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  • Age8
  • Conditionclubfoot
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Shirleen's Story

"Don't worry. My aunty will give me another one -- my mzungu aunty," said Shirleen as some of the stickers we gave her dropped to the floor. She had us all laughing about that! Mzungu is another word for white person. Shirleen is such a fun girl. W… Read more

"Don't worry. My aunty will give me another one -- my mzungu aunty," said Shirleen as some of the stickers we gave her dropped to the floor. She had us all laughing about that! Mzungu is another word for white person. Shirleen is such a fun girl. We played stickers with her and in no time she had stickers all over her face and arms!

Shirleen is here with us at CURE because was born with clubfoot. Her mom noticed it immediately and asked if the condition could be treated. Shirleen later had surgery, but her clubfoot was not corrected completely. We are thankful that Shirleen is here now and we're praying that she goes through surgery successfully!

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Latest Updates

Nov 23, 2018

"My friend, where is my picture?" Shirleen asked Storyteller Elvis. "I have it hidden somewhere, would you like me to take another?" Storyteller Elvis responded. "Yes!" Shirleen said. Shirleen was a bit shy today when we took her picture because one of her friends was looking at her. The doctor was able to examine Shirleen's progress and she was asked to continue wearing her AFOs. We wished Shirleen and her mum a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year because the next time we see them it'll already be a new year. Photo of Shirleen

Apr 19, 2018

“She’s doing well,” these are some of the best words a doctor can say and these are words we heard straight out of Dr Kinyua’s mouth. Shirleen had a tendon transfer in February and already her foot is bending as it should. Dr. Kinyua is super happy with her progress, and in the next six months, she should be able to stop wearing her orthotics! For now, she’ll switch to day use instead of day and night use. Thank Jesus with us for his healing of our sweet girl. We’ll see her again on May 31st! Photo of Shirleen

Feb 06, 2018

We missed our goodbyes today. Shirleen and her mama left CURE this morning and although we didn’t get to see them, we’re so thankful that they get to go someplace where Shirleen will feel more comfortable! We hope that this photo of Shirleen pre-surgery fills you with as much joy as it portrays! We’ll see our joyful friend again on March 14th. Photo of Shirleen

Feb 05, 2018

Shirleen was happy to see us this morning, but as the day dragged on, hunger won out. She looked a bit miserable. She had to go back to theatre for a cast change since hers was split last week. But thankfully, she DID get her cast changed and all that hunger was worth it! Please pray for no more swelling so she can go home tomorrow! Photo of Shirleen

Feb 02, 2018

Sometimes life is very uncomfortable. Today this is the case for Shirleen. She seems rather miserable laying there in bed, head resting on her sweet mama’s lap and sometimes she has tears. We shared a get well message on our phone with them, and then Shirleen found some distraction from our phone, so we’re thankful for a moment of reprieve for her. We know she’ll be fine in no time. Please pray that ‘no time’ comes real quick! Photo of Shirleen

Feb 01, 2018

The ward was silent and calm without Shirleen, she had gone to theatre in the afternoon. Her mother waited anxiously for her daughter, indeed you could tell the deep love a mother has for her child. Good News! Surgery was successful as she came out of the theatre room and we will have more updates on her progress as of tomorrow. Please continue praying for quick recovery! Photo of Shirleen

Jan 31, 2018

Shirleen is here! She’s come back for her next surgery, but since that will happen tomorrow, today was for playing. The ward was like Christmas since some students from the International School of Kenya came and brought goodies and played with the kiddos. Thank Jesus with us that Shirleen is here and will find even more healing in theatre tomorrow. Photo of Shirleen

Jan 22, 2018

A familiar face showed herself at CURE today, and it was the face of Shirleen! As she waited around CURE, she entertained herself with some necklace snacking. She was meant to come last week for another surgery, but for some reason, she didn’t make it. We’re thankful she came today though. This week is a busy one around CURE, so Shirleen will have to wait for her surgery. But only until next week. We’ll catch her next Wednesday where she’ll check in for surgery. Please be praying over this upcoming surgery for Shirleen! Photo of Shirleen

Aug 31, 2017

Sweet bubbly Shirleen met us at clinic today! She was so kind to even offer us lunch, but we had to turn down the invitation, to deal with the long cues of patients.

Shirleen’s progress is really good. She has adapted well to using AFOs and is looking forward to going back to school when schools reopen for the new term. We asked Shirleen to jog her memory a bit by writing numbers and reading them aloud. We had so much fun doing this and afterwards, Shirleen posed for a picture in her very cool shades.

