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Linton's Story

Linton is a very adorable little boy who doesn’t smile much but wouldn’t resist anyone’s company. Before his surgery, we would just go and hold him and tell stories and share candy and take pictures. Linton was born with a very rare condition… Read more

Linton is a very adorable little boy who doesn’t smile much but wouldn’t resist anyone’s company. Before his surgery, we would just go and hold him and tell stories and share candy and take pictures. Linton was born with a very rare condition called tibial deficiency. This means that he can’t stand properly on one of his legs, so he needs a kind of amputation called disarticulation. Disarticulation is a procedure that involves separating two bones at their connecting joint.

When Linton was born, his mum, Evaline, noticed his condition and was shocked. But when she asked the nurse, she was told that all was well and that it could be fixed. She was worried about how much it would cost her and her husband to take Linton to the hospital for surgery since she is a small scale farmer and her husband works in the transport industry. We are so thankful that they have made their way to CURE. Linton is going to walk, but it will be different since he is going to need a prosthetic leg. Join us in praying for a quick recovery and healing for Linton.

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Latest Updates

Mar 09, 2018

Friends, we saw Linton today and we really laughed our hearts out because he kept saying interesting things! He asked if he was going to be injected today because the last time we were here he really cried. When we told him that he wasn’t going to need an injection he relaxed and smiled. We later caught up with Linton at the ortho tent where his prosthetic was being fixed and he cracked us up yet again when he asked his mum, “Who is that cutting my leg?” Linton is just amazing and we are happy for the progress he is making. His mum says he is now able to move around by holding on to things and we hope that he will finally be able to walk properly. Photo of Linton

Nov 22, 2017

We happily saw our Linton at clinic today, and he immediately greeted us when we got close enough. However, some of the day he just wasn’t so sure about us! Sometimes he’s a very serious boy. We caught sight of him through one of the tents set up for clinic and he was indulging in a snack. Clinic was wildly busy today, but thankfully Linton was one of the earlier ones to be seen. His prosthetic was bothering him some, but he got it adjusted and hopefully that will be the end of that for him. We’ll see him at one of the next clinics, hopefully the one in March. Until then, pray that Linton won’t have any trouble walking with his prosthetic! Photo of Linton

Sep 22, 2017

As if our little buddy wasn’t cool enough, we put our shades on him and he became THAT much cooler! We love his cheeks and his face and his personality! Our poor buddy is limping a bit because his prosthetic is longer than his other leg. This can be fixed, but money is tight for transport to come all the way to CURE. We’re hoping that at our next clinic on November 22nd, the prosthetic will be able to be fixed. In the meantime, please pray that this won’t hinder Linton from walking too much! Photo of Linton

Apr 27, 2017

The little boy with some of the greatest cheeks in the world came for his prosthetic fitting today! We loved getting to see him with his new leg, and he got to practice standing on it. We found out today that between now and getting his adult prosthetic at around age 15, Linton will have about five prosthetics. He’s got a long journey of walking and growing ahead of him, but he’s in good hands with his mama, and we’re thankful that she will be by his side through the process. Please be praying for our little guy! We will update you more on how he’s doing when we see him again on September 20th. It’s a long ways away, but it will come fast! Photo of Linton

Apr 10, 2017

News of the day: Linton’s wound is healing fine, and he DOESN’T need to go back into surgery to close his wound! We’re so sorry for him and his mama that they had to travel all the way to CURE just to find this out, but we’re so glad he’s healing well. The nurses did clean his wound while he was here, and he wasn’t thrilled. But we know that it was for the best regardless! He even made us giggle today. We caught him snacking on a banana, and for some reason, it was just the cutest. We gave him lots of smooches, and we’ll be seeing him again and can give him more when he comes back on April 27th to be fitted for his prosthesis! Photo of Linton

Mar 28, 2017

Last week while on mobile clinic, it seemed that the word had been spread all over Litein and the vicinity concerning clinic because 100 patients were waiting for us when we arrived! We looked around to see whether we could see our sweet Linton, but we couldn’t find him. Perhaps it was because people had flocked the clinic area. Finally, at around 11:30, our eyes saw them - Linton and his mother, far away, approaching the clinic location gate. As usual, Linton was smiling. The good thing was that we had found their patient file, so they didn’t struggle much to see the doctor. His mother was thankful for this. On seeing the doctor, he commented that Linton has a stump wound dehiscence, a surgical complication in which a wound ruptures/breaks along the surgical incision. As a result of this, our boy needs to undergo a secondary procedure closure of the wound. We will see Linton on April 9th when he comes back for this procedure. Let’s continue praying for him! Photo of Linton

Feb 17, 2017

Linton is a brave boy. Today in the morning, when we went by his bed we found him and his mother still in bed. Not wanting to wake them up, knowing the first day after surgery is usually a rough day for most of our kids, we quietly went on to the next bed to say hello to Immaculate who is on the adjacent bed. Linton on hearing our voices, threw up the blanket and sat on his bed looking at us. With a look that said it all, he had been asleep only because he had no company! We took some time to play with him and we were surprised that just one day after surgery he was so charged up. Today we saw more smiles from him than any other day! As we played with him, Immaculate on the next bed who had some pain from the surgery, could not help but giggle at Linton's fun cooing and gurgling sounds and expressions. We praise God for this boy and the joy he has brought, we are also thankful for his recovery that seems to be very much on track. Linton will most likely be going home on Sunday so kindly remember to pray for a safe trip home for him and his mother and for God's strength and peace as they adjust to his new leg. Photo of Linton

Feb 16, 2017

Friends, we love Linton! He isn’t a shy baby although a smile from him is rare. We’ve been enjoying time with him this week in the ward, but we weren’t sure if he was staying for surgery or not because he needed to go on antibiotics due to a possible infection. On top of this, because he needed an amputation of sorts, it’s a big decision for a parent to make and sadly, sometimes they leave and don’t come back! But the good news is that Linton stayed, and he had surgery today. Naphtali, one of our CUREkids Coordinators, is having her parents for a visit this week from the US and they got to go into the OR for a bit. And one of the surgeons performing Linton’s surgery is a resident doctor from the US too! The procedure seems to have gone well, and now we can pray for a swift recovery for our little man! Photo of Linton

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