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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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CURE in Kenya

The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Venus. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Venus. When you give a gift through Venus's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Kenya. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Venus's Story

Venus was in the first grade when this all started. She was playing at her desk with her shoes off. “I was swinging on my desk, and as my shoes were about to go on, I fell.” She rolled and landed on her foot. She didn’t have too much pain and… Read more

Venus was in the first grade when this all started. She was playing at her desk with her shoes off. “I was swinging on my desk, and as my shoes were about to go on, I fell.” She rolled and landed on her foot. She didn’t have too much pain and was able to walk home after school. However, shortly after this, she fell and couldn’t stand anymore.

Her parents took her to a hospital in Nairobi. It was there that they discovered that she had developed Guillain Barre Syndrome. This is a rare condition that usually comes as a result of an infection. Your antibodies attack your nerves and basically eat them. This kept Venus in the ICU for three months. When we asked Venus if it was hard on her family, she replied: “I could just see my mother crying.”

After those months in the ICU, Venus spent a month or two doing physical therapy at the hospital and was able to start walking with a walker. Eventually one night, she just started walking without the walker. She did use a splint to help her leg. However, she told us that she stopped using it because it caused injuries on her leg. Eventually, Venus and her family were referred to CURE by a hospital in Eldoret, the city where they’re from.

Venus shared with our spiritual team that she accepted Jesus a year ago when she realized that her friends had left her due to her disability. This makes us sad that her friends left her. But also happy that she found a friend in Jesus. In fact, there is a song she loves to sing and some of the lyrics are: "I have found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to me."

Venus is a delight to talk to. “I like swimming. I am a great swimmer, even with my injured leg!” She’s the best english student in the eighth grade, and likes science and math. She doesn’t think she’s great at Swahili. “But I pass,” she told us. We also learned that at the boarding school where she studies, it is against the rules to speak in Swahili (apart from Swahili class).

When Venus isn’t studying or swimming, she enjoys music and dancing. “I like to watch TV,” she also told us. She likes the shows about Americans. “I think it’s a lovely country, and I want to go to school there someday.” She’d like to a physical therapist in order to help others with leg problems like hers. We’re grateful for this girl and her heart for others!

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Latest Updates

May 19, 2017

Venus came for clinic today, she was looking very sharp in her school uniform and her natural smile made her look even prettier! She was very much concerned about her progress and had a one on one conversation with the doctor. Stretching exercises were done and she was encouraged to continue with the same exercise three times daily from school. She went back to school a happy girl and promised to do as instructed by the doctor. We can't wait to see her in the next clinic and we continue to pray for her. Photo of Venus

Apr 05, 2017

Last time Venus came to her appointment a week early due to some exams she didn’t want to miss. Well, from what we understand, they went okay! She came today with her mother and one of her sisters this time, and she got her cast off. She wasn’t so sure about the whole thing, but even in her uncertainty, she’s still the cutest. Her face was priceless during the process! Oh, and do you notice something new about her in the photo? She got glasses! They might make her look EVEN cuter. Her doctor’s appointment was short and sweet, and she got to go home with her orthotic today. No need for more casting! We’ll see her at our next clinic near her home on May 18th. Photo of Venus

Feb 15, 2017

Venus was a pleasant surprise to see today! She came a week early because she had some school exams next week that she didn’t want to miss. We enjoyed some moments with her and her little brother Savior this morning while Venus waited to be seen. We actually wondered if he was a patient too because he was holding one of her crutches. We like these kiddos, and we’re so thankful that Venus is doing well. She’s been experiencing a bit of pain, but the doctor says she’s doing good. She’s been recasted and fitted for an orthotic. We’ll see her again when she comes to pick up the orthotic on March 29th! In the meantime, please pray that her pain will go away. Photo of Venus

Jan 17, 2017

Venus has a smile that is sweet and sincere. And you know what else is all of those things? Venus getting to go home over the weekend! For real, friends. She was doing so well she got to go home! She smiled for us and our camera on Friday, and we’re happy we can share her smile with you today. We’ll be seeing her and hopefully that smile again when she comes for a checkup on February 22nd. Photo of Venus

Jan 13, 2017

So, funny story friends: Venus has already been through surgery. Our light bulb was apparently turned off when we decided to share Venus with you. She had already had surgery by then! We even saw her right before surgery and she was so cute… maybe a bit smiley, but also maybe a bit nervous. Today she’s been relaxing in her bed post yesterday’s surgery. Unfortunately, she’s experienced some pain. But, she still gave us smiles when we saw her. After taking some photos of her, we went to show her one on our camera. She put her hand up in one of those ‘huh’ positions and said: “Where’s the photo?” Our camera screen had gone dark! Not only did we get to take her photos, but she also took ours and even wanted to take a selfie with us. We’re thankful for this girl’s smile and joy and praying she has a pain-free, wonderful weekend! Photo of Venus

Jan 12, 2017

We just met Venus and we already like her. You pronounce her name like that city in Italy. You know, the one with all of the water streets? She's gentle and kind and easy to talk to. Even as we chatted with her about her story, she was so willing to talk and kept sharing more things with us. Tomorrow is her surgery, and we're excited to share more of her with you! Photo of Venus

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