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  • Age12
  • Conditionan amputation
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Mercy's Story

When Mercy’s mom was asked if we could share Mercy’s story, she replied, “It should be shared! She is a testament to God’s working!” So friends, we are pleased to share this fantastic girl and her God story.

Mercy’s story starts… Read more

When Mercy’s mom was asked if we could share Mercy’s story, she replied, “It should be shared! She is a testament to God’s working!” So friends, we are pleased to share this fantastic girl and her God story.

Mercy’s story starts out when she was born. She was born two months premature, and this didn’t help matters. But she fought and pulled through. When she started crawling, she was an innovative crawler. She crawled more on her knees than most kiddos do. As it turned out, she had tight tendons behind her knees. Her mama took her to the hospital and therapy provided at least a temporary solution to this problem.

Fast forward a few years. Mercy is now in school. And this girl… let us tell you about her. Basically, we just love her. She has a smile that lights up the day and the night, a silly sense of humor, and she giggles! Mercy loves people and she loves life. Since we’ve known her, she hasn’t really been very mobile, however, we can imagine what she’s like when she IS mobile. If she’s as passionate about playing as she is about life than we can only imagine how she came into her current injury.

Mercy was playing at school one day when she fell and broke her femur. She went to the hospital and was casted. Thankfully, she also knew a teacher who knew about CURE. So, she came to one of our mobile clinics around her home and then to CURE. Mercy ended up having a biopsy on her leg due to a tumor, and we got to enjoy her for a little while she waited for the results. She ended up being discharged without the biopsy results, came back to mobile clinic, still didn’t get the results, and finally came to CURE for the results. The news that they final received was both good and bad: the tumor, praise God, is benign! However, it has also unfortunately ate away a lot of the bone around it. So, for various reasons, an amputation is the best thing for Mercy.

Mercy loves our Jesus. In fact, guess what she wants to be when she grows up? A pastor! She loves Jesus so much that she pities those who DON’T love him! She loves CRE (Christian Readers’ Association) in school too. We’re thankful for this little girl and her heart for Jesus! Please be praying for her as she goes in for surgery. Amputations aren’t an easy thing. Pray that Mercy would trust Jesus and find more reasons to be a testament to his working.

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Latest Updates

Feb 22, 2018

We almost missed her, but… WE DIDN’T!!! Our lovely friend came to clinic as it was close to finishing. She brought her aunties with her, and she’s grown since we last spent time with her! She told us about school, she’s in the third grade now. When we tried to ask what she’s learning, she told us, “Just good.” We’re not sure if she didn’t understand or if school is really just good. We’re happy and thankful we could see our girl! She’s doing well and wearing her prosthetic. It was a bit tight and needed adjusting, hopefully it fits her better now. We’ll see her again on April 26th! Photo of Mercy

Nov 17, 2017

We were so happy to see Mercy this week. Her mum was pretty excited about us being able to see them again. We might have even allowed some other patients to skip Mercy in line to see the doctor as we spoke about all the time we hadn’t seen each other. She came for review and collection of her prosthesis. It was difficult for her, maybe because it brought back memories from a past she’d want to forget. She struggled to hold back her tears as the physiotherapist tried to familiarize her with the prosthesis. Her mum was shown the kind of exercises she needed to help Mercy do to help her use the prosthesis. Just before they left for home, Mercy asked to speak to Naphtali, one of the storytellers, on the phone. When we called Naphtali, Mercy’s face brightened almost immediately, she asked Naphtali to come and take her home for a while. Mercy’s mum asked if they would spend Christmas together. Dear friends, would you please remember Mercy in prayer that she will soon be able to use her prosthesis and move around like she used to a few years back? Photo of Mercy

Jun 23, 2017

Friends, we haven’t seen Mercy in awhile, but we’re excited to see her at clinic in about three weeks! We’d like to share a story with you while we wait to see her. It comes from our spiritual department, and it just goes to show how sparkly for Jesus Mercy is. Mercy, age eleven, knows God as her Father who prays for and protects her. To appreciate God for giving her life, she always repents of her sins and sings to Him. Mercy loves singing because it gives her peace and eases her burdens. She was prayed for and given a Bible. She prays for God to help her to walk one day so that people may know that her heavenly Father lives. Please pray for Mercy as she continues her healing process and also thank God with us for her sparkly Jesus-joy! Photo of Mercy

May 19, 2017

"Where is my friend Naphtali?" These are the words we received from Mercy as we arrived in Eldoret for mobile clinic! This always happy girl was eagerly waiting to hug Naphtali (CUREkids Coordinator) but unfortunately, she was in the hospital coordinating with other kids. Mercy was accompanied by her mother to the clinic. She is doing well and making steps using her walker. The stump has already healed and Shadrack, our ortho technician, measured her prosthesis. Mercy went home with high hopes that at the next clinic, she will be in a position to use her prosthesis. "Once I get the prosthesis I will be in a position to dance and praise God for that," she said. Let's continue praying for her, she is such a wonderful girl! Photo of Mercy