We wish her all the very best this new term and we would love it if you continued to pray with us for her recovery. The doctor said that she will need surgery and her mum prefers that she is operated on during the next holiday. She also prefers that Shirleen has both legs operated on. Photo of Shirleen

Apr 28, 2017

Elvis, one of our volunteers, brought us a surprise while we were sitting in our office - Shirleen! He saw her and her mama at our cashier’s window and brought Shirleen in to us. We gave her a hug and let her sit with us at our desk. She played on our phone like she loves to do, and we took selfies together. We’re so happy too because Shirleen is doing so well. She is walking, and we even got to watch her walk down the stairs to our outpatient clinic. Her pretty dress swished and swayed as she walked! She’ll continue wearing her orthotics, and we’ll see her again on June 22nd! Photo of Shirleen

Jan 18, 2017

Shirleen came back and brought her joyful self and her pretty mama with her! After saying 'hi', she told us she wanted to see a picture. You might remember how much she loved being on our phone. Today was no exception. We have a new volunteer named Sam who is helping us out around CURE. He was going to read Shirleen some get-well messages from our phone, but he took a little time out and let her explore on the phone instead. She is doing great, and even got her casts off today. She went home with orthotics, and doesn’t have to return until April 26th. Yahoo! Photo of Shirleen

Dec 01, 2016

Surprise! Shirleen came today! We didn’t expect her to come, but we’re thankful she did. She is doing fantastic! She got her cast off and then got a new cast. And… in six weeks, on January 11th, she’ll come back and get fitted for orthotics! Happy day! We got to sit with her a bit between her cast being taken off and a new one being put on. She had her feet propped up on benches, so we propped our feet up too. It was nice to sit with her as she perused our phone photos. This seems to be something she really loves! She was watching a video of ours of a rainy day in Kijabe. “Mvua,” she said. This is the Swahili word for rain. That was probably one of the only things we heard her say today. She was pretty quiet. We hope to catch a few giggles from her in January, and we’re excited that she’ll be fitted for her orthotics! Photo of Shirleen

Oct 24, 2016

We love this girl’s smile! She has one of the best grins on her face as she holds up her mom’s phone! She’s a very tech savvy girl. She loves phones, and she especially loves our phone. She could spend a long time browsing through our photos and videos. Thank you for praying for her and her mama, God has answered your prayers! Shirleen is doing much better and her mom seems to be doing okay too. We are so thankful! Shirleen went back to theatre to be re-casted this morning, and she got to go home today! We’re looking forward to seeing her on December 7th for a checkup! Photo of Shirleen

Oct 21, 2016

When we saw Shirleen today, she didn’t have tears! She seems to still be having some pain though. They had to give her more pain meds today. Shirleen’s mom, Susan, told us that Shirleen would have to go back to theatre on Monday so that her legs can be recasted. When we asked Susan how she was, she said, “I am stressed.” After talking a bit, we offered to pray, and when we finished, Susan was crying, she’s got such a sweet mama's heart, because her baby is hurting, she’s hurting. We offered to bring books for Susan to read with Shirleen, hoping to help distract. When we brought the books, Shirleen dove right in! Please be praying for both these ladies. For Shirleen, that she wouldn’t have any pain and that she would heal. And for Susan, that she would rest in God, knowing he holds both her and her daughter in His hands. Photo of Shirleen

Oct 20, 2016

The day after surgery often finds our patients sleeping for a good part of the day. But this morning, we actually got to see Shirleen awake! She had some tears, and we’re not sure why. Our nurse didn’t think that she was having pain, but the nurse also wasn’t told why Shirleen was crying. We got to share some photos and videos from our phone with Shirleen, and that took the tears away for a time. Do you see the stickers on Shirleen’s arm? They’re probably from her ‘mzungu auntie!’ Hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to update you on when Shirleen will get to head home. In the meantime, pray for rest and no more tears! Photo of Shirleen

Oct 19, 2016

Today was the day! Shirleen got to have her surgery. When we went to see her in the surgery waiting bay, she was scared and teary. Going into surgery at any age is scary, but it’s especially scary when you’re six years old! The tears didn’t last long though. While we waited with Shirleen, we let her take lots of pictures with our camera, gave her lots of high fives, and we made lots of faces at each other. When they came to take her back for surgery, Shirleen got to arm wrestle with John, one of our nurse anesthetists, and he showed her a photo of the mask she would be wearing once she was in the operating room. She then got a piggyback ride from one of our nurses. There were lots of surgeons taking good care of Shirleen during her surgery. When she came back from surgery, she was in some pain, but we’re hoping that before long, she’ll be smiling again! Please pray for a restful and pain-free recovery for her! Photo of Shirleen

Oct 18, 2016

Shirleen arrived to CURE this afternoon and our first meeting was a hug! She just came right up and hugged us, this girl is fantastic! We also gave her a sticker which she has been wearing proudly on her head. She’s already making friends with the nurses, including Jenna, one of our volunteers from the US. They took selfies together. We’ve heard that Shirleen is to be put on tomorrow’s surgery list, but we’ll let you know for sure tomorrow! Photo of Shirleen

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