanks for keeping our guy in your prayers as his body continues to heal. Please pray that as Collins goes into his weekend, he’ll have an undying joy and giant smiles on his face! Photo of Collins

Sep 14, 2017

Today Collins was in a very good mood! We knocked around a few balloons, talked about school and friends. When we asked about Collins' best friend in school he said the name and his mum immediately started laughing because she knew who it was. Collins had given us the name of his elder brother. Cute right? We also struck an agreement with Collins that even when he was in pain, he would not allow it to stop him from smiling. He promised us that he was going to try it. We thank God for the progress that Collins is experiencing and we urge you to continue praying for him. At some point when we were playing with Collins one of the friends he had made in the hospital came back from theatre and was in some pain. Collins looked disturbed that his friend was in pain, and although he didn't say anything, we know that he might have whispered a prayer for his friend. Photo of Collins

Sep 13, 2017

Collins was in a bit of pain in the morning and was feeling gloomy, but as the day went by he found things to do that excited him. During lunch hour, it was all smiles at Collins’ bed because he was quite hungry and his mum gave him food.

Naphtali, who is one of CURE’s storytellers had promised to give Collins the charmer a balloon but she couldn’t do it in time before she left for mobile clinic. We finally brought Collins a balloon and he was so excited about it! Concentrating on blowing the balloon helped Collins to forget his pain and smile a bit more. So far, Collins is doing well and we would love for you to continue praying for his recovery! Photo of Collins

Sep 12, 2017

Collins the Charmer was able to go through surgery today. We caught up with him afterwards, but he wasn’t feeling 100% because he had just come out of theatre. His mum was trying to feed him, but it seemed like the anesthesia had not completely worn off so he looked a bit drowsy. Please continue joining us in praying for his recovery! Photo of Collins

Sep 11, 2017

Yes he’s a charmer, and yes, his name is Collins. So, how about we just call him Collins the Charmer? We caught up with him and his mama yesterday as they were walking to the hospital. It was a pleasant and fantastic surprise! As we were saying goodbye with our happy heart (after seeing him), he told us goodbye with his eyebrows. See? Collins the Charmer! We caught up again with him this morning and saw more of his charm. His smile is priceless. Please pray that his surgery (it’s tomorrow hopefully) will bring the restorative healing that this boy needs! Photo of Collins

Jul 21, 2017

Can you see Collins' little bag balloon that we told you about in his story? We’re excited to see him at CURE when he comes for surgery next week, and we’re hoping to give him his very own balloon when he comes since his birthday will have just passed! Please pray for his family as they travel to CURE and pray that God uses us to bring both spiritual and physical healing to Collins. Photo of Collins

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