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Natasha's Story

Natasha is two weeks and some days old, but she’s already so big and mature for her age! Maybe it’s because she has older siblings. When we asked her mama if she had other kids, she told us she did. “They’re big!” she said. When asked fur… Read more

Natasha is two weeks and some days old, but she’s already so big and mature for her age! Maybe it’s because she has older siblings. When we asked her mama if she had other kids, she told us she did. “They’re big!” she said. When asked further, she told us that they are 14 and 16. Natasha was a surprise baby. “It is God’s plan,” she told us.

This surprise baby brought with her another surprise - clubfoot in her right foot. Thankfully, before she had even left the hospital, she was referred to CURE. Natasha had her first cast applied just today, and we’re excited to watch this baby grow and her foot transform during her time with us!

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Latest Updates

May 07, 2018

We missed our girl today because we were too late to see her by the time we made it downstairs to clubfoot clinic, but let’s imagine for a second what she might look like - she’s probably bigger, chubbier cheeks, still her signature smile. And she was possibly wearing pink -- she is a girl after all. Now just imagine that for a few more months since she doesn’t need to come back until August -- unless she gets even bigger and needs to come back for a larger brace size before then. Praise Jesus with us that she’s healing and doing so well that she doesn’t have to come back for some months!

Feb 26, 2018

Naps are good at anytime, including when it’s time for your clubfoot appointment. Natasha slept for some of her checkup and after waking up, she was happy. “She’s not going to anyone,” Natasha’s mom told us when we tried to pick her up. But just because she only wants mom doesn’t mean she won’t share her smile with you! She’s doing so well that she doesn’t need to come back until the end of April. Hopefully by then, she’ll still be smiling AND she’ll let us snuggle her! Photo of Natasha

Jan 29, 2018

Natasha came for review today. Take a look at all the adorable faces she made the whole time she was with us! She is doing well and her mum is happy with the progress she has made although the physiotherapist who saw Natasha mentioned that Natasha’s foot was under the risk of experiencing a recur. Her mum explained how Natasha would fight to remove the braces when she woke up in the middle of the night. Natasha needed a bigger size of braces because she had already outgrown her old ones. We can’t wait to see her again after a month!

Nov 27, 2017

Natasha came by, but isn’t feeling very well. Her mum told us that she had not slept very well the whole night and she seemed a bit grumpy as well. She had a fever and was not very happy when we saw her. She is, however, making progress in her clubfoot correction. She will now wear her braces at night only. She needed her braces changed because the previous pair was small and couldn’t hold her cute feet the right way. We will see Natasha and her mum next year, and we hope that she feels better soon. Photo of Natasha

Oct 23, 2017

“She’s a kicker,” Constance told us. It’s true! When Natasha needs her braces put on, she moves her little feet around, making it a bit harder for her mama to put her braces on. “I usually do it when she’s asleep,” Constance told us later. Natasha’s little foot that has been treated for clubfoot isn’t sitting the best in her brace, but one of our physical therapists taught Constance a trick. With practice, hopefully she’ll get Natasha’s foot to sit more proper in her brace. Natasha is such a beautiful little thing, and she shared her smiles with us today, which just adds to her beauty! we’re so excited to see her again on November 27th. Please pray for Constance as she helps Natasha’s foot sit proper in her brace! Photo of Natasha

Sep 11, 2017

Natasha was adorable as always when we saw her today! She smiled and giggled and was very friendly. She gets all these attributes from her mum who is just as bubbly and sociable. Natasha came for review and is improving as the days go by. She has grown a bit bigger and we thank God for all this progress. The physiotherapist advised that she continues wearing her braces and we will see her again soon! Photo of Natasha

Aug 14, 2017

Natasha does not need casting anymore! It's now time to wear braces and move on to the next step of her healing process. She had her braces fit and we are hopeful that she will benefit from them. We are supposed to see Natasha again in three weeks, but her mum has a very crucial commitment for that day so we will see them after four weeks. Natasha and her mum are doing very well and we even joked about Natasha being a local tourist because she doesn't like it when her mum is seated. She wants her to always be on the move and when she is not, she cries her lungs out! Photo of Natasha

Jul 17, 2017

“Natasha likes basking,” her mama told us. Basking is a very Kenyan thing to do. People love to lay in the grass, soaking up the sun. It’s winter in Kijabe since we’re in the southern hemisphere, so sunshine is extra crucial for helping warm up from the cold. Natasha had lots of time to warm up today as she waited for her casting and also as she waited to meet a special visitor of ours from the States. Natasha is doing great, and the news is that next week, she’ll get to have her tenotomy! Photo of Natasha

Jul 10, 2017

Natasha remained very calm during the review process, well at least for the large part, before her foot had to be stretched a bit for casting. Today she got cast number four, the previous cast was not so smooth as it left her leg slightly bowed below the knee, something that got her mother alarmed but our good physiotherapy team assured her that it would be well. Her feet are slowly taking shape and we thank God for that. We will see her again in one week's time when she comes for her next appointment. Photo of Natasha

Jul 03, 2017

This morning we were graced with the presence of Chloe Howard at our clubfoot clinic. Chloe was born with clubfoot, and God has used some difficulties in her life to help her share with others how special and beautiful they are. Chloe is traveling around to different CURE locations on her Stand Beautiful tour, and Natasha got to meet her this morning! Chloe was with her both when she got her cast off, and when she got her new cast on. Chloe and Natasha made friends, and we’re excited to see what Natasha will share with us about her visit with Chloe when we see her next week! Photo of Natasha

Jun 27, 2017

On this cold morning in Kijabe, Natasha was snuggled in her blankets. “She’s sleeping,” Mama Natasha told us. “She likes sleeping.” As Natasha laid on the table waiting to have her cast removed, her tiny eyes were still closed, and they only opened around the time that Amos began taking her cast off. She didn’t really cry until the end, and even then she didn’t cry much. Amos is one of our physical therapists and after removing Natasha’s cast, he examined her foot. It’s improving! She’ll continue with casting, and we’ll catch up with her next week. After all the hours of waiting that Natasha and her mama had to do last week, we’re thankful that they were able to be seen earlier today! Photo of Natasha

Jun 19, 2017

Look who we caught in a yawn! It’s our new ponseti baby, Natasha! Today, she and her mama spent several hours at the hospital next door to CURE because they didn’t realize they were at the wrong hospital. By the end of the day, mama Natasha said, “I am tired!” These two poor ladies have had a LONG day, but we’re thankful it was worth it all because Natasha got her first cast and she’s now on her way to finding healing from her clubfoot. We’ll catch her next Monday when she comes back for her second cast. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers, friends! Photo of Natasha

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