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Sarah's Story

“It won’t be painful, but they will take you to the HDU because, unlike the others who had leg surgeries, yours is a little bit more serious,” Happiness was telling Sarah. “She will also stay in theatre a little longer than the others,” H… Read more

“It won’t be painful, but they will take you to the HDU because, unlike the others who had leg surgeries, yours is a little bit more serious,” Happiness was telling Sarah. “She will also stay in theatre a little longer than the others,” Happiness’ mother added. “It might be frightening but take heart, she will eventually come out ok. For me, when I heard it was a spine surgery, I thought we would go home carrying her in a wheelchair, but look at her, already on her feet.”

When Sarah and her mother came to CURE, they had the privilege of meeting Happiness and her mother, a sweet duo. Happiness had gone through a spine surgery a few days before Sarah arrived and had been discharged. But before they left, they took their time to share their testimony with Sarah and her mother and tell them what to expect of Sarah’s spine surgery. Their sweetness was shining through in these moments.

Sarah has a spine condition that her mother relates to a small accident that she had when she was one year old. She had fallen and hurt her back badly. That problem had been managed at a local hospital and she had zero complications relating to her back. After that though, her back had an unusual curvature. “She has been doing everything, even carrying around other kids on her back and playing,” her mother told us. “She loves to play. She is ever playing.” That was, until last year, when while at school, Sarah began to experience some back pains that kept coming, again and again.

When Sarah came to CURE, she was diagnosed with thoracolumbar kyphosis, a condition characterized by forward curvature of the upper back. Sarah is not scared at all by the recommendation for spinal surgery that our doctors gave as a solution for her back troubles. She actually looks forward to a quick recovery so that she can go back to school and prepare for her final primary school exam due at the end of the year. Sarah one day wants to become a news anchor. “I want to be a journalist. I want to read news on TV.”

Sarah and her mother had to take a long journey to get to CURE, it took them two days to get here. It’s our hope that by the time they take that long journey back home, they will have a testimony just like Happiness and her mother’s. We are praying for God’s will over Sarah through her treatment and her recovery.

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Latest Updates

Jul 12, 2017

Little lady came for her checkup today! She shyly said 'hi' to us, and she even got to see her friend Vivian, a friend she made while at CURE. Sarah’s doing well! She had her jacket brace adjusted, and we’re praying the adjustment was just perfect! We also found out today that she’ll be sitting for some exams this fall. Once she passes, she’ll move onto high school! We’re hoping to see her again on November 15th, but she might need to postpone until her exams are over. Be praying for her, friends! Photo of Sarah

May 25, 2017

Surprise friends! Our sweet Sarah got to go home! We hadn’t seen her around the hospital today and when we finally asked a nurse, we found out that early this morning, Sarah left. We’re sorry we didn’t get to give our girl a hug or say our goodbyes, but we're thankful we snapped this precious photo of her yesterday. We’re hopeful that we’ll get to see her on July 12th when she comes to mobile clinic for review. Please be praying for her continued path to healing - that she wouldn’t experience pain or discomfort, but instead would enjoy more freedom to do the things that have been hard for her in the past! Photo of Sarah

May 24, 2017

Today we found Sarah finishing up a puzzle in the playroom, she is a smart girl and she told us that the puzzle was easy for her. As you know, Sarah came with a group from north of the country, many miles from our hospital and so they have to wait on each other before they go home because they travel together. As Sarah waits on her friends, we get to enjoy some more great moments with her, we love her company! She also gets to make more new friends! Photo of Sarah

May 23, 2017

Sarah got friend time with Vivian again today! She sat on Vivian’s bed, watched someone sitting in a chair nearby play on their phone, and very importantly -- she ate snacks! Oh, what would life be without snacks? They are yummy and help us survive between meals. Lord-willing Sarah and any snacks she might have will go home in the next day or two. Photo of Sarah

May 22, 2017

Sarah’s been here for over a week now, but she seems to be making the best use of her time! We caught her sitting on her friend Vivian’s bed, doing what looked like some schoolwork, while Vivian’s mama fed Vivian an orange. When we asked Sarah about when she would get to go home, she said, “Sijui,” which is Swahili for “I don’t know.” But, one of the nurses told us that she might get to go home tomorrow. Sarah’s jacket (back brace) was giving her some trouble, but our ortho team helped take care of this for her! Sarah is being a trooper during her days here. Please pray she enjoys the rest of her moments with us! Photo of Sarah

May 19, 2017

Look who is up and walking! It’s Sarah! When we saw her this morning, she had another visitor - James, a boy from the cube where she stayed before HDU. Then, our physical therapist came in and worked at bit with Sarah. And Henry, one of our cast tech’s, got to help Sarah get up and walk! “I like to help kids ambulate,” Henry told us. “I think it’s fun.” We’re thankful for Henry and that he could help Sarah with her ambulating. She really did well when she walked. Henry had a hand or two on her shoulders most of the time, but she didn’t have to use crutches or a walker! Pray for a good weekend for Sarah, filled with walking practice and lots of playtime! Thanks for loving our girl through your thoughts and prayers! Photo of Sarah

May 18, 2017

Sarah’s day was spent in our HDU (high dependency unit). When it came time for her to take her meds, she wasn’t thrilled, but we assured her that they were sweet. After all, who doesn’t like orange colored meds that you can drink? Her guardian helped her take the meds and then Sarah got to wash them down with some orange colored soda. And really, who doesn’t like orange colored soda? Sarah even got a visitor! Peter is one of our volunteers, and he popped in real quick to say hi. Please pray for lots of rest for Sarah so she can heal quick! Photo of Sarah

May 17, 2017

Sarah had her surgery today! She seemed a bit nervous and got a hug from us, but she powered through and not only that, made it through her surgery successfully! Please be praying for her as she recovers. Pray especially for a pain-free recovery and lots of rest for her! Photo of Sarah

May 16, 2017

Today was a waiting day for Sarah. And not only this, but her cube buddies, the four S’s and James, have all had surgery already. But that didn’t stop Sarah from making her way to the playroom! We caught pictures of her through the window on a bike. We’re so very thankful our kiddos have a place like the playroom to enjoy and release some of their energy! We’re hoping that tomorrow will be Sarah’s surgery day. Pray that she continues to look forward to post-surgery and being able to go back to school! Photo of Sarah

May 15, 2017

Early this morning while catching some photos of kids before surgery, we were greeted with a delightful sight in one of the cubes in the ward - ALL THESE CHILDREN! They came with guardians/parents from a town in northern Kenya. A lot of them live at a children's’ home. Want to know their names? Okay, deep breath! Sharon is in the pink. Shadrack is rocking the army jacket. Sarah (our sweet new CUREkiddo) is giving the thumbs up. Simon is in the black jacket. And Sunday is in red. They are ALL S’s! There’s one kiddo in the cube who somehow didn’t manage to get into our shot. His name is James, and he’s a whole lot of fun. We look forward to our week with all of these fantastic kiddos, and we’re hoping that Sarah will have her surgery soon! Photo of Sarah

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