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Beatrice's Story

“We had a lot of wealth when we lived in Congo, but we had to flee due to the violence.” Erick, Beatrice’s dad shared with us.

Erick is a father of nine kids. He told us that the people in Congo do not mind how many kids they bring up… Read more

“We had a lot of wealth when we lived in Congo, but we had to flee due to the violence.” Erick, Beatrice’s dad shared with us.

Erick is a father of nine kids. He told us that the people in Congo do not mind how many kids they bring up because God is the provider of all their needs. He told us that before violence broke out in his mother country, he had so much wealth that he used to help raise his kids. They, however, had to flee their home for a chance at survival.

When Beatrice was three years old, her parents noticed a sudden change in her body posture. She could not walk straight and her knees knocked when she tried to walk. They started looking for a solution immediately, visiting many hospitals in Congo. They could not find any help. When the violence broke out and they started running, they came to Kenya.

Erick did not stop his search for a solution for his child’s problem. He was told about CURE and came to visit. He had to wait a little while to bring Beatrice back again, but she’s finally here, and we are beyond grateful. Beatrice’s father did not give up on his search for a cure for his daughter. Please pray with us that God will get the glory from this and that Beatrice will truly be cured, both physically and spiritually!

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Latest Updates

Nov 22, 2017

Beatrice came for check-up today, and her father said she has been complaining of pain. She was seen by a doctor who suggested that she takes pain killers and manage the pain as she waits for next year when she can get surgery. Please pray that this little lady's pain goes away, and that her face would brighten a bit! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 12, 2017

Friends, today Beatrice gets to go home and we are excited about it! She has a knee brace and crutches that will enable her to walk well as she continues with physiotherapy. Our doctors discovered that the problem was not her bones, but more of a ligament problem. Therefore a surgery would not really benefit Beatrice. The father went ahead and asked if he could get a second opinion from somewhere else and so one of our doctors wrote a note to explain everything Beatrice had gone through and what would need to be done. He also included on the note a number of hospitals where they could get a second opinion. Please keep Beatrice and her healing in your prayers! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 11, 2017

Beatrice won’t have surgery this week or any time soon. The doctors say it won’t be beneficial for her now, but when she grows up she can be scheduled to get the surgery done. Beatrice will only need physiotherapy sessions every week until it is the right time for her surgery to be done. Photo of Beatrice

Oct 10, 2017

Beatrice spent the whole day in the playroom coloring and arranging objects. She loves being alone and is kind of shy. Her shyness is disguised by her smile, though. Like her dad, Beatrice is humble and polite and they both talk in a low tone. After a discussion with the four doctors about her condition, they came to a conclusion that the operation will not be helpful today however came into agreement that she will undergo proximal femoral osteotomy at a later date. The doctors then suggested her to see physiotherapy to evaluate and see whether they can brace her knee. Let's not get weary on praying for this young, pretty, humble and polite girl! Blessings! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 09, 2017

Beatrice’s surgery needs to be redone so she is here for that purpose. Her dad seemed discouraged when we met in the morning, but hopefully with your prayers and the care of our spiritual staff, he will be better and smile a little more just like his daughter. Photo of Beatrice

Sep 06, 2017

We caught sight of our lovely friend Beatrice from our office window this morning. She gave us a smile when we said 'hi'. When we greeted her in OPD a bit later, we attempted to greet her in French - “Bonjour,” we said. But since we only know about seven words in French, we couldn’t take the conversation very far, even with her dad’s help. Later as we saw her quietly thinking, we realized - she’s probably thinking in French! Okay, obviously. But since we think in English, it’s wild to think of someone thinking in another language! Our sweet little French-speaking girl is unfortunately in need of more surgery. One of her legs bows and the other knocks. We’re not yet sure when she’ll have surgery, but would you pray over this situation with us, friends? Pray that Beatrice will come for surgery soon AND that it will be completely successful! Photo of Beatrice

Jul 19, 2017

We saw Beatrice today and she looked healthy and fine. Her cast was removed, an X-ray was taken and she also had a physiotherapy session. The doctor asked Beatrice’s dad to bring her back to hospital after six weeks for check up.

At physio, she was taken through a few stretching exercises and was also taught how to use a walker. Please friends, pray for the provision of everything that's needed and for Beatrice’s complete healing. Photo of Beatrice

Jun 22, 2017

Beatrice was here yesterday and we were very pleased to see her! More-so because she is making remarkable progress in her healing journey. Beatrice had an X-ray and some pins were removed which means her bone is beginning to grow back well. She was also re-casted to make sure her bone does not shatter or break as she undergoes the second phase of healing. Beatrice will be back in four weeks time and we are hopeful that her leg will be completely healed. Thank you for your continued support both in prayers and in kind! Photo of Beatrice

May 16, 2017

Oh Beatrice! We already miss that girl's sweet face, and she has only been gone since the weekend. We're hoping she and her dad made it safely back to Beatrice's eight siblings and that Beatrice is enjoying being home once again. Pray for her continued healing! We'll see her again before we know it - on June 21st.

May 12, 2017

Say 'cheese' to Beatrice! She wanted to take our picture with her dad’s phone and we wanted to take her picture with our camera, so that seems fair to us! Beatrice is more awake and gave us some smiles today and we learned from her dad that she speaks French! This makes perfect sense because this is the official language of the Congo where Beatrice and her family moved from. Beatrice also speaks a bit of Swahili. We’re not sure yet when she and her dad get to go home, but we’ll update you more on Monday about this. Thanks for praying for our sweet, French-speaking girl! Photo of Beatrice

May 11, 2017

If sleeping is considered a gentle recovery, then Beatrice’s recovery is gentle. We saw her awake a bit, but we saw her sleeping a bit too. And she wasn’t the only one sleeping. Her dad decided today was a good day for sleeping too. It was a nap party for the two of them! So friends, if you feel a nap coming on, you can feel free to take one. After all, Beatrice and her dad say it’s a good idea! Photo of Beatrice

May 10, 2017

Friends, we’d like to introduce you to the lovely Beatrice. There’s something about her. She’s a sweet kind of shy with a matching smile. She seems quiet and gentle. When we met her yesterday, she was sitting on her bed, reading her Bible. Today when we went into her surgery, she was still awake, lying on the operating table waiting for the nurse anesthetist to come help beckon her into a quiet, dreamless place. Before Beatrice went into that quiet place, we tickled her feet and got some smiles. Her gentleness was evident as she waited calmly for surgery. The surgery went well, and we welcome you into her recovery process. Please be praying it’s as gentle a recovery as Beatrice is! Photo of Beatrice

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