Apr 05, 2017

Mama and Baba Mercy (Swahili for mom and dad) came with our girl to her appointment today. As Mercy was being seen by the doctor, he took the bandages off of her leg, and she just melted into tears. Aside from the potential pain of the event, we’re not sure what else was going through her head. There’s so much that one has to deal with after an amputation. The adjustment alone to the fact that you no longer have a limb is tough! Mercy also got her stitches off and this was pretty scary for her. We would probably be scared too! But, despite moments of tears for Mercy, we also shared moments of joy. We laughed together, smiled, and sang worship songs in English and Swahili. We also got to see Mercy walk with her walker, and she’s doing absolutely fantastic! Thanks for all of your prayers for her. We can’t wait to see our girl again on May 18th! Photo of Mercy

Mar 24, 2017

The joy of the Lord really might be Mercy’s strength. She left for home today! We love her so much that we were bummed she was leaving already, but what a blessing that she is well enough to go home. Nelson, one of our CUREkids coordinators, got to wheel Mercy to where she was being picked up by a taxi. We spent lots of time with her today before she left, and we discovered how much she loves singing and dancing. She’s got the head bob down! We’ll miss this joyful girl who is so full of life, but we won’t have to miss her for long because she’s coming back for a checkup on April 5th! Photo of Mercy

Mar 23, 2017

A day full of joy and celebrations for our dear friend Mercy. A day like today eleven years ago, Mercy was born. Today, she was generous enough to share her day of celebration with her new friends at the hospital. The playroom was filled with smiles laughter and joyful noises as everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to her as she was cutting her cake. Also after more than three months of being carried around, Mercy walked! She got a walker from the our physiotherapy team and once they showed her how to walk, she was unstoppable! She used it everywhere she went with some help from her dear mother. And finally, we discovered that Mercy and her mother have beautiful pearly voices. They entertained us with some melodies at the playroom after the birthday celebrations. This girl is such a blessing to all of us at the hospital! YouTube link:

Mar 22, 2017

God has been sending Mercy joy today through people! Today hasn’t been easy for her. She has been rather miserable due to her pain, however, the team from Kenai Spine made our playroom a lively place and Mercy spent some time there. They gave her some candy and that brought a smile to her face! And Emmy, who works in our spiritual department, spent some sweet time with Mercy. She and Mercy were able to talk about Mercy’s amputation by using a fabric doll. They were even able to talk about Mercy’s prosthetic since Mercy was curious. Please pray for this long road ahead of Mercy as she learns to do life in a new way! Photo of Mercy

Mar 21, 2017

So this morning, something funny happened! Someone gave Mercy yogurt, and she ate it. The thing is, Mercy doesn’t even LIKE yogurt, but for whatever reason today, Mercy ate it. On her surgery day! This means that she had to wait longer for her surgery because patients have to go six hours without eating before surgery. We had fun this morning though, talking about yogurt and pastors. We call Mercy ‘Pastor Mercy’ since she wants to be a pastor. And finally, Mercy got to go back for surgery, but not before taking photos with her parents and one of our nurses. Please pray that the joy of the Lord will be Mercy’s strength! She’s such a fun girl, and she kept it so light in regards to her amputation. She would joke about how at least she has one leg to remind her of what the other leg looked like. In spite of Mercy’s joking, there is no doubt some sadness for her too. Pray lots of our girl when you think of it! Photo of Mercy

Mar 20, 2017

Mercy, oh Mercy! Today we had some joy-bringers around the hospital. There is a team visiting from Kenai Spine, and bubbles and coloring books came with them. Mercy got to enjoy coloring in the playroom, and bubbles on the playground. And you know what else she got to enjoy? SWINGING!!! Mercy, wheelchair and all, was wheeled up onto one of our big huge swings, and someone pushed her. Do you see that smile on her face? See! These people are joy-bringers! We’re still waiting on surgery for Mercy because she needs blood and also a checkup with a pediatrician to make sure she’s really healthy enough for surgery. Be praying for our girl, friends! Photo of Mercy

Mar 17, 2017

It’s Friday, everybody and that’s something to have joy about! We caught up with Mercy this morning and shared a bit of silliness. We all thought she was having surgery today. This afternoon, we caught up again with Mercy, sleepy Mercy, and her mama. We found out that Monday is her new surgery date. Hopefully Mercy will find lots to have joy about this weekend. Please be praying that no nerves over Monday’s surgery will be too much of a match for Mercy’s joy this weekend! Here's the YouTube link!

Mar 16, 2017

"...Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all." (Robert Louis Stevenson) We took this photo of Mercy the last time she was at the hospital, and it’s one of our favorites. This girl exudes joy, and we’re so very blessed to know her! We’re sad that she has to have an amputation (probably) tomorrow, but we’re thankful for our fantastic ortho team who can build her a great prosthetic and get her walking in no time! Please pray for Mercy’s tomorrow. Pray that God would be glorified and that Mercy would continue to have joy despite her circumstances. Photo of Mercy

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