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  • Conditioncastable clubfoot
  • Next Appointment 08/13/2018

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Roy's Story

At five and a half months old, Roy has started eating porridge and his dad, Wilson, told us that he wants to eat everything! Roy is delightfully chubby in the best way, and he’s very calm. “That’s from his dad,” Wilson told us. Agnes, Roy… Read more

At five and a half months old, Roy has started eating porridge and his dad, Wilson, told us that he wants to eat everything! Roy is delightfully chubby in the best way, and he’s very calm. “That’s from his dad,” Wilson told us. Agnes, Roy’s mom, laughed as we talked of this. We asked if she was a calm person too, and she told us she was. Roy comes by his stoic state very honestly!

Roy was born with clubfoot, but we’re getting him a bit later in the process of his clubfoot casting. Roy was casted once, then given an orthotic. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to help his tiny feet. We met Roy and his family at a mobile clinic, and as we talked, Wilson told us how they had heard about CURE. It was from a friend, but get this - “We heard about it today,” Wilson told us. Imagine! The very same day that we were holding mobile clinic in their area, they heard about CURE! They would have brought Roy all the way to CURE if they had to, but we’re thankful that God made a way so that they could make one less trip to CURE. We love watching God take care of our kids!

Roy was casted at mobile clinic, and will continue his treatment at CURE. Hopefully, his next step will be a tenotomy and then on to braces. Please pray that the treatment God has allowed us to give Roy will be just the kind of treatment he needs to find healing, both physical and spiritual.

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Latest Updates

Apr 16, 2018

Hi friends! We almost missed Roy, but we were able to catch up with him and his mum just before they left CURE for home. Roy came for his brace review and he is doing well. He doesn’t need a new one yet so he’ll wear the one he has until the next time we see him! Photo of Roy

Jan 22, 2018

Our little friend Roy came to clinic for the first time since the year began today. The first thing we noticed is that he has grown so big and has put on a good number of kilos! One of our storytellers, Naphtali, felt just how heavy Roy is when she held him for a few minutes. Roy turned one in December and is doing well. He will continue wearing his braces at night and we will see him when he comes back for review in March. Photo of Roy

Nov 06, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! Today, Roy came for his review, and just before he could be seen by a doctor we asked his parents if they had any expectations. They said in unison that they were hoping Roy would be allowed to wear braces for lesser hours because he had worn them for roughly four months. Their joy was made complete when they were told that Roy could wear the braces only during his sleeping hours. When they went in to the examination room, Roy was asleep but had to be woken up so he could be seen. Due to this interruption, Roy was not very happy about it, and he could not hide it. Roy is doing well, and we hope that he will be better when we see him again next year. Photo of Roy

Sep 25, 2017

“Research shows that if babies wear their braces all of the time for the first three months and then at night until they are five, for twelve hours and not just for a little bit, the chances of their feet going back to the way they were is 6%,” Bea, one of our physical therapists, explained to Roy’s parents. “But if they don’t do this, the chance is 60%. Now, will Roy be grumpy if we wake him up?” Roy’s mom said he wouldn’t be and then she slowly woke him up after Bea went to see another patient. He was kissed, talked to, loved on and slowly, very slowly, he woke up. When he finally opened his eyes, he looked a tad sleepy. But he was still his calm, stoic self even in his ‘just woke up' state. After this, another physical therapist came in and examined Roy’s feet. He’s doing well and becoming a big boy. When he comes back in October, he’ll hopefully get to switch to night-only brace wearings. Thank Jesus with us for his progress! Photo of Roy

Jun 19, 2017

Today was Roy and his mama and daddy’s first time to CURE. On their way here, they got a bit lost and had to stop and get directions but, thankfully they found us! Roy spent most of his day here. After getting his cast off, he got lots of fresh air time sitting in the grass on a blanket and at one point, while sitting, he fell over and his mom had to help him up. After so many patient hours of waiting, Roy got to enjoy some time with our physical therapist, Marygoretti, and also received a bit of love from other people too. After this, he had his tenotomy, got another cast, and stoically went on his merry way until he realized he was hungry or tired or both, and it was time for a snack! While this happened, dad went and got some medicine to help Roy feel better after his tenotomy. Please pray for quick, pain-free healing for Roy! We’ll see him again on July 10th. Photo of Roy

Jun 09, 2017

You could call it a tradition. You could call it being patriotic. You could call it ‘just for fun.’ But regardless of what you call it, there’s this cool thing that most Kenyans do - they wear these fantastic beaded bracelets, often in the colors of the Kenyan flag. Our new clubfoot baby, Roy, is no exception! At five and a half months, his little wrist has already been graced with one of these bracelets. We just met him yesterday at clinic, but we’re excited to see him again and continue to hopefully watch him as he grows big enough for a new bracelet! We'll see him on June 19th. Please pray for his tiny feet to correct enough to get his tenotomy! Photo of Roy

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