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Abigael's Story

Abigael’s mother noticed that her daughter’s leg wasn't normal when she got to an age when she could stand. Every time she stood or anyone held her up in a standing position, Abigael would stand on the edge of her left foot. Her mother consulte… Read more

Abigael’s mother noticed that her daughter’s leg wasn't normal when she got to an age when she could stand. Every time she stood or anyone held her up in a standing position, Abigael would stand on the edge of her left foot. Her mother consulted a doctor and after a review, Abigael was given a special shoe that helped her stand normally.

Several years later, when Abigael was three years old, her mum noticed that the problem was recurring. She was walking with a tip-toeing gait and she really struggled with squatting. Her mother took her back to the hospital. Several hospitals down the line and several referrals later, Abigail’s foot kept getting worse. In the last hospital they visited, one of the staff referred them to CURE.

Abigael is just in pre-unit (kindergarten), but she is already dreaming big. She one day wants to be a doctor, and she knows what kind of a doctor she wants to be - one who gives injections! It’s our prayer that this lovely, joyful girl will find healing here at CURE, and that one day her dreams will come true.

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Latest Updates

Nov 13, 2019

“Have you seen her feet?” Dr. Maluki asked. “They’re nice!” Doctors are usually happy when they see Abigael’s feet because they’re straight -- including the one that was operated on! Abigael has successfully weaned off her braces and now, over two years after surgery, Abigael has been discharged from coming back for checkups and will only come back if she needs to. Thanks for praying for her and helping make her transformation possible! Photo of Abigael

Aug 14, 2019

Abigael charmed us and the doctors today with her personality and healing. After one of the resident doctors saw her, Dr. Nyambati came in and examined her. Her healing is going so well that he seemed unsure of which foot was operated on! He showed her a game to play with her foot to strengthen it that involves picking up stones between her toes and moving them. She also got fantastic news from him: she can wear boots and not even have to wear an orthotic anymore! In three months we’ll check up on her and see how she’s doing with that. Be praying it goes well! Photo of Abigael

May 15, 2019

“Walk a mile in my boots.” Abigael’s hat says it all. Thanks for helping walk a mile in Abigael’s boots so that now she can run as many miles in those boots as she wants to! She’ll be working to stop wearing her orthotic too, so then she’ll hopefully be able to run even more miles which is even better! Thank you and God bless you for helping Abigael in this! We’ll see her next in August. Photo of Abigael

Feb 13, 2019

“There is much improvement,” the doctor said something to that effect about Abigael’s foot. Another four months in orthotics and we’ll see what her foot looks like! Please pray that soon her foot won’t need the orthotic and that it’ll just keep being improved like it is! Photo of Abigael

Nov 22, 2017

Abigael was all smiles at the clinic today. She looked very happy, and it was infectious because other kiddos around her were just as happy. We talked about Christmas and whether she was looking forward to it. She told us that her mum had already bought her a new dress to wear on Christmas day. Abi will continue using her AFO and we will see her again hopefully next year. Photo of Abigael

Aug 23, 2017

Abigael’s is a confident young lady! She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and she will tell you outrightly. For example, Abigael does not like her leg being touched and gets very feisty when you do it. When her cast was being taken off, she would try and stop Julie, one of our rehab nurses, making it very hard for her. But we tried to distract her and once it was finally off, she felt so much relief. After that, when anyone tried to touch her leg she would scream or burst into tears because she didn't want it. We understand!

Her mum, however, made her understand that everything that was being done was for her own good and that she needed to let the medics help her.

Abigael got her new shoe today and will wear it for a while before she comes back for review. We will see her again after three weeks and hopefully by then she won’t be so nervous about her leg and getting assistance! Thank you for sending your prayers and encouragement! Photo of Abigael

Jun 02, 2017

“She is just afraid of using the walker, but when she goes home and interacts with her friends, she will figure out that she needs to move around and that’s when she will use the walker. But I will not stop trying to help her learn how to use it,” Abigael’s mum promsied. Yesterday was a public holiday and Abigael got to go home. She was so excited because she knew she was going to see her sister, brother and dad. We saw her for a bit before she left, and she shared a selfie video with us where she was very happy saying things a child would say and it was a great reflection of how excited Abi was! Please continue praying for her recovery. Photo of Abigael

May 31, 2017

Abigael has somehow found a way to avoid using the walker when the physical therapist comes to see her. She cries a lot, saying she is pain and wants to hear nothing from anyone. Her mum told us that she didn’t think her daughter was in as much pain as she claimed she was in. When we spoke to Abigael, she told us, “I want to go home without using the walker and I want this thing (pointing her cast) removed now!” We tried to explain to her the importance of using the walker in a language she would understand, but she still refused to do it. Thankfully, mom's cellphone came to Abigael's rescue today and helped as a distraction. Please friends, help us in praying that Jesus will give Abigael understanding and that her recovery goes on smoothly. We’ll update more on Friday since tomorrow is Kenya’s 4th of July! Photo of Abigael

May 30, 2017

Today, Abigael was in a bit of pain which got her eyes teary for a bit, but overall she is doing well. The physiotherapist helped her use a walker to try and move around, but it was not possible because she was in too much pain. Abigael wasn’t ready to put weight on her leg which made it difficult to use the walker. She will give it another shot tomorrow and we hope the results will be encouraging. Abigael was trying to reach her sister on the phone to update her on her current state when we spoke to her. They did not get to talk presumably because her sister was busy, but Abigael did not let that take away her smile! Photo of Abigael

May 29, 2017

Abigael had to wait a very long time to go into surgery. This meant that she had to stay hungry for most of the day and that was not a very good feeling. She was a bit teary as she went into the OR. Our best guess is that she didn’t want to leave her mum’s side. When she got to the room where her surgery would be done, we did our best to cheer her up. Before she was given the anesthesia, she turned and smiled for the camera. It is just amazing how innocent kids are - imagining all she had been through but she still managed a smile. No wonder Jesus told his disciples to be like children. When we left Abigael’s surgery, all was going well. Tomorrow we’ll update you more on her progress. Please be praying for her as she recovers. Photo of Abigael

